Stop deleting the social media of killers



One of the very first things that social media outlets do following a murder or bombing or mass shooting is to delete the account of the alleged perpetrator.

That is a mistake.

Salvador Ramos threatened teens on the teen app Yubo. He telegraphed his intentions:

Mass murderer Salvador Ramos boasted of buying a gun and said some people “deserved to be raped” on the teen app Yubo, where users nicknamed him “school shooter”– even before Tuesday’s massacre in Uvalde, Texas. It was unclear how long before Ramos slaughtered 21 people, including 19 kids inside Robb Elementary School that he was given the chilling nickname, Sky News reported.

“He was given the nickname ‘Yubo’s school shooter,’ ” one unidentified 17-year-old girl who uses the platform told the outlet. “People would join … be like, ‘Oh, hey, look it’s Yubo’s school shooter,’” said the 17-year-old, adding, “He never tried to shut down that nickname, he seemed almost proud of it, you know.” Ramos also bragged about buying a gun and in one audio chatroom said people deserved “to get raped,” according to the report.

Sky News examined his social media activity and wrote that Ramos appeared to be a “socially isolated young man who appears to have violent fantasies of revenge”.

“Yubo’s school shooter.” It doesn’t get any more obvious or clear than that.  Yubo deleted the account and it’s the wrong thing to do.

It is proper to freeze accounts that violate terms of usage but they should remain visible. Social media is very frequently the vehicle upon which a trail of intention crumbs is left. Leaving them visible has a purpose and it is one of education. First, anyone threatening children or schools (or any other maniacal threats) should be reported to authorities for cross-referencing on the NICS database for weapons purchasing. If said persons have purchased weapons local LEO’s should be promptly dispatched to pay a visit. Unfortunately this would only be as good as the local cops are. Clarence Dupnik let Jared Loughner slide and Gabby Giffords was shot as a consequence. The FBI didn’t take Nikolas Cruz seriously and he went to kill 17 people.

It has to get better.

Using the accounts of killers, kids should be taught of what to be aware and to report any similar encounters on social media to parents and teachers. Interception of potentially lethal plans is highly appropriate and a reachable goal. These tragedies can be turned into life-saving tools.

I’ve said this multiple times and I repeat it- applicants for weapons should undergo a properly adjudicated psychological evaluation. I also think that anyone proven to have made a threat against a school or children should forfeit permanently the right to own weapons.

It’s not the weapons which are at fault.

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What is also clear from these posts is that this was done for attention. It’s all “HEY! Look at ME!” Someone with a mission they think they must complete for whatever “noble” reason or cause they imagine would keep it secret to assure success.

What also needs to end is this practice of not disciplining misbehaving children and, thus, keeping no records of behavior and psychological problems. Every case it’s always, “Oh, yeah… I remember him. Future ‘school shooter’.”

It would seem if the tech oligarchs are capable of quickly identifying pro Trump posts, surely they could develop a “red flag” algorithm that would call out these mentally disturbed monsters. Seems like a “common sense” solution.

They could and have. It’s all about priorities. The left benefits from mass shootings and suppressing political opponents.

So…in the wake of this, virtually all my friends who were on the fence about concealed carry are getting their license to carry.

No more. Men must safeguard our society against this madness.

Researchers into the mental health of shooters, and would-be shooters could do much better research IF they have unfettered, long-term access to these social media posts.
From there they could glean how and where teachers, school administrators and parents might go wrong with the next crop of students.
Wouldn’t it be worth it for these posts to remain if it saves the life of others in the future?

I mean, Hitler’s Mein Kamph is still published.
We have excellent diaries about sadist and Roman emperor Caligula, too.
The Marquis de Sade’s life is well documented.
Vlad the Impaler’s too.
All of these can be used as warnings of things to be aware of if seen in young people.

Nan have you spotted the common gamers chat server yet? Federal agent involved? Might be as true as the skirt pics who knows.

Be careful what you wish for. You’re asking gun ownership be turned into a privilege doled out to a select few by an even more select few based on essentially the opinion of mental health experts? The same experts that hold that posting too many “selfies” is a mental disorder but wanting to undergo drastic body modification because you self identify as the opposite of your born gender is A-OK?

Not even “mental health experts”; POLITICAL considerations would be the guideline.

Contrast that with this report:

Radical Left Group Releases Plans to Blockade Supreme Court Over Roe vs. Wade – Much Worse than Jan 6 Protesters’ Actions Placing Them in DC Gulag for Years

Should not those who have broken the law by protesting in from of Supreme Court judges and now threaten to blockade the Supreme Court ostensibly to prevent the Court from releasing the opinion on Roe be arrested and the incarcerated for an indefinite period of time?

The law is only applied politically nowadays.

This is how these conversations always go, from what I’ve seen:

PRO-GUN PERSON: It’s a mental health problem!

ANTI-GUN PERSON: Okay. Let’s make it so that a licensed mental health professional can determine whether or not it’s safe for you to own a gun.

PRO-GUN PERSON: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Not so fast there! What part of “shall not be infringed” do you not understand?! Molon labe!

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I can’t improve on this.

Here is more of the horror from Uvalde. I cannot comprehend the mentality that led to this. The killer was evil and perhaps deranged. But how do you explain these damn cops?! From the NYT:

In Uvalde, Texas, some of the worst fears about the police response to the school shooting rampage were confirmed on Friday when state law enforcement officials acknowledged that more than an hour lapsed after the shooting began, as the police waited to enter the classroom where students were trapped inside.

In an emotional and at times tense news conference, Steven C. McCraw, the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, gave the most detailed accounting of the shooting yet, diverging in substantial points from the original timeline given by officials.

Most of the time the gunman was at the school, Mr. McCraw explained, he was inside the classrooms where nearly all of the killing took place, while as many as 19 police officers waited outside in the school hallway. Multiple people in the classrooms, including at least two students, called 911 over that horrifying stretch, begging for police. But apparently believing that the suspect had barricaded himself in the classroom and that “there were no kids at risk,” the police did not enter the classroom until 12:50 p.m., 78 minutes after the shooter walked inside.
No words.