Putin’s Folly


Pack up your bags Vlad and whatever is left of your army and head back to Mother Russia.  The world tried to warn you Vlad but you wouldn’t listen. Russian kids deserve better than being shanghaied into fighting a needless war with a peaceful neighbor who used to be part of the U.S.S.R. family.

Your army looked so strong, mighty and intimidating parked at the Ukraine visitor center.  The Russian main battle tanks looked fierce, deadly and indestructible. The crews appeared young and confident standing behind their armored plated turrets. Russia was ten feet tall and invincible and the entire world held its breath.

Everyone thought that you were a wise and powerful king who would be smart enough to avoid invading a peaceful country.  Vlad, do the words Hitler, Panzers and Blitzkrieg ring any bells?  They should.  Russia was once at peace with Germany and suddenly Hitler’s henchmen were pounding at your front doors and slaughtering innocent Russians.

You should have known better Vlad, you really should have. War is brutal and the outcome is usually unpredictable.  Mother Russia sacrificed so much defeating Hitler and the world cheered your brave and heroic soldiers in their quest to stop the deadly Nazi war machine.  The price of war is death, destruction and despair which Russia paid dearly for in WWII.

The world stopped cheering and watched in abject horror when you invaded Ukraine and commenced slaughtering innocent, peaceful Ukrainians.  Mothers across the Ukraine and Russia are crying as their beloved sons, daughters and husbands have been killed or severely injured.  Cities lie in ruins and one third of the invading Russian army has been destroyed.  You did that Vlad! Your main battle tanks were no match for 21st century anti-tank weapons.  Javelin missiles destroyed your tanks and vaporized crews.  A Neptune missile sank Russia’s flagship, Moskva, which now forlornly sits at the bottom of the sea.  Vlad, for God’s sake, Ukraine doesn’t even have a Navy and they sank your flagship!

Vlad, I’m an old guy and I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.  Your ill-conceived invasion has been an unmitigated disaster and the consequences continue to be catastrophic.  Stop destroying Ukraine, sound the retreat and send your young soldiers back home where they belong.

Mr. Putin, it is rumored that you are gravely ill with some type of cancer. This would be an opportune time for you to hang a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner and retire.

The entire world will breathe a huge sigh of relief when you leave the world stage forever.  We can’t miss you until you leave.

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Too bad we don’t have sane leadership saying this!

Sorry, but this is just the beginning…doesn’t matter if Putin dies or not.

Russia WANTS to be at war…and these affairs are not the silly American idea of war, where the aggressor “loses” if they don’t win in three days, or if a public opinion poll on Twitter says some made up “majority” says they are losing.

This will go on for years. Russia almost always fights with brutality and attrition.

Biden, more specifically the European masters that installed him, caused this war. Putin called their bluff, and now things went hot.

I honestly think this is all a ruse for Vlad. He’s baiting the West into a war.

“Attrition” is a word that Putin’s generals are coming to know well. They’re already filling the ranks with unwilling conscripts who wouldn’t give a damn if Putin never took another breath.

Uh huh.

We’ll see.

Putin’s got his trolls, and the West has theirs (you).

Attrition is years or even decades of war.

Not a month and a half.

Tactical nukes are a real possibility.

A response from NATO would be more than a possibility.

Tactical nukes are a real possibility.

Nato is using America as their military. They are in real danger, and this war was caused by a European move to conquer the world under the guise of “globalism.”

It seems that India, China, and Russia, about 3 Billion people, are not on board with the New World Order.

NATO shouldn’t be involved. The UN should have taken the lead and unified all nations that care about world peace to oppose the Russian invasion. If they don’t have a mechanism for ousting nations on the Security Council that violate the peace, they are a failure, especially since the Soviet Union had already exposed its character by the UN’s inception.

If the UN can do no better than this, what the hell does it exist for?

It is a proxy war. biden has yet to define what our vital National security interest is. We are close to 60 billion into this debacle caused by biden. The latest confiscation of taxpayers money runs out on 30 September. Traitor McConnell has already committed to more funding to perpetuate the conflict the zelenskys are losing.

Meanwhile, Americans are struggling just the way the uniparty wants it

There is a national interest in preventing wars of aggression for territorial expansion. History has taught us this. If the global community cannot confront such aggression, as idiot Biden and the UN shows it can’t, then we will face a long period of war, destruction, death and misery.

Finland and Sweden are egging Putin on by begging to become NATO members.
Putin’s most recent video, meeting with a general, shows him suffering from “the shakes,” that are commonly called, “chemo brain syndrome.”
Syrians are being paid to fight for Russia.
40,000 of them Russia allegedly promised to pay them a salary of $1,100. 
Putin might be crazy, but he’s got at least a few generals ready to follow in his footsteps into more war.

Russia’s Bilohorivka river crossing disaster confirmed on the ground. Ukrainian forces beat the crap out of an entire battalion.

Darth Putin on Twitter says:

Day 84 of my 3 day war. My generals are trying to find out who is to blame for the disastrous daylight river attack I ordered.

I remain a master strategist

Russia is currently winning this war.

Propaganda on both sides abounds. Don’t listen to either.