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Talk about projection!
When you point a finger at someone else, three of your other fingers are pointing back at you.

So, black men are too dumb to know what they like and stand for, Joy?
Listen to yourself!

And, as for working back at the office, I’ve seen liberal people come up with EVERY excuse imaginable to avoid going back to their office jobs after months of “working from home.”
This “white, racist,” excuse is one of the funnier ones.

And, only white men care about free speech?
When did that happen?
Not the 1960’s when liberation of the races and sexes were prominant issues.
Not in 2016-20 when “believe all women,” led to lying women trying to take down Supreme Court nominees.

Only now that a social media venue will not be under the boot of the left.
If the left cannot control the narrative, they lose.
We know they can’t debate facts and figures.

The race card. The fascist card. The homophobe card. Whatever they don’t like is racist, fascist or homophobic.

And don’t provoke them, or they will go all racist, fascist and homophobic all over you. THAT’S the irony. Or, hypocrisy.

What should we tell the LGTBQ community at recruiting conferences we’re lined up to attend when they ask us why they should come work at Twitter when we just sold ourselves to an open homophobe and transphobe?

I wonder what they told any conservative that was so bold as to apply for a job at Twitter?

 “You have to wonder, how are millions of voters so eager to turn this country over to the right-wing extremists that now comprise the GOP?”

Because they just endured two years of the worst government, lies, corruption, incompetence, crime and inflation in US history. It’s a pretty good advertisement for what a citizen would NOT want in his government.

They wrote that the decision to bring employees back to the office was not motivated by a ‘need to commune in person,’ as Cook wrote in his letter to staff, but rather was driven by the company’s ‘fear of the future of work, fear of worker autonomy [and] fear of losing control.’

I’m thinking they have no idea what a company is or how business works.

Night after night, hour by hour, Mr. Carlson warns his viewers that they inhabit a civilization under siege — by violent Black Lives Matter protesters in American cities, by diseased migrants from south of the border, by refugees importing alien cultures, and by tech companies and cultural elites who will silence them, or label them racist, if they complain. 

Nailed it.

I would never want there to be censorship of the left. Nothing confirms my positions as correct like the reactions and statements from leftists.