Let Them Eat Cake


This is the stadium where the Buffalo Bills play football, but the owner, Terry Pegula, is sad.  Apparently Terry wants a brand spanking new stadium with that new stadium smell for a whopping $1.4 billion smackaroonies.  No big deal.  Terry is an oil and gas billionaire, worth $5.8 billion dollars and can easily afford to pay the sticker price.  Terry is still sad.  He wants $800 million from taxpayers in order to seal the deal. He wants his cake and eat it too.

Now most politicians realize that taxpayers are already stressed with unconscionable taxes, exorbitant gasoline prices, inflated food costs and a bungling president who is cognitively challenged and still has access to our nuclear codes. A wise politician might ask Terry to do NY a solid and keep playing in the same stadium instead of pissing away money that would be better spent helping desperate citizens.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul is not one of those politicians. 

Kathy dug deep and gifted the Buffalo Bills $850 million dollars. That sweet deal made Terry very happy and he pinky swore to never shuffle out of Buffalo for 30 years. Everyone was smiling.

In a totally unrelated event, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul’s $216 billion proposed budget will include a $800 million dollar cut in funding for. . . .wait for it. . . . Children and Family Services.  Uh oh.

Let me see if I can connect the dots. New York is going to force taxpayers to partially pay for a billionaires new football stadium.  Most taxpayers footing the bill cannot afford to attend a game with their families or pay 20 bucks for a  hot dog.  More importantly, overwhelmed NY Children and Family Service agencies with grossly underpaid employees serving desperately needy families will be gutted like a dead fish.

Did I get that right? Kathy is screwing over taxpayers and needy families so that Terry can sit in a brand new stadium.  Children will go to bed hungry knowing that Terry and his BFFs can drink champagne and feast on caviar in the luxurious owners box, high above the poor peasants in the cheap seats.

The rich get richer and the poor get the shaft.  It’s a variation on the same old story.  Instead of robbing the rich and giving to the poor, Kathy robbed the poor taxpayers and gifted the rich with magnificent luxury suites.

Kathy Hocul replaced disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo and faces an election this fall. I can think of 800 million reasons not to vote for her.

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But I thought the democrats were always all about the children. Seems like a misuse of taxpayer funds. How is it taxpayers would be forced to pay for something they would oppose in the public market?

I’m really disappointed that BLM isn’t screaming about tax dollars going to corporate welfare instead of the communities that they burned to the ground. I guess that Goodell paid them enough hush money

Black Lying Marxists have their mansions, why in the H should they care? Paid for by some of the idiots that post here that defend the stupidity.

I would have expected them to make a public stink at first to extort more money from the NFL, then quietly go away once they’d banked their hush money

That can’t be, because Democrats always look out for the little guy.

I’m not against cities paying for part of a stadium or other facility; they reap massive tax benefits from these venues. However, they shouldn’t be such lying chickenshits about it and if they can’t, they shouldn’t.

I can still remember back when they still had a Candlestick Park in San Francisco i was never in it but i can remember on the radio hearing of all their games there