Biden’s Poll Numbers Drop to Record Lows, No Ukraine Rally, No SOTU Rally…


Reuters show a new low of 40% approval.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s public approval rating fell to a new low of 40% this week, a clear warning sign for his Democratic Party as it seeks to retain control of Congress in the Nov. 8 election, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll.
The national poll, conducted on March 21 and 22, found that 54% of Americans disapprove of his job performance as the country struggles with high inflation and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has pushed geopolitical concerns to the fore.
Biden’s approval rating, down three percentage points from the prior week, mirrors that which his Republican predecessor, Donald Trump, received at this point in his presidency, as both stood at 40% in mid-March in their second year in office.
Trump’s approval rating sank as low as 33% in December 2017.

Meanwhile Selzer has him at 34% approval.

Biden’s approval ratings have dropped from 37% to 34%, with 89% of Republicans saying they disapprove of his performance, the poll shows.

AP has Biden at 43% approval.

Only about a quarter are very confident that the president has the ability to handle a crisis, promote U.S. standing in the world or effectively manage the U.S. military, though most have at least some confidence.
Fifty-six percent of Americans think Biden has not been tough enough on Russia, while 36% say his approach has been “about right.”
Even among members of his own party, Biden faces pressure to do more. The poll shows Democrats are closely divided over the president’s response, with 43% saying he hasn’t been tough enough. Somewhat more, 53%, say it’s been “about right.”

And then there is this:

That intel op certainly was successful in installing the most dim-witted President we’ve had in recent history.

Last week, the New York Times confirmed what we already knew all along, which is that Hunter Biden’s laptop was not only legitimate, but quite concerning. This story is made all the more frustrating considering that reporting from The New York Post was censored from social media, while Democrats dismissed it as a form of Russian propaganda, and mainstream media outlets, like taxpayer-funded NPR, refused to cover it. This conveniently took place weeks before the 2020 presidential election, and now Joe Biden is president.
As pollster Rich Baris offered last Thursday over Twitter, the censorship not only affected voter information on the story, but that “Censorship absolutely impacted votes.”

Baris shared with Townhall polling data from the 2020 Public Polling Project they conducted for Inside The Numbers, as part of People’s Pundit Daily, a YouTube channel Baris has.
He also offered in a statement to Townhall that “Big tech censorship absolutely influenced the 2020 U.S. presidential election. People went to the polls and sent in their ballots without all of the information. As a result, millions of voters made an uninformed decision, and many of them would take it back if they had the option to do so.”
In Pennsylvania, a total of 74.4 percent of respondents had heard of the “Biden News Report,” which refers to the laptop story. Broken down by political affiliation, Independents, who were key in electing Biden, and who had favored former President Donald Trump in 2016 when he beat Hillary Clinton, were even less familiar with the news story, in that 70.8 percent had heard of it. And, while a higher amount of those who had already voted or were “certain” to vote had heard of the story, at 77 percent, far fewer “likely” voters, who had a likelihood greater than 50 percent, had heard of it, in that just 61.9 percent had.
Biden ended up carrying Pennsylvania 50 percent to former President Donald Trump’s 48.8 percent.
While the 2020 election took place on November 3, Decision Desk did not call Pennsylvania for Biden until November 6, with some waiting until November 7 to do so. There have been numerous lawsuits, including how the commonwealth counted mail-in ballots. As Katie reported in January, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court struck down the mail-in voting law. The state supreme court recently heard arguments in the case, as Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, vowed to appeal.
When it comes to Wisconsin, another key battleground state, a similar 75.5 percent had heard of the “Biden News report.” Again, Independents were the least likely by political affiliation to have heard of it, with just 68.8 percent having heard of the story.
This state was particularly close, as Biden won with 49.5 percent to Trump’s 48.8 percent. There were likewise lawsuits in Wisconsin, with Trump calling for a recount after the race was called for Biden on November 4.

Meanwhile some Dems are turning their back on the Great Nemesis of Cornpop:

Voters in key congressional battleground states are turning their backs on President Joe Biden and Democrats, angered about the souring economy and the party’s backhanded responses to their concerns about inflation.
A new poll commissioned by the GOP found that voters feel team Biden is both “out of touch” and “condescending,” traits that have led to a widening preference gap in the congressional midterm elections that favors Republicans.
“Battleground voters continue to hold Democrats responsible for the negative impact that record-high inflation, soaring crime, and the crisis along our southern border are having on their lives. Additionally, these voters overwhelmingly support Republicans who are focused on addressing these issues,” said the polling memo, which was written by three top national polling outfits for the National Republican Congressional Committee.
The poll holds significance, the NRCC said, because it surveyed voters in 77 battleground congressional districts that Biden won in 2020 by 5 and a half points.

And I’ll just leave this here:

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No one has confidence in biden a complete jackass.

Definitely the wrong guy at this place in time.

My wife went to the store this morning to do the weekly shopping. There was no bathroom tissue in the store. One huge shelf empty. The point is that if you think that the supply issues occurring now are short lived, you are delusional. These polls reflect the unhappiness of some of the informed populace with Biden. It’s not being addressed in the media and the lack of action now is going to cause this problem to be with us for years. The undecided voters need to be constantly reminded of this. Not just for the midterms but forever.

Dont panic the tissue mills are still running 24/7 it costs more to shut those big machines down than to pay triple time on holidays. There are tissue, sanitary products and diaper mills all over the country. Check at other stores, home depo, menards, big box stores.
I would stock up on flour, rice and canned meat before tissue products.

Biden is like a leaky rowboat full of holes and sinking fast

comment image
Biden Ends Warsaw Speech on Ukraine With Call for Regime Change in Russia (UPDATE: White House Official Tries to Clean Up for Biden)
biden says the quiet part out loud. The EU and NATO have for years wanted regime change in Russia. It appears they may have purposely provoked Putin into a situation where they could diabolically engineer a regime change.

Meanwhile we get this crap from the White House:

White House AANHPI on Twitter: “Today, for our #WomensHistoryMonth Spotlight, we honor political and civil rights activist Yuri Kochiyama.” / Twitter

If you think the current administration doesn’t hate our nation and our people, look up Yuri Kochiyama’s history. She was a huge fan of Castro, Mao and Osama bin Laden.

Why do we even have a “Women’s” History Month when Biden wants a USSC justice who doesn’t even know what a woman is?

Does anyone actually believe Biden’s decisions concerning Ukraine are influenced by his poll numbers?

Yeah, of course you do.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

comment image

You continue to show you actually know nothing of U.S. politics. Of course, if Biden still maintains his comprehensive skills, he, as every president before him, cares about his approval numbers.

But Biden is not in possession of his mental facilities. He is told, mainly by Ron Klain, what to say and what to do, along with being pumped full of drugs to try to handle his senility. Jill Biden, along with the rest of the Democrat Socialists who pushed him into the Oval Office, should all be charged with senior abuse and treason.

Joe Biden’s comment regarding Putin’s deposal was intended for Vladimir Putin and his fan club. Are you not smart enough to figure that out?

That would be another rhetorical question. You’re not even smart enough to figure out Donald Trump.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Get real Rosebud Biden is a total failure

The Trump cult’s efforts to damage Biden by boosting Vladimir Putin are a total failure.

Putin needs no boost. He’s killing thousands in Ukraine, in case you missed it.

Trusting in a trump who demonstrated he knew how to handle Putin and stop wars like this is what intelligent people do.

Biden and the globalist ideologies that have usurped the White House for him are a complete and total failure.

Putin will be lucky if he’s not gone in a year. The world will be lucky if he is.

comment image

No one needs to try to damage Biden. He does that himself every time he opens his mouth.

And who here exactly is it you are claiming is “boosting” Vladimir Putin?

Again, when did your epiphany happen that caused you to change positions on Russia? Come on, coward, give us an answer.

A typical liberal living in your own world a far away from our real word Liberal Land you come from Liberaland where nothing is real and Biden is your chosen one

He is wasting taxpayer dollars on a fool’s errand trying to defend the border of Ukraine while he has an invasion on his own southern border.

Americans do not care about Ukraines border

The big guy always gets his 10% up front.

Another Twitter Putin Pimp.

Greg the Gripper Whine whine whine

Demonic pedophiles are trying to take over the world.

Thought bubble “This man has a stinky poopy diaper”

America is rejecting biden right now

Trump was the first GOP presidential candidate to be REJECTED by Georgia voters in 28 years.

Trump was the first GOP presidential candidate to be REJECTED by Georgia voters in 28 years.



Trump was the first GOP presidential candidate to be REJECTED by Georgia voters in 28 years.



Given the plan was always to replace him mid term, of course not.

And who told you Biden was making any decisions?

And who told you Biden was making any decisions?

Good one.
Every single statement lying joe uttered in Poland had to be “walked back,” by his handlers.
He lied, lied, lied.
(Except for his spontaneous statement of desire for the little child.)

Last edited 1 year ago by Nan G

03/26/22 – Nebraska congressman Jeff Fortenberry announces resignation after being found guilty in illegal contribution case

Republican U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska on Saturday resigned from office after a California jury convicted him of lying to federal authorities about an illegal campaign donation from a foreign national.

In a letter to the House, Fortenberry said he was resigning from Congress, effective March 31.

“It has been my honor to serve with you in the United States House of Representatives,” he said in the letter. “Due to the difficulties of my current circumstances, I can no longer effectively serve.”

The increasingly popular defense? I was framed by the FBI.

Last edited 1 year ago by Greg

Thi was McConnell and the boys, rove and soros trying to take out Greitens not only as governor of Missouri but more recently to harm his chances at winning the Senate race this November

Republican U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska on Saturday resigned from office after a California jury convicted him of lying to federal authorities about an illegal campaign donation from a foreign national.

Wait… lying to the FBI is ILLEGAL again?

The US intelligence agencies have been compromised and weaponized to take down political opposition.

Tis true.

From the Hillary coup to Ray Epps to orange hats to Witmer to the Quantico Stormfront hoax…it’s rather evident.

Seems Democrats secretly love Putin and his methods. Shhhh.

Fines as opposed to indictments. Two styles of “justice”.