The Champagne Socialist Pendeja



AOC portrays herself as “working class” person from humble roots.

 ‘I’m proud to be a bartender. Ain’t nothing wrong with that’.

She tries to convince you that she grew up poor.

“Well, you know, the president is from Queens, and with all due respect — half of my district is from Queens — I don’t think he knows how to deal with a girl from the Bronx,” Ocasio-Cortez said this week on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
…“I wasn’t born to a wealthy or powerful family — mother from Puerto Rico, dad from the South Bronx. I was born in a place where your Zip code determines your destiny.”

She did not grow up poor. She went to a very expensive college and lived in a wealthy neighborhood. While in college

After high school, Ocasio-Cortez studied international relations and economics at Boston University and worked for Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA).

While she claims to be a for the people, anti-capitalist socialist bartender, she has champagne tastes for the finer things in life. She loves expensive clothes.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez rocked designer duds worth more than $14,000 for her Vanity Fair cover shoot — to attack President Trump as a “motherf–ker” for not paying federal income tax.
The Daily Mail broke down the price tags for all of AOC’s pricey looks in the December issue — an Aliette silk suit worth an estimated $1,000, $3,000 Carolina Herrera suit, $2,500 Christopher John Rogers suit, $815 polka dot Wales Bonner dress, $695 Christian Louboutin slingbacks, $1,450 diamond, gold and floating pearl Mateo earrings and Bvlgari earrings which run an estimated $2,000.
All told, her wardrobe rang up to $14,310.

It wasn’t the first time

Even more here.

She wore a custom “tax the rich” dress to a gala where she was comped two tickets worth $35,000 each. I imagine she’ll report that gift as income to the IRS.

She didn’t need to wear a mask while all the servants did.

The “anti-capitalist” has an online shop selling all sorts of merch, including “Tax the Rich” tote bags and “Abolish ICE” tee shirts for $27 each.

She makes $174,000 a year and wants you to pay off her $19,000 student loan. Netflix made a deal with AOC to boost her celebrity. Although she touts herself as tough she will resort to emotional teary pleas when it will further her cause.

She drives a $60,000 Tesla that she feels entitled to park illegally on a regular basis. This humble representative of the working folk has taken to flying First Class.

AOC supports crime .

“It’s much easier to frame people who steal baby formula and medicine as monsters to be jailed than acknowledge our politics and economic priorities create conditions where people steal baby formula to survive,” she tweeted in response to the NYPD arresting 12 shoplifters in The Bronx.

That is of course not the truth. Single mothers stealing diapers and formula are not the drivers of increased shoplifting. Does she really think New York’s progressive DAs and judges would even prosecute such a case? No, they’d steer the woman to any one of the dozens of government programs intended to help poor parents — the WIC supplemental nutrition program, SNAP, food assistance, and that’s just the federal programs.

No, many of these cases are mass shopliftings, people who grab armfuls of popular goods to sell on the street and turn a black-market profit. The arrests she complained about were for $1,800 worth of household goods.

The poor suffer the most for it.

Reacting to an adoring book on AOC, Tucker Carlson had this to say:

“She’s the pampered, obnoxious ski bunny in the matching snowsuit who tells you to pull up your mask while you’re standing in the lift line at Jackson Hole,” Carlson said during a segment in which he touched on a new book called “Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC,” according to Newsweek.

Cortez shot back

“This is the type of stuff you say when your name starts with a P and ends with dejo,”

But Carlson is right. AOC is a pretender- a pampered self-absorbed champagne socialist. She talks egalitarian and lives bourgeoise- the perfect Marxist leader.

AOC laments that we may not have a democracy in ten years. That ought not be a big problem since, according to her, we only have 9 years left before the world ends.


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shit always floats to the top in a cesspool, no different: shit= oac

Turn off the Mush Factory Ding-Bat that will be quite enough out of you

Carlson said during a segment in which he touched on a new book called “Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC,” according to Newsweek.

It should be titled “Wasted Space”. She is a waste of oxygen; a churn. Nothing but noise.

“The future of the Democrat party”

Do you think this airhead will be re-elected?

Yeah, probably. Democrat voters prove time and time again they will vote for anyone, no matter how stupid, how incompetent, how corrupt. They’ll even use fraud to but the dumbest in the highest offices.

At least Fidel Castro hid his mansions and yachts behind a front of “people’s” hovels and crappy boats.
AOC is quite literally too dumb to hide her wealth and the blatent hypocrisy of it contrasted with her ideal policies.
But, she’s in a safe district, just like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

Jesse Watters compared Democrats to an “incredibly immature” high schooler who realizes they “were completely wrong about everything” in Wednesday’s opening monologue of “Jesse Watters Primetime.”
“That’s what the Democratic Party is going through right now,” he said. “For the last few years, they’ve acted like children. Pushing asinine policies that have hurt the American people. Pretending like they know best, when their foolishness was completely obvious. They supported riots and worshiped wokeness. The Squad was the Democrat Party’s hood ornament.”
“But now, it looks like the adults in the party are recognizing their mistakes. And when I say adults, I really mean pollsters.”

There must be an election coming.

A bartender who skims the tips from the cocktail waitresses in her bar is not a bartender, she is a thief!