Joe knew. Jake made sure of it


It’s said that you take flak when you’re over target.

It’s all hands on deck for democrats as John Durham continues his pursuit of the truth about Hillary Clinton paying operatives to hack Trump servers in the Trump Tower and in the White House itself. The NY Times is manning one of the guns, once again trying to push the BS Russian collusion allegation.  Joe Scarborough is panicking, saying Fox News is lying about the Clinton spying. democrats, who know better than anyone how to concoct and spread a false narrative, are once again complaining that the Durham investigation is politically motivated.

Here’s one more thing for them to whine about. Joe Biden knew. It came up yesterday in a White House briefing:

The White House on Monday refused to be drawn into the growing controversy over claims that Hillary Clinton‘s allies tried to smear Donald Trump, and whether internet data collection amounted to spying.


Three times Joe Biden‘s principal deputy press secretary was asked whether the president had any concerns about campaigns hacking into opponents’ computer systems to gather dirt.


And three times during the White House daily briefing Karine Jean-Pierre referred all questions to the Department of Justice.

Of course she did. Biden knew.

Joe Biden was present in the infamous January 5 meeting in the Oval Office when the trap for Trump was set. As it so typical of democrats, Rice’s constant harping on “by the book” means it was anything but by the book. It took the one honest man in the obama White House- Admiral Mike Rogers– to warn Trump that he was being spied upon. Trump then moved his campaign out of Trump Towers and to New Jersey. Little did he expect that Hillary Clinton would be so malevolent as to hire a cyber firm to hack into the servers of the White House.

But there is a nexus between Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden- Jake Sullivan.

Sullivan worked in the Obama administration as Deputy Assistant to the President and the vice president’s National Security Advisor, when Biden was U.S. Vice President. He also served as the Director of Policy Planning at the Department of State.

The arrogant pasty-faced little Ivy League boy inserted himself into a big-time game- falsely undermining the President of the United States. Sullivan was a senior policy advisor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and he played a direct and significant role in the Russian Alfa Bank hoax.

It was disclosed that Sullivan was passing emails with Marc Elias just before Sussman gave the FBI the phony assertions about Trump’s alleged involvement with Alfa Bank and the Russians.

One of those campaign agents was Sullivan, according to emails that special counsel John Durham obtained. On Sept. 15, 2016 — just four days before Sussmann handed off the materials to the FBI — Marc Elias, Sussmann’s law partner and fellow Democratic Party operative, “exchanged emails with the Clinton campaign’s foreign policy adviser concerning the Russian bank allegations,” as well as with other top campaign officials, the indictment states.

Sullivan then went on CNN to spread the lies

Unsurprisingly, Sullivan has testified to ignorance of everything but that might not work out for him in court.

Sullivan also testified he didn’t know that Perkins Coie, the law firm where Elias and Sussmann were partners, was working for the Clinton campaign until October 2017, when it was reported in the media as part of stories revealing the campaign’s contract with Fusion, which also produced the so-called Steele dossier. 

That is incongruous with Durham’s finding that Sullivan and Marc Elias (who worked at the same firm Perkins Coie) exchanged emails about the Alfa Bank allegations just before Sussman went to the FBI in September 2016.

Sullivan knew. He had been a good boy in the charade. The next thing you know, Sullivan is named National Security Advisor- to Joe Biden. Sullivan has been pushing war with Russia for weeks now. He is completely untrustworthy. He may need that war to distract everyone from his direct involvement in the Russian hoax conspiracy. He may wind up being flipping on Biden as these ass wipes tend to do.

The irony is that Biden is going use his dementia forgetfulness as a defense.

But he knew.


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Sullivan was also in the middle of the Benghazi debacle, so of course, along with his willingness to illegally spy on people, he made an excellent candidate for idiot Biden’s NSA advisor.

Democrats are simply degenerate.

Sullivan is the tip of the iceberg. This goes all of the way to obama and beyond. The cabal that sullivan and other are a part of have as their mission the destruction of America. Had hillary succeeded in 2016, we might have been a full communist or facist state.

Jake Sullivan pushed the Russia hoax. He knew it was a lie. He now works in the Biden White House,’ Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio wrote on Twitter Monday.

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee accused Sullivan of a ‘conflict of interest’ in his current efforts trying to de-escalate with Moscow.

‘Jake Sullivan’s involvement in the Russia collusion hoax is a clear conflict of interest, and he should not be allowed to speak on behalf of the U.S. as Russia-Ukraine tensions heighten,’ Blackburn said on Monday.

Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, Once Bragged with Ben Rhodes – “We’re Liars” and “Lying Footsoldiers”
Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, Once Bragged with Ben Rhodes – “We’re Liars” and “Lying Footsoldiers” (

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When Jake Sullivan Resigns, it will be the First Major Victory Against the Deep State

We’ve had many victories against the deep-state over the years, even as we’re engaged in a battle to take back the 2020 elections with the states fighting for decertification, but when Jake Sullivan resigns from his position as National Security Advisor, it will be monumental victory for several reasons.

A bit of irony, Michael Flynn was President Trump’s National Security Advisor when Hussein and his band of criminals in the intelligence agencies and DOJ forced him to resign. The difference here is General Flynn literally did nothing wrong and was framed while Jake Sullivan was part of the group of conspirators who attempted a coup on President Trump.

Sullivan is in real trouble. He’s one of the main guys who pushed the Trump-Russia lie, and now he’s a key foreign policy player, currently trying to push for a war between Russia and Ukraine. That just doesn’t fly. You can’t be the head advisor of our nation’s security after you lead a coup against a sitting president.


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As Durham squeezes, something must pop, and Jake Sullivan will be the first major trophy to mount on his office wall. We’ve had revelations and a few indictments, but the sitting National Security Advisor is what we’d call a big fish, and proves to the world the Durham is the most dangerous man on the planet.

Before his indictment, Sullivan will have to resign, which will generate a nuclear shockwave of panic in D.C. If Durham can get to the National Security Advisor, he can certainly get to the other conspirators at any level, including Hussein and Hillary. The illusion of safety and protection will officially be out the window, even though most of that already was after Sussmann’s indictment.

This will be a completely different situation. It also shows that your cabinet position won’t save you. All the coup conspirators grabbed onto what they thought were safe life rafts in what I believe to be a honeypot administration, but now they’re circled by a bunch of hungry special counsel sharks.

Another fact about Sullivan, his wife is counsel to Merrick Garland. In all reality, Sullivan should be untouchable. When he steps down, he’ll have no plausible excuse, and everyone will know why.

The media will have to at least acknowledge that the National Security Advisor, who was Hillary’s foreign policy advisor, and was Deputy Assistant to Hussein and VP Biden’s National Security Advisor, who is a target of Durham, resigned.

Keep a close watch on Jake Sullivan, because when he steps down, the party has officially started.  Watch this clip with John Ratcliffe talk about the intelligence he provided to Durham:

Ratcliffe predicts more Clinton-related indictments (

Here is the ultimate soy boy pencil neck…

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They know they have to lie, they LIKE lying and they like liars. They and their ideology cannot survive without lies and suppressing truth.

Where does Carter Page go to get his reputation back?
Can he be on one of the firing squads?
Or, pull the cord on the rope that hangs the perps who slimed him mercilessly?