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BLM was a scam when it started.
Early on blacks who tried to help BLM found out they would go unpaid while the communist party front person got millions.
This front person and her lesbian lover have already squandered millions of BLM dollars on luxury homes in non-black neighborhoods all across North America.
Three states are pulling the plug on BLM’s charitible charter for fundraising tax free because no one files any of the required paperwork to allow following the money from donor to charitible work.
Now no one is willing to even come forward and admit being the current leader of BLM.
And the most recent $60 million BLM had is missing.

Marxist principles want no competing authority figures to the State. The State is supreme and Mother or Father (or God) are not allowed to interfere with the State’s control over minds. THAT’S the mentality of BLM, in addition to promoting violence, terrorism and racism.