The President who won’t defend his own borders is russian to defend Ukraine’s borders



democrats are beating the drums for war with Russia. Adam Schiff declares that Russia is an ‘imminent and real threat’ to invade Ukraine. He says the evidence is in plain sight- you know, just like Russian collusion. Alexander Vindman, the wannabe Ukraine Defense Minister, says “I think we’re basically just on the cusp of war” and that “there’s going to be a large European war on the order of magnitude of World War II.” The White House is urging Americans to leave Ukraine now.

Others are not so certain.

Ukrainian President Zelensky says Americans are safer off in Kyiv than they would be in Los Angeles. Biden said he wouldn’t mind a “minor incursion.”

Probably true.

What is it that Putin wants? He wants a guarantee that Ukraine won’t enter NATO plus:

They include a demand that Nato remove any troops or weapons deployed to countries that entered the alliance after 1997, which would include much of eastern Europe, including Poland, the former Soviet countries of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and the Balkan countries.
Russia has also demanded that Nato rule out further expansion, including the accession of Ukraine into the alliance, and that it does not hold drills without previous agreement from Russia in Ukraine, eastern Europe, in Caucasus countries such as Georgia or in Central Asia.

He does not want Russians casting a wishful eye toward a free Ukraine protected by NATO.

NATO has rejected the proposal, but Russia is still waiting for a more positive response. Vladimir Putin knows a weak hand when he sees it and Joe Biden is holding that hand right now. In times of turmoil NATO looks to the US but this time the US has an impotent old man at the front desk. An impotent old man with a rainbow military ready to unleash non-binary troops armed with an endless supply of woke pronouns. Barack Obama reportedly recommended sending more blankets.

Germany is useless to NATO as it has cast its lot with Russia via the Nordstream 2 pipeline upon which it become entirely dependent, having voluntarily fallen under the spell of Greta Thunberg and destroyed most of its own energy supply.

Putin is having his way with Biden, who has done nothing but appease Russia since he was inaugurated. Russia might invade, but it’s also likely that this is an exercise meant to force NATO to negotiate.

Meanwhile, China rattles the saber over Taiwan.

How ironic is it that Joe Biden, who won’t defend our borders from an invasion of illegal aliens, is ready to send thousands of troops to Ukraine to protect its borders from Russia? Or is he protecting the family business? Joe Biden has done one thing well and that is to make America learn how good things were under Donald Trump.

Barack Obama has been proved prophetic when he said “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up”

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Russia ships a relatively modest amount of oil to the United States, totaling just 200,000 barrels per day as of October, 2021. That represents just 3% of total US oil imports of 6 million barrels.
Unless Joe allows domestic oil to be produced in higher amounts almost instantly, we can expect a new higher price at the pumps.

Just another side point to consider.

Joe Biden the Democrat,Globalists Traitor put t hat in your Hookahs and smoke it M.S. Media Bottom Dwellers/Muck Suckers

Putin is still coming from the position that idiot Biden has enabled everything he’s doing by cutting US production and driving the price of oil up, which fills his coffers. Putin cannot believe his good fortune (or the payoffs from his investments in Biden, Inc). Putin is playing 3-D chess and idiot Biden is playing with himself.

Even while this crisis was building up, idiot Biden nominates a racist social justice warrior to the UN, which is totally worthless anyway. History will study this regime for the WRONG way to approach every problem.

Putin would have never tried a stunt like this with President Trump in office. The same can be said for Xi who after the genocide games will move on Taiwan.

Remember, Putin made his move on Crimea while obumbler and feckless biden were in charge.

So do the Eco-Freaks still support this idiot Joe Biden? if so they they have allowed Politics to get in the way of their Common Sense I mean Tankers can run around and still ther load of Petrol

Came to suspect long ago most u.s. ‘eco freaks’ are sponsored by the likes of opec and other oil producers. Follow the money…

“I don’t believe the polls.”

— former VP, Joe Biden

The New York Times covered up for Stalin,Hitler Castro,Mao and the Viet-Cong their the New York Pravda and All the Propaganda That’s fit to Print

WHOOPS: Government Contractor Spills The Beans as to Why Biden is Hiding Illegal Immigrant Flights in The Dead Of Night: “If This Gets Out, the Government is BETRAYING The American People”

For several months now, and likely for years, planeloads of illegal aliens have been flown secretly into suburban areas across the country in order to facilitate the massive invasion of illegal voters that Biden’s fraudulent regime has allowed into this country.

The majority of these covert charter flights originate in Texas, where Biden’s state-sponsored border invasion has completely overwhelmed local communities and immigration officials. The transportation of these illegals is routinely done in the dead of night by federal contractors in order to avoid the media and the public.

Biden and his fraudulent regime know exactly what they are doing, it’s criminal – so it must be hidden.

But, on Wednesday, one of those federal contractors was caught on police bodycam video saying the quiet part out loud.

In the video that was obtained by Tucker Carlson Tonight, a supervisor for the operation speaks with an officer as yet another planeload of illegals is unloaded at the Westchester Airport in New York.

During their brief chat, the officer presses the federal contractor about what’s actually happening here, questioning why they are working so hard to keep these flights hidden.

“What’s the big secret? Everyone knows it’s happening,” the officer points out about the flights. “You know why.”

Likely unaware he was on camera, the supervisor eventually gives in, providing an awfully honest answer about the true nature of this illegal scheme.

“I get the whole secrecy and all this s*it, but this [decision] is even above my f*cking paygrade.

Because like, look who’s in office, that’s why. 

If it gets out… the government is betraying the American people.”

The supervisor also explains a little bit about what he is there to do – mainly, stay under the radar, which doesn’t really work too well when you are talking to a police officer with a body cam.


“Alot of this is just down low stuff that we don’t tell people. 

Because what we don’t want to do is attract attentionWe don’t want the media. Like we don’t even know where we’re going when they tell us.”


Tucker Carlson also aired the video on his show on Wednesday night, and as he points out, this is a true attack on democracy, unlike the sham January 6th narrative, and the video serves as evidence for this crime.

Oh, and by the way, you – the taxpayer – are paying for this invasion directly.

“Someone on the tape describes how DHS, quote ‘wants this on the low down’ – in other words, secret, so you dont know about it, despite the fact that you’re a US citizen who’s paying for it.

They’re hiding it from you; they’re doing this without your consent – speaking of an attack on democracy.

That’s evidence of a crime as far as I can tell.”

The very first of many articles of impeachement, will be aiding and abetting of an invasion at the southern border.

Article IV section IV

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

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Absolute grounds for impeachment. Also shows us how seriously idiot Biden and his puppet masters regard the spread of COVID.

Biden Blindsided By Secretly Recorded Leaked Audio

Right after sleepy joe is impeached, mayorkas will be next. Oh what the hell, do it at the same time….

When is idiot Biden going to tell us about the punishment of those nasty mounted Border Patrol officers that were whipping poor Haitian illegal immigrants?

I for one could give a shit about the scumbag Haitians The dirtbag illegal aliens have broken our laws. It is their actions which have consequences.

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Blood is on the hands of biden, harris and mayorkas

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WATCH: Ukrainian President Slams Biden After Yesterday’s Phone Call: “I Think I Know The Details Better” – Country Had Just Agreed To Ceasefire When Biden Baselessly Warned of Imminent Attack

This reckless behavior will be the second article of impeachment. biden is actually try to force the Ukraine to go to war. biden should be removed from office immediately.

biden continues to put the country and the American people in perilous situations.


President Zelensky should release everything he has on the Biden Crime Families dealings in Ukraine, show the entire world what Biden’s real interests are he doesn’t care about Ukraine, he cares about the Big Guys cut of the money laundering schemes.

Remind me again when the Mexican tanks roll across the border into Texas.

How about 2.4 million illegal immigrants? Should that be stopped, especially when 20% are bringing COVID with them and fentanyl deaths are skyrocketing?

Don’t be so stupid.

Angry Man Travels to Pennsylvania to Yell at the Keystone State Assembly Again

The installed White House occupant was transported by airplane to Pennsylvania today so he could yell at the snow for being cold.
According to national media reports, he successfully completed his mission, was given a pudding cup and subsequently returned to the basement.  WATCH:

Angry man wasn’t yelling the entire time, there was a moment when he did that creepy whisper voice thing again.

This may have been why he was so angry, President Zelensky tolf him to shut the f**k up…

This will be the first of many articles of impeachment.

“Completely Illegal” – AG Ken Paxton Describes Biden Regime’s Policy to Fly Family Members to US on Taxpayer Dime to Join Illegal Aliens in Country (VIDEO)
The regime is settling illegal economic refugees from Central America who claim asylum in the interior of the US. Then after these illegals claim asylum the Biden regime is flying their kids in to join them on the taxpayer dime!
This is completely unconstitutional.

AG Ken Paxton:  It’s called the Central American Minors Program. And what the Biden administration is doing is people from certain countries, whether it’s El Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala, when they get in here and claim asylum they can immediately have their kids flown in with taxpayer dollars to the United States to join them. This is completely illegal, nothing has been put in place by Congress to allow this. And yet, the Biden administration has been doing this.

Paxton went on to describe how the Biden regime is breaking the law with this and several other programs.

Ken Paxton: They’re supposed to be deported immediately but they’re not. They’re not following court orders. They’re not following federal law. What they are doing is they’re then allowing those people to invite their kids and potentially some of their other caregivers to the United States on taxpayer money. we fly them up here and then we release them into the country… None of this is permitted by law. This is completely made up by the Biden administration and completely illegal. 

Via The War Room.

It is definitely an impeachable offense, but they might as well wait until/if Republicans take over Congress. This lying, corrupt, incompetent POS needs to be REMOVED.

CNN Pushing Fake U.S. Intel Reports of Russians Stockpiling Blood on Ukraine Border, Ukranian Government Furious With DC Propaganda
Always remember, CNN is the official “fake news” narrative engineering effort of the U.S. State Department.  The Washington Post pushes the Intelligence Community effort (CIA, etc.), and the New York Times push the FBI/DOJ (state police) effort.
Today in an effort to use Ukraine as a proxy state for war against Russia, the State Dept and CIA are claiming the Russians are amassing massive stockpiles of blood at the Ukraine border as they prepare for a protracted war.  In response the Ukraine government tells the Biden crew to knock it off with the nonsense. This puts CNN journalists in Ukraine telling CNN journalists in the U.S. to stop telling ‘fake news’.

comment image

The war mongering crew deep in the U.S. government are in control. The Fourth Branch of the U.S. government and the national security apparatus are in full operational control over the dynamic. Zelensky is stuck between Russia and the U.S. Deep State. Quite frankly, he’d be better off embracing Vladimir Putin and coming to terms.

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February 3, 2022 – US alleges Russia planning false flag operation against Ukraine using ‘graphic’ video

The US is alleging that Russia has been preparing to “fabricate a pretext for an invasion” of Ukraine, this time using a “graphic” video that would depict a fake attack against Russia.

A senior administration official told CNN that the US has intelligence suggesting that the Russian government, with the help of Russia’s intelligence services, has been planning to produce a propaganda video depicting graphic scenes of a “staged false explosion with corpses, actors depicting mourners, and images of destroyed locations and military equipment,” the official said. The US believes Russia has already recruited actors to be involved in the fake attack.

The US believes that the military equipment used in the video of the fabricated attack would be made to look like it is Ukrainian or from an allied nation. The official said the video could include images of Bayraktar drones, which NATO ally Turkey has provided to Ukraine, “as a means to implicate NATO in the attack.”

The fake attack in the video would be aimed against Russian sovereign territory or against Russian-speaking people, the official said, and would “be released to underscore a threat to Russia’s security and to underpin military operations,” the official said. “This video, if released, could provide Putin the spark he needs to initiate and justify military operations against Ukraine.”‘

Oddly specific…

Hitler justified his invasion of Poland with “Operation Himmler”, a series of false flag attacks that he claimed to be Polish aggression against Germany.

Recent satellite images make it clear what Putin is preparing to do.

Ukraine poses no threat to Russia. Putin has to manufacture one to justify an invasion.

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Greggie, Greggie, Greggie, Russia again?

All you on the left know how to do is scream “Russia, Russia, Russia!!!!” while Joe Biden and his corrupt family is on the take from the one nation that has not only the funds, but the ability, to really give the U.S. a major headache, China.

So perhaps the real question is “why does the left want to demonize Russia so badly while they ignore China?” Maybe the answer lies in Joey Biden’s off shore money accounts.

Putin threatens to pull all of Europe into war. You seem to imagine that you would be unaffected.

Everything with you is “Russia, Russia, Russia!!!” You totally ignore the fact that China, NOT Russia, is the greatest threat to the U.S.. Hell, Comrade Scumbag, you can’t even admit that China, NOT Trump, is responsible for Covid-19. You can’t bring yourself to disparage China in any way.

Basically, you are nothing more than a mouthpiece for Xi. You even claimed that the Hunter Biden “laptop” scandal was nothing more than “Russian disinformation.” What a liar you are.

And to continue to use CNN as a source that anywhere near honest shows how dishonest you are. Maybe CNN can find out what Hunter Biden is up to now. But I doubt CNN has anymore ability for honesty than you do.

I can’t remember how many years I opined here that the endless war in the Middle East would bleed us dry, while Russia and China sat back and watched and waited—that 9/11 was calculated to have that very effect. Then that Putin was expanding his influence in the Middle East, to get a strangle hold on energy supplies to Europe. Then Trump appeared, and took total control of your minds.

Putin hated Obama. Putin hated Clinton. Trump was his golden opportunity. Now he hates Biden. Figure it out, if you can.

Putin hates Clinton, Obama and idiot Biden and he has compromised them. He has blackmail files on them all. Only Trump stood up to Putin without fear. Becoming energy independent while strangling Putin’s energy exports was brilliant so, of course idiot Biden had to reverse it all. Because idiot Biden is as far from fearless and brilliant as a human being can get.

Oh, my Comrade Greggie, I do remember how you whined about the “endless war in the Middle East” and how much it was costing with your flag draped casket returning reports. Then, on January 20, 2009, you tune changed dramatically. No more complaints about the cost of war or coffin reports. And what do you know, Putin reared his ugly head and threatened Ukraine. I also remember the great response from the Obama administration; MREs and blankets.

Then Trump appeared, and took total control of your minds.

And during those four years of nothing but angst from you, what did Putin do? Any threats against Ukraine? Was Putin building the Russian GPA from the sale of oil? In 2020, the Russian GPA declined 11.92% from the year before and the US was a net exporter of oil, not a net importer. But of course, you would rather see Russia selling oil to Europe than the U.S.

As to the ME, Russia and China are buddies. Iran makes up the trifecta. But it is a bad deal for Russia because China is richer, stronger militarily and have more people whose lives hold no value when it comes to the CCP.

Of course, all you can do is accuse those who supported Trump of suffering from mind control when NOT ONCE have you ever spoke against China. Are you the Manchurian Candidate? Ummm, seems like you are.

Do you disavow China, Comrade Greggie? Yes or no?

Kind of makes it even more despicable that the Democrats collaborated with Russia to try and destroy Trump. Disgusting that Democrats provide Putin with the energy revenue he needs to carry out such threats.

However, I don’t think he’s going to attack. He wants concessions, not create a war and draw the condemnation of the world (except for China and Iran).

Yeah, as with Hitler, all Europe has to do is give Putin what he wants. Which will never be enough.

They are lying us into a war in which we have no National security interest.

wag the dog on the eve of the worst jobs data.

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Do you think the satellite images of Putin’s troops on the Ukrainian border are a lie? You’ll sing a different tune if he cuts off overland energy supplies to Europe and impedes the flow through the Persian Gulf. Current gasoline prices would look like the good ol’ days. So then tell me about “no national security interest”.

Of course with his buddy Trump back in office, everything would be just fine. All we’d need to do is let Putin dominate Western Europe and expand Russian borders to those of the former Soviet Union.

Current gasoline prices would look like the good ol’ days. So then tell me about “no national security interest”.

Remember when the US was energy independent and could not be extorted with energy supplies? Yeah… the good old days. Under TRUMP.

It wasn’t Trump who sent the price of a barrel of oil below its production cost. It was OPEC members’ collective failure to come to an agreement on production levels, and COVID, which crashed the demand below supply levels.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

Nevertheless, it was Trump who made the US energy independent. OPEC tried to put our fracking industry out of business, but Trump just filled our strategic reserve with the cheapest oil in history. All screwed up by idiot Biden because he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to the climate fascists and do what is best for our country.

Is there a contest greggie to see which village idiot has the lowest IQ? You sure are really in contention. World oil prices didn’t have anything to do with the US not buying any oil during the Trump administration? If I recall, you were whining about the US exporting energy then!

Journalist Matt Lee has been around for a long time. He’s the consistent person in the State Department briefing room who understands the deep state institutional games, and he knows how to spot narrative engineering.
Earlier today State Department Spokesman Ned Price said, “The United States has information that Russia is planning to stage fabricated attacks by Ukrainian military or intelligence forces as a pretext for a further invasion of Ukraine.”
Journalist Matt Lee then asked Ned Price what the declassified evidence was that the state dept was referring to. Price responded that he just gave it to the audience; meaning his word was the evidence. Matt Lee calls bullshit on Price, and things got really interesting

Folks, the intelligence state, the Fourth Branch of Government, is making it all up. Everything about this Russian looming attacknarrative has been manufactured out of whole cloth by the Intelligence Community and Biden administration.
The statements and position by Ned Price are transparently absurd. Ridiculously so. Matt Lee calling the bluff on the U.S. State Department, and comparing them to Alex Jones conspiracy theorists, is peak insanity. No one trusts the U.S. government institutions any longer. Everyone knows the “intelligence state” makes stuff up to steer and control events. It’s a joke.
Russia is likely not doing anything, likely doesn’t even have a threatening posture, but yet, inside the DC bubble we are on the precipice of a thermonuclear war. We have passed through the looking glass, and now we are in bizarro world.

Biden is trying to play toughguy like he went over and took on that Isis terrorist just like he took on Cornpop.
Greg should be here crying over the highly respected shitbag that blew himself up, just like he cried over the Iran General and the last Isis guy our guys under Trump cornered and he blew himself up in a cave afraid of one of our service dogs.

Last edited 2 years ago by kitt

I guess the Biden administration did take out an ISIS terrorist—an organization which Trump supporters have apparently forgotten all about.

The Biden administration also used a State Department press conference to screw up any false flag operation Putin was intending to sell his invasion of Ukraine, forcing him to publicly proclaim the whole idea ridiculous. A good play, in my opinion, whether we have hard evidence or not, because Putin has done this before.

I guess the Biden administration did take out an ISIS terrorist—an organization which Trump supporters have apparently forgotten all about.

And up till now, when was the last time YOU mentioned them?

You never answered why this is such a grand event and not the worrisome, hand-wringing, frightful event Trump killing terrorists was? Still formulating an excuse?

All the idiot Biden regime can do is react, and they mostly react wrong. If idiot Biden hadn’t destroyed our energy independence and opened the flow of petro-revenue for Putin, there would be no crisis at Ukraine right now.

Last edited 2 years ago by Just Plain Bill

Sure Nancy just tell our Athletes if China jails them the USA wont do a damn thing about it! You know like Americans left behind in Afghanistan. If they are walking into danger we should not send them. Dirty germy dangerous China.

Rather, a pointer to avoid being arrested, and then becoming a bargaining chip for the Chinese Communist government.

Anyone who has a clue about the government and human rights in mainland China should already understand this, but you can’t be sure they know unless you tell them.

You are just like Nancy, watch your freedom of speech we dont have your backs. China has no respect for or fear of abusing Americans, even those that only go to compete in the games.
They should never been chosen to hold the games in the first place.

Any American with that attitude should stay the hell out of China for their own safety. In any foreign land, there’s a limit to the extent that the U.S. government can “have your back”.

The bobsled team has christened their sled “Biden”, nothing can take Americans downhill any faster.

Any American should not be there rewarding China for releasing a deadly virus on the world, using slave labor or threatening world peace.

comment image

BRUTAL DEEP STATE SMACKDOWN: Even Corporate Media Is Publicly Shaming Ludicrous Russian Crisis Actors Claim by Biden-Harris Regime [WATCH HIM SQUIRM!]

Simple fact is that Putin is FAR more credible than Biden.

Anything put out by anyone associated with the Biden regime must be immediately dismissed as lies and manipulation.

Simple fact is that Putin is FAR more credible than Biden.

Putin has repeatedly had is critics and political opponents jailed or murdered.

So has biden, where have you been?

Simple fact of the matter, biden has strengthened Putin as a result of his recklessness.

Last edited 2 years ago by TrumpWon

And now since biden is weak and feckless, China and Russia have entered into an alliance Russia stated they support the inevitable seizing of Taiwan by China.

biden has not only endangered America but the world as well.

That must be why Putin mounted a complex social media disinformation operation to get Trump elected.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

That must be why Putin mounted a complex social media operation to get Trump elected.

Good G-d, Comrade Greggie, after all we have learned about Hillary, Mark Elias, the DNC, Perkins Coie and all the rest of the actors on your side of the aisle who actually were involved with Russian influence, you are still pimping this lie?

You are one sick shite.

That must be why Putin mounted a complex social media disinformation operation to get Hillary elected.

There, fixed it so it isn’t a lie.

had cankles actually won, what is happening now in the Ukraine would have already happened

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This guy…it would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Biden is the actual incarnation of the unelected, bumbling, mentally compromised amateur the media tried to paint Trump as for over four years.

So has biden, where have you been?

I remained in reality while Trump supporters were boarding the far right’s Crazy Train.

Calling your opposition “crazy” is the final admission of defeat.

You got nothing.

March 30, 2017 – Disinformation: A Primer in Russian Active Measures and Influence Campaigns

Realizing, of course, that you trust Trump and Putin more than a bipartisan committee of our own elected officials…

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

No one in their right mind would trust biden and the neo con warmongering that surrounds him.

Elected and paid by lobbyists.

No thank you.

You fools feared Trump because he wasn’t bought, and now you went and stupidly rigged and election.

Damn right we don’t trust our “elected” officials. We’re not supposed to, you Marxist, the-state-is-god prick.

Putin has repeatedly had is critics and political opponents jailed or murdered.

Where’s Hunter? When is he going to jail? How about Jim Biden? Think he will ever see the inside of a cell where he, Hunter and the Big Guy all belong?

Putin has repeatedly had is critics and political opponents jailed or murdered.

You quoted the statement, but said nothing at all about it.

Putin has repeatedly had is critics and political opponents jailed or murdered.

I guess in idiot Biden’s defense, he hasn’t had his political prisoners murdered… yet.

Oh contraire, consider anti-vax who may have been forced to vax and are now dead.

Feb. 3, 2022 – Boosted Americans are 97 Times Less Likely to Die of COVID-19

Americans who have received a COVID-19 booster shot are 97 times less likely to die from the coronavirus than those who aren’t vaccinated, according to a new update from the CDC.

In addition, fully vaccinated Americans – meaning those with up to two doses, but no booster — are 14 times less likely to die from COVID-19 than unvaccinated people.

“These data confirm that vaccination and boosting continues to protect against severe illness and hospitalization, even during the Omicron surge,” Rochelle Walensky, MD, director of the CDC, said during a briefing by the White House COVID-19 Response Team.

As of today, 898 thousand Americans have died of COVID infection.

As of today, 898 thousand Americans have died of COVID infection.

And yet, as of today, you have not had one negative word against the very cause of all those deaths, the Chinese Communist Party.


But we all agree idiot Biden MURDERED the vast majority of them because that was the prevalent knowledge when Trump was President.

I guess idiot Biden didn’t “shut down the virus”, did he? He is a murderer with blood on his hands, isn’t he?

Most of those died under Biden’s illegal watch, and many due to a corrupt government/pharma cabal suppressing safe and effective treatments so they could get rich together.

The Israeli study destroys your premise that not getting vax and/or boosted matters much in the death toll.

Still rolling with that as Biden ships unvaxxed illegal aliens into the interior?
Heres Greg and his brainstem Oooo a death count that belongs mostly to Biden who didnt shut down the virus as he promised.
97% bullshit over 1 million jabby damaged another loss for the FDA, they cant slow walk the data they used to approve the jabby we know 2 quit rather than kill over 20000 people.

Last edited 2 years ago by kitt

The content of Bannon’s broadcast is apparently endorsed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

Spoken like the satanic piece of shit that you are

I don’t presume to use an image of the Lord to lend credibility to my opinions.

You won’t catch Biden posing in front of a church with an upraised Bible, or having a series of promotional photos taken of him hugging the American flag.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

You won’t catch Biden posing in front of a church with an upraised Bible

Because his flesh will start burning. And we won’t catch Biden doing anything outside of his fake WH set, without the Adderall and after he sundowns. The only thing we’ll “catch” him doing is admitting he withheld aid to Ukraine to get rich…

As for Trump, what a legend. Your thugs tried to burn a historic Church, and like a true President, he held up a Bible and said “hell no.”

Have fun trying to spin that very clear positive into a negative. Only a clown would do that.

Last edited 2 years ago by Nathan Blue

I realize you’re probably upset because of today’s jobs report:

Economy added 467,000 jobs in January despite omicron surge, unemployment rose to 4%

Bogus numbers, already been debunked as cooking the books…

BLS Cooks Books to Generate January Jobs Report That No One Believes, For Good Reason

There really isn’t an adequate way to encapsulate what the Bureau of Labor and Statistics has done with their reported January jobs result [Main Data Here].  If you want a deep weeds review of the actuarial scheme deployed READ THIS ARTICLE.

In my lifetime of reviewing data and analytics, I have never reviewed a level of statistical manipulation that even comes close to this. Well, at least not since the 1980’s junk bond valuations used for corporate restructuring and asset removal. What the BLS produced today will likely go down in the annals of actuarial history as one of the most comprehensively fraudulent manipulations of labor and statistics in history.

comment image

In order to get to a point of being able to claim 467,000 job gains last month, the BLS needed to revise four years’ worth of claimed jobs and population data. By subtracting over a million prior jobs from 2021, essentially wiping out the COVID pandemic monthly impact, and by changing the workforce population over the same number of years, the BLS was able to recalculate the current number of people in the workforce and claim 467,000 jobs were recently created.

Again, to unpack this effort would require a week of intensive education on statistics. {Summary Here}

To avoid that complexity, just think of the big picture this way:

In order to claim a nonexistent gain today, you have to change what took place before.

Ex. Your home is worth $1.4 million as of this morning. Your home is worth $400,000 more today alone. Why? Because your appreciation was stopped for the past year, and you are now comparing January 2022 to December 2020 when your home was worth $1 million.  You need to pretend the $33,000 your home was gaining in value each month never existed. Instead, your home went from $1 million to 1.4 million in one day, today.

This is, essentially, the methodologic mindset behind the statistical manipulation.

Additionally, again using this actuary example, to justify your current home valuation to a quizzical audience (a potential buyer), the appraiser (BLS) would have to change every previously appraised value of the entire neighborhood – for every comparable that took place in the prior year. This is akin to changing the population in the workforce statistics.

The problem becomes that once you set this numerical foundation (the number of people working), all subsequent job reports will have to reflect a new position against a higher base.  Without expanded economic activity to support it, future job gains will be lowered because they are going up against a higher baseline, because the entire population of workers has been changed.

We also know that U.S. economic activity is not expanding.

The value of this January BLS report is essentially nil.

All of that said, there is still a macro BLS data point that deserves emphasis. Remember the timeline CTH shared previously about the economy and employment changing in May and June of 2021?  That date corresponded with the 2021 massive jump in inflation; yet, none of the data being assembled seemed to show it?

Look at the specific timeframe BLS used to drop the majority of their 2021 employment numbers:

comment image

It is not coincidental the BLS used the last half of the year to remove 2.5 million claimed workers (subsequently the jobs they held).  The COVID excuse, Delta and Omicron waves, are the cover story for this revision. The BLS now position the workforce as 149.16 million in December – an increase of roughly 6 million workers from the revised 143.0 million in January.

As one person put it, “there’s cooking numbers, and then there’s cast iron skillet deep frying numbers.”

Yup, the BLS has compiled a burnt offering – upon the altar of sacrificing their credibility.

comment imageThe biden regime is beyond desperate. They are flat out lying to the American people in an attempt to raise his falling polling numbers. The biden regime knows the economy and inflation are top issues for the American people. They can lie about job creation, shades of the obama years, but they can not manufacture fake inflation numbers.

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They go from making COVID excuses for the upcoming terrible report to “Look what I did! The greatest accomplishment is all of history!”

Idiot Biden has “created” a single job; he has destroyed jobs. Trump’s economy didn’t go into recession due to economic pressures; it was turned off. Turning it back on simply re-fills the jobs people were FORCED out of (aside from those businesses that went under while Pelosi played Democrat games with assistance bills).

Anyone that celebrates this is a complete moron.

Horse hockey. Zero Hedge is wrapping a simple deception in a cloud confusing and convoluted babble. What’s wrong with the Zero Hedge claim can be stated very simply.

The past year’s monthly non-farm employment numbers are updated after the end of every year, because figures used in the calculations are known more precisely after each year is over. There’s nothing at all unusual about the retrospective revision. It’s done every year.

The adjustments made for 2021 are actually very small. The extent of the changes in month-to-month comparisons on the chart can be easily exaggerated if you forget that the numbers shown are only one-thousandth part of of the actual figures involved. The figures are truncated simply because they wouldn’t fit into a compact chart if they showed the last three places. If you look at the chart itself, you’ll see that it clearly states “Numbers in thousands”. The Zero Hedge article doesn’t even include a copy of the chart.

Why does this matter? Because when you look at the full figures, it becomes more apparent that the percentages by which the figures have been adjusted are, in fact, very small. From the BLS page in question:

The total nonfarm employment level for March 2021 was revised upward by 374,000.

On a not seasonally adjusted basis, total nonfarm employment for March 2021 was

revised downward by 7,000, or less than -0.05 percent. Not seasonally adjusted,

the absolute average benchmark revision over the past 10 years is 0.1 percent.

There IS an attempted deception, but it isn’t on the part of the BLS or Biden administration.

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Horse hockey. Zero Hedge is wrapping a simple deception in a cloud confusing and convoluted babble. What’s wrong with the Zero Hedge claim can be stated very simply.

So why were these incompetent idiots making fake excuses for the disastrous data they were expecting? Why were they surprised by the “good” report? They have no idea what they are doing or how to solve the problems they have created.

The day before the regime was preparing the public for a dismal and embarrassing jobs report. Then they are surprised by a GOOD jobs report. Obviously, it was due to nothing they did and they have no idea WHAT brought it about.

What a disgusting joke.

Nah, idiot Biden only panders with racism. He would never stand up to BLM/ANTIFA terrorists for a church. He only does what his CCP masters tell him to do.

Demctats elect these types
The New York City Mayor referred to white people as crackers.

Instagram took down the video within 20 minutes calling it hate speech.

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Hey remember the star on Greggies TV, the one they wanted to run for president?
Michael Avenatti convicted of wire fraud and aggravated theft
Of his costar Stormy.

Hey, we’re okay if you want to put a picture of satan on your profile. You’re free to worship whatever you want in this country, greg.

Good men fought and died to make it so.

Bannon having a pic of Jesus isn’t the funny “gotcha” totem you think it is. You’re just programed to attack Christ whenever you think someone might believe.

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Here is an example of just how diminished we now are on the world stage because we have a freckles old man in the WH.

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China and Russia Issue Statement Urging Biden to Abandon the “Cold War Methodology” and Stop NATO Expansion

War is the last thing we should be doing. Let Europe deal with it, it is their problem.

That’s exactly what the political right in the US said about the Kaiser, and around twenty years later about Adolf Hitler.

Either you push back early, or you wish you had done so later. A firm and united stand now is how war might be avoided altogether.

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I will put my money on the enemy with biden in charge.


But we have a block of coprolite in the White House now. We HAD a leader that could have dealt effectively with this situation, but due to fraud, we have NOTHING.

Idiot Biden won’t “push back”, he will take orders and make money.

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Biden Caves To The Ayatollahs

Joe Biden continued his campaign to destroy American national security and betray our allies on Friday by dropping all sanctions against the Iranian nuclear program. The ayatollahs, already standing on the doorstep of having an atomic bomb just came a lot closer. It is now the apparent policy of the White House to allow the radical, militant Iranian republic to become a nuclear power.

The Biden administration continues to attempt to sell the American people on the notion that the Iranians intend to negotiate in good faith and desire only peaceful coexistence. The truth is much darker and more dangerous.
The men who run Iran are on a mission. They intend world domination. Their goal is the creation of a worldwide caliphate and the elimination or assimilation of all those who oppose them.
These madmen are perilously close to having in their hands a weapon, which will allow them to destroy Israel and all the Sunni Arab states that stand against militant Shia Islam. We ought to be moving with dispatch to guarantee that the ayatollahs will never possess nuclear arms. We are not.
Biden just caved to the ayatollahs. They are free of sanctions. We may be only months from a nuclear-armed Iran.

More here: Biden Caves To The Ayatollahs – (

So, we now have the formal alliance announced between the CCP and Russia. And, following that, biden clears the way for Iran to become the third in the tripartite. I do not seem to remember this during the campaign from the basement…

Remember? He said, “Truaninonashufodopressure!”

It’s been perfectly clear where he stands… he’s a moron.


One could put together a compilation of his word mumblings and it might rival one of Joe Rogan’s individual three hour podcast in terms of time…

‘West has been destroyed without a shot fired’ – Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced February 15 as “the day Western propaganda failed”

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With Russia announcing that its troops are pulling back following the completion of exercises near the border with Ukraine, Moscow has insisted that predictions it could be just moments away from ordering a full-blown invasion have been proven false.

In a fiery statement on Tuesday, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova poured scorn on weeks of reports and claims from US and European officials that Moscow’s armed forces could be just hours away from launching a strike against its neighbor.

“15 February 2022 will go down in history as the day Western war propaganda failed,” she wrote. According to her, the West has been “shamed and destroyed without firing a single shot.”

At the same time, Moscow’s Ministry of Defense announced that a number of Russian troops had finished their training exercises in Belarus, close to the Ukrainian border, and will begin the process of withdrawing.

comment image

Zakharova’s comments come after American business outlet Bloomberg reported on Saturday, citing unnamed officials, that an offensive against Ukraine could take place as early as Tuesday. The agency reported that a possible attack might include a provocation in the Donbass region or against Kiev.

The White House’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, told CNN over the weekend that “sources” and “gathered intelligence” suggested “major military action” could “begin any day now.” He said that this included the coming week before the end of the Olympic games.

Tensions on the shared border have escalated in recent months, with Western officials raising the alarm that Moscow’s troops could soon stage an invasion. The Kremlin has repeatedly insisted that it has no aggressive intentions and has accused English-language outlets of whipping up mass “hysteria.”

Amid fears of a potential incursion, Moscow has sought security guarantees that would limit the expansion of NATO closer to its borders and block Ukraine from joining its ranks. However, the bloc’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said that Russia has “no veto” on Kiev’s ambitions to secure membership.

On Monday, Russia’s top diplomat, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, said that his side had been disappointed by the response from NATO and the US, but there were still hopes of reaching a diplomatic solution. Speaking shortly after Zakharova on Tuesday, he claimed that Western reports of an imminent invasion amounted to “information terrorism.”

See how they fear the might of idiot Biden?

Will you still make excuses for Putin when his invasion doubles your gas prices?

Oil imports to the US from Russia have little or nothing to do with it. Our gasoline prices have to do with world market petroleum prices. It doesn’t matter where any particular gallon came from. If Putin invades there, we’re going to see much higher gasoline prices here. Along with higher prices for everything that moves by truck or train.

This is a fact, as Biden has said.

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Idiot Biden destroyed our energy independence that would have protected our energy supply and stabilized prices. Idiot Biden put Putin in the driver’s seat by killing our pipeline and production while green-lighting Putin’s revenue stream.

Putin is in the position to drive up energy prices (and thus harm our economy even more than idiot Biden has already) because of the gifts idiot Biden gave him.

During the Trump administration we had become a net energy exporter. The exportation of energy by the US helped to reduce world market petroleum prices. On 03/November/2020, the price of a barrel of oil was $41, I rest my case

The increase in oil prices has has a direct effect on the inflation we now have along with the Fed balance sheet of 8 trillion.

In its latest statement to the media, the US Federal Reserve disclosed that the Fed Balance Sheet had touched a level of $8 trillion. This is the highest level in the history of the Fed and has now more than doubled since the pandemic started in early 2020.

What does US Fed balance sheet at $8 trillion really mean? (

If you break up the above Fed balance sheet chart, you can spot 4 distinct phases. The first phase was the global financial crisis of 2008 when the Fed holdings of securities jumped from less than $1 trillion to above $2 trillion. In the second phase that began in 2012 and lasted till 2014, the Fed expanded its balance sheet from around $2.5 trillion to over $4 trillion in the aftermath of the European crisis.

However, from 2014 till 2020, the Fed balance sheet was kept constant at around $4 trillion as the Fed refrained from fresh purchases. This third phase lasted all the way till 2020. However, when the pandemic broke out, the US had to drive growth and liquidity and that led to the Fed balance sheet expanding from below $4 trillion to $8 trillion by mid-2021.

Just for perspective; the Fed balance sheet expands because it keeps buying securities in the market so as to infuse liquidity through its repo window. This puts money in the hands of the people and this liquidity boost also gives a spending boost. But what does a Fed balance sheet of $8 trillion mean and what could be the implications?

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“Greg”, the jig is up. We know you are really just Dr. John keeping the comment activity up.


You’re giving me ideas.

No, I’ll blame Biden like I do already, because we DON’T NEED FOREIGN OIL but for some reason, a reason that should have the entire population up in arms, we’ve intentionally yoked ourselves to a global situation we were already independent of.

Trump had Putin in his place.

Biden said nothing. He kind of reads things on a teleprompter, then gets publicly destroyed on twitter for being a puppet we didn’t vote for.

There is no National Security without Border Security.

By design.