A viral prediction


The COVID pandemic is showing signs of slowing down. The UK is going to getting ready to drop nearly all of its COVID restrictions. France and Ireland are expected to follow.

Biden, of course, is doubling down.

The UK is no longer asking people to work from home. Across the Atlantic, however,  companies are doing the opposite and are actively telling staff to remain remote.
From today, secondary school pupils in the U.K. will not have to wear face coverings in classrooms. The requirement to wear masks in corridors and other communal areas will end next Thursday, January 27.
In the U.S., children are required to wear masks in classrooms across the country, and the nation’s premiere health agency has urged citizens to double-mask and don the more effective N-95 mask as opposed to other, less effective cloth masks.
In the U.S., mask and social distancing rules have been mandated on a state-by-state basis while the Biden administration’s efforts to take sweeping nationals actions are bogged down in the courts.

In the UK government is getting out of the way of businesses, but here, not so much.

In the U.K., proof of vaccination or a recent negative test will no longer be needed to enter nightclubs and large venues from next Thursday. But businesses will still be free to use the NHS Covid Pass if they want.
Meanwhile, in the U.S., most restaurants and large venues across the nation require proof of vaccination.


Courts have been striking down Biden’s vaccine mandates, yet Biden is demanding that employers ignore them.

Biden is sending out 400 million N95 masks well after the virus has left the barn. There is some debate as to how long these masks can be used but if you pass out while wearing one it’s a sign to stop. At best this is a very short-term action. Frankly, this is merely a feeble effort to appear to be doing something.

Twelve times Biden told us he had a plan to stop the virus. One year ago, he presented a 200-page plan to stop COVID. Jen Psaki scoffed at the notion of free tests. The death toll under Biden now exceeds that under Trump. He has been an abject failure.

It’s important to establish all this in premise to my prediction, which is this- the pandemic will wind down. Omicron will have helped the most.

And Joe Biden will take credit for all of it.

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Watch it end just before the mid term elections.

In 2020 idiot Biden accused Trump of just standing around while 220,000 people died of COVID and that responsibility makes him ineligible to be President. So, what does standing around while 500,000 and counting die do for you? He can take credit for the virus eventually mutating out of relevance if he thinks he can swing it but he, by his own accounting, still has those deaths on his hair-plugged head.

President Trump was right:
Conclusions: Our study suggests that the treatment protocol of HCQ, AZM, and zinc with or without vitamin C is safe and effective in the treatment of COVID-19. Published online 2021 Nov 25

What’s even funnier is that Leftists think they are going to arrest Trump…ever.

They won’t.

January 6th is debunked and we, the American People, are going to get some answers about why a illegal FBI and illegitimate Federal Government staged a coup and installed a puppet.

Trump will NEVER be arrested.

You have to break a law for that, not the “show me the man and I’ll show you crime” b.s. the trolls are all throwing again.

They won’t.

Leftists won’t arrest Trump, but the Attorney General of the State of New York might.

Donald Trump is now a private citizen. He has special immunity from nothing. He’s subject to all of the same laws that any of us are.

Unless you think money should set someone far above the law’s reach.

Donald Trump is now a private citizen. He has special immunity from nothing

He has Constitutional immunity from unlawful persecution. Money sure worked to protect Hillary, idiot Biden and Hunter.

We have more than a few back up candidates should Don decide he would rather stay in Florida. The Manchin/Sinema ticket would be a challenge.
It would be a popcorn event to see the DNC have to fund that one.

The AG of NY has jurisdiction in Florida…whodathunk

The AG of NY has jurisdiction in Florida…whodathunk?

Anyone familiar with the Extradition Clause of the United States Constitution (Article IV Section 2):

A person charged in any State with Treason, Felony, or other Crime, who shall flee from Justice, and be found in another State, shall on Demand of the executive Authority of the State from which he fled, be delivered up, to be removed to the State having Jurisdiction of the Crime.

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It’s not unlawful to prosecute a man who has broken laws, betrayed his nation, and betrayed his oath of office.

Clinton and the Bidens were never prosecuted because they didn’t actually do anything that Trump’s DoJ could prosecute them for. You can’t prosecute people based on mob politics and crack-brained conspiracy theories. Prosecution requires credible evidence.

It’s not unlawful to prosecute a man who has broken laws, betrayed his nation, and betrayed his oath of office.

That’s idiot Biden’s upcoming fate. Crooked Hillary committed perjury before Congress on video in addition to peddling government influence. Idiot Biden openly admitted on video that he extorted the Ukrainians to protect his cut of crack-head, whore-mongering Hunter’s bribes.

You can’t prosecute people based on mob politics and crack-brained conspiracy theories. Prosecution requires credible evidence.

Yes you can. Democrats did it in both impeachments. They abused their power and trust and proved what fascists they are.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

“We have put together the most extensive, and most inclusive, voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – Former Vice President, Joe Biden

Some people apparently know this man means what he is saying, Freudian slip or not.

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”

A farcical hypothetical

“I told them if they didn’t fire the prosecutor [that was investigating the company paying my son $80,000 a month for doing nothing, which I was getting 50% of] they weren’t getting the billion dollars in US aid. And, son of a bitch, they did it.”

A reality that actually happened.

I do not know if I can think of a time in the recent weeks where greg has adamantly come out in support of sleepy joe. We all are aware of his visceral hatred of President Trump. But his guy is totally fix£ing up this country and it seems the more it is pointed out and made abundantly clear,, the more distance greg seems to out between himself and the installed figurehead in the WH.

perhaps greg is going the way of 70+% of Americans who have given up on sleepy joe.


It’s on public display on the same website that shows all of the evidence of massive 2020 election fraud.

Ask a Trump supporter for the link.

Last edited 2 years ago by Greg

greggie the village idiot is blathering again since he has no real facts, only his skewed or screwed up opinion. His posts are becoming more and more insane.

It’s not unlawful to prosecute a man who has broken laws, betrayed his nation, and betrayed his oath of office.

It is, however, unlawful to make up crimes Trump didn’t commit and then use the FBI to stage it…like Russia Collusion, like January 6th.

Trump is innocent.

You’ll never touch him.

You can’t prosecute people based on mob politics and crack-brained conspiracy theories. Prosecution requires credible evidence.

Which is exactly what you Leftist buffoons are doing to Trump.

There’s nothing to prosecute Trump for, and there never will be.

Pedophile Biden is on video sexually assaulting children…and Tara Reade’s accusations are credible (much more than Blaisey-Ford’s), so prosecution is more than required.

Get this creep Biden behind bars so we can elect our 46th President and wash away the stink of these marxist, big-donor Democrat scum.

It will never happen.

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. Forever.

He’s also the only President who spent a Billion of his own money to run, and forewent a paycheck.

What a legend.

Any attempts by Leftists in NY or anywhere to to pursue unlawful persecution will be a crime, and they will suffer accordingly.

You’re saying that Trump bought the Oval Office with a billion dollars of his own money?

Hillary out spent Trump, but Biden had loads more help https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/the-wisconsin-purchase/

I’m not overly impressed by Trump’s donation of $1.6 million in salary, given that various Trump properties were paid over $8 million by taxpayers and his supporters during the same 4-year period.

Im sure the taxpayers are forking out loads for the concrete fence behind the old fence. I guess to protect the guy who got the most votes in US history from the fewest counties./

Not really for you but the others will find it interesting. 33 minutes
You can watch it with your fingers in your ears singing lalala
Its been edited from this 2:15 minute meeting

You’re not a serious person having serious, logical discourse.

We know.

Biden is filthy rich by way of selling his office and giving his family business. So is Clinton (both of them), so is Bush, so is Obama.

The ignorance of the average voter is key when you suddenly want to blame Trump for having kids in cages, even though Obama started it, Trump ended it, and Biden started it again.

Trump made his Billions on his own. Biden, Obama, and Clinton? On the backs of poor Americans, lining the pockets of their big donors.

It’s only “buying” the oval office when a Republican wins, eh?


Hillary spent twice the amount as Trump…and still lost.


The left/enemy will never stop trying to prevent President Trump from running and winning for a third time in 2024. The left/enemy is desperate to find a way to disqualify President Trump but they wont. How many politicians, were we to know everything about them, would never be able to hold public office? sleepy joe comes to mind with the illegal money he has accquired over his career in politics…

They are preparing to employ one of their favorite tactics; just drop an unsubstantiated indictment or indictments on a candidate to invalidate him in the public eye. Look for this around October of 2024.

Agree, but October 2024 may be too late after the crushing House defeat this year. They know all too well that time is not on their side. Those in the know are aware the support in the country for their agenda is declining precipitously. Upwards of 30 incumbent democrat House members have punched out knowing they will soon be in a very very small minority. The House majority for Republicans could easily be 300+. democrats will be below 150.

Also, the Senate is likely to have a stong shift as well. 10+ seats for Republicans and rumblings that more centrist moderate Senators may consider switching parties or going independant…

It is quite possible the democrat party will be so weakened that party loyalty among voters will neccessitate dissolution and a new party…

I suspect your prediction is about 2 years off. Indictments are coming later this year.

Any indictments of Trump will be seen as an act of treason and law-abiding Americans will prevent treasonous action to arrest a political enemy by simply making up crimes that never happened.

Like the boy who cried wolf, you losers have no credibility to accuse Trump of squat.

I suppose they could exploit their phony indictments for the midterms.

Woke up this AM to yet another bit of “misinformation and/or lies” turned into Biden policy!
How many were only recently maligned for predicting this and yet here it is…..
The CDC just announced that it takes two doses PLUS at least one booster to be called, “Fully Vaxxed.”

https://gab.com/emoji/1f442.svghttps://gab.com/emoji/1f440.svghttps://gab.com/emoji/1f449.svgCovid-19 Vaccine Effectiveness is as low as MINUS 105% among the Triple Vaccinated according to latest UKHSA report.
Negative 105 % because of the jabby.

Triple/Double Vaccinated account for 89% of all Covid-19 Cases in over 18’s in England over the past 4 weeks according to latest data
The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publish a weekly Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report containing data on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths by vaccination status, and the most recent report which was published Thursday 20th January, was the first time UKHSA has included data on the triple vaccinated population without mixing them in with the double vaccinated.
Page 34 of the report contains the statistics on Covid-19 cases between week 51 of 2021 and week 2 of 2022, and they confirm that this is very much a pandemic of the fully vaccinated.


They just might toss it all as a relief valve, take credit, but come up with a wildebeast virus, The Gnu-flu much more lethal like 95 % survival. They have an agenda they wont let go.

Last edited 2 years ago by kitt

Meanwhile, sleepy Joe a mere figurehead is rapidly destroying America and doing so intentionally

Only 28% of Americans think he should run a gain in 2924. And, democrats see an opens to challenge an unpopular opponent

It’s the FLU (again), bro

As always the M.S. Lie A Day Media lied about Trump and we saw their gutter level Journalism on full display then their wondering why most Americans no longer trusts themand why News Paper sales are down and trust in the M.S. Media is at a a all time low

New York Times Changes Tune—Admits That Unvaccinated At Less Risk Than Vaccinated

“The data are consistent with trends observed in international studies, the researchers said,” added The New York Times.


Vaccinated individuals carry a much greater viral load.
This has been well documented in studies which suggest that the Covid-19 shot may be more of a liability than an aid.
The latest reports from The New York Times indicate a change in tune from their previously held establishment position that vaccines were the best way in stopping the spread of the virus.

The admission follows other studies showing similar trends, including a Robert Koch Institute report that found nearly 80 percent of Omicron cases occurred in the vaccinated.

The story also follows an unprecedented surge in lobbying efforts by American pharmaceutical giants that developed COVID-19 shots including Pfizer and Moderna.