The COVID Crazy Train goes off the rails



One of the unfortunate side effects of the COVID pandemic is the madness festering in the minds of many. On the one hand the anti-vaxxers see conspiracy in everything, from implantable RFID chips in the vaccines to lipidnanoparticles. On the other hand COVID madness has become almost as endemic as has the virus. That madness has now focused on one particular group- the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated are becoming the new Jews of Nazi Germany and those talking the way they do are starting to sound like Nazis.

France’s President had some vulgar language for the unvaccinated

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday defended his rude remarks about the country’s minority of vaccine refusers, saying he cannot accept them infringing on others’ freedom.


The 44-year-old outspoken president, who is expected to seek re-election later this year, made headlines earlier this week by using the word “emmerder” — rooted in the French word for “crap” and meaning to rile or to bug. He was talking about his strategy for pressuring vaccine refusers to get coronavirus jabs. His vulgar language dominated news broadcasts and provoked angry reactions from his political rivals.

A Washington Post columnist wants to make life a “living hell” for the unvaccinated.

“Macron does seem to know what he says, but more than that, the president happens to be totally right. There is no justifiable excuse for refusing vaccination, which is the only way the pandemic will ever come close to ending,” he writes. “Macron has set a fine example for other world leaders to follow in refusing to kowtow before ignorance or honor selfishness.”

McAuley said Macron understands that “the sad and apparent truth [is,] that the only way to compel citizens to act for the greater good is not to appeal to some higher sense of civic duty but to tell them there will be no restaurant meals if they don’t get their shots.”

The Salt Lake City Tribune wants to use the National Guard to barricade the unvaccinated in their homes:

The Salt Lake City Tribune editorial board published an editorial on Saturday that called on the Utah governor to use the National Guard to prevent unvaccinated citizens from going anywhere.


In an editorial titled, “Utah leaders have surrendered to COVID pandemic, the Editorial Board writes” the paper lays blame at elected officials for failing to mandate the vaccine for all citizens. The paper asserted that if Utah was a “civilized place,” Republican Gov. Spencer Cox would implement a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the state and have the National Guard enforce the mandate by not letting unvaccinated people go “anywhere.”

“Were Utah a truly civilized place, the governor’s next move would be to find a way to mandate the kind of mass vaccination campaign we should have launched a year ago, going as far as to deploy the National Guard to ensure that people without proof of vaccination would not be allowed, well, anywhere,” the editorial board wrote.

They should check out how well that worked in Australia. It was locked down tighter than a drum and COVID rates are skyrocketing.

The grand prize goes to Pultizer-Prize winner Michael Hiltzik of the LA Times, who recommends that we mock those unvaccinated who have died from COVID. Speaking about the death of Karen Ernby, an assistant DA in Orange County, he wrote:

“But let’s not mince words: Her campaigns against public health measures negated whatever good she may have done in her other endeavors,” Hiltzik said. “It may be not a little ghoulish to celebrate or exult in the deaths of vaccine opponents. And it may be proper to express sympathy and solicitude to those they leave behind. But mockery is not necessarily the wrong reaction to those who publicly mocked anti-COVID measures and encouraged others to follow suit, before they perished of the disease the dangers of which they belittled.”

What is wrong with these people?? Being pro-vaxx is one thing, but mocking the dead? Ghoulish isn’t the word. Execrable comes closer. Underlying this is the premise that the unvaccinated are a frightening monstrous threat.

The question, to whom?

Hiltzik wrote about the death of Karen Ernby.  Other than herself, who did she threaten? There have been a number of high-profile unvaccinated people who have died of COVID, and you can read about them here. There are many who underwent deathbed conversions and wished that they had gotten vaccinated just before passing away.

Other than themselves, who did they threaten? Ever see a CDC study on that?

Vaccination does reduce the severity of and hospitalization due to COVID. I am pro-vaccination and anti-mandate, but I do not believe everyone needs to be vaccinated. Otherwise healthy people under the age of 40 need not be vaccinated. IMO healthy pregnant women should shy away. The risk from vaccination may well exceed the risk from COVID in healthy children. But vaccination is not a panacea.

Vaccination does not stop transmission. The vaccinated can carry the same viral load as the unvaccinated. Vaccinated people are still contracting COVID, although it may be less severe. Vaccine efficacy diminishes with time. From a risk standpoint there is little difference between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. And to this day there is no serious discussion about natural immunity and the health-related reasons (e.g., allergies) people might resist vaccination. But Biden and Fauci hold only a shotgun approach to COVID and shooting everyone is their answer.

The fact is that the vaccinated are a threat to the unvaccinated, not the other way around. Dr. Marty Makary:

“I wish we would change the lexicon and stop talking about the vaccinated and unvaccinated and just talk about the immune and non-immune. There’s been this demonization of those who are not immune, not vaccinated, and it’s unfounded. Those who are unvaccinated pose no risk to the vaccinated beyond that of a common cold,”

Vaccination should be a choice, not a mandate, and there is a risk in vaccination. Depending on whose data you trust, between around 11,000 and 20,000 deaths have followed vaccination. Article after article talks about how COVID risks are higher among the unvaccinated and while that’s true, it’s a risk to themselves. They should be able to decide. I think you should be able to choose to be vaccinated or not. If is highly likely that, vaccinated or not, you’re going to gets something. Hopefully it will be a mild case of omicron.

This is NOT a pandemic of the unvaccinated. It is a pandemic of hysterical ignorance.


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Every day there is a new story of a young, physically fit athlete suffering a heart attack while engaged in a sport. I admit that I know zilch about medicine but watching an athlete keel over
and clutch his chest is puzzling. Then we come to find out said athlete recently received a booster shot. According to a high ranking anonymous government source, “Nothing to see here. Move along.” There has been confusion from the get-go about COVID 19. Noone has a handle on the truth and if you can’t trust our scientists, who can you trust. All we want is the truth.

Just about every crazy conspiracy theory of a year a year 1/2 ago seems to have come true. Starting with its airborne to vaxx passports. Hey Mister chip doubter …. Yup dont worry about forgetting your diners card they can just scan you like a lost dog while also checking to see if your credit card is over the limit before you eat.
That aside, I dont think its a meat tenderizer to make us more tasty for the soon to arrive aliens.
I am highly sceptical it makes the covid less severe as it seems everyone is different, diet, vitamins, health history the same flu can kill one and not another.
I seemed to be immune to my grandkids flus and colds, never got sick caring for them so their parents could work. Never took a flu shot.
No Im not a doctor just play one when needed, skinned knees, emptying and washing pails and assisting with tissues.

Vaccinations is the left’s entire strategy of how to shed blame for the ongoing epidemic. If everyone had gotten vaccinated, it would have gone away. See? Shoulda listened. It’s an “epidemic of the unvaccinated”, those bastards that won’t get vaccinated keep it going (pay no attention to 400,000 infected illegal immigrants allowed into the country and purposely spread everywhere).

Vaccines is just their excuse. Idiot Biden was going to “shut down the virus” with the vaccines he denounced. Stupid people get elected by stupid people.