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The funny thing is that people think this past “year” was bad….as was 2020.

We’re in the beginning of a bad era, possibly decades in scope.

This video is funny, but whoever made it might be in need psychoanalysis:

Remember, kids: Biden did it.
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Prices for 1955: House: $9,100 Average income: $4,137 Ford car: $1606-$2944 Milk: $.92 Gas: $.23 Bread $.18 Postage stamp: $.03 Sirloin chops: $ .69 lb.

I see you didnt post gas prices from just 11 months ago.

The first McDonald’s menu linked above dates from the 1940s, but I can remember 15¢ Scottie’s burgers from the late 1950s. Drinks and fries were a dime. Of course, dimes were made of silver. There was a small diner with swiveling counter stools downtown where you could get a soft drink for only a nickel. Their greasy grill burgers were much bigger and better, but they cost a quarter.

I can remember $2.65 a gallon diesel fuel from a year ago. I wonder who f**ked that up?

Schumer Says Senate will Vote to Ditch Filibuster to Advance ‘Voting Rights’ Bill – Making it Easier for Democrats to Steal Elections

Federalizing elections is unconstitutional

Clueless Biden Shocked to Learn the Price of Beef Has Skyrocketed