The Week in Radical Leftism, 12/03/21


Welcome back to Day 318 of the Sh*tz & Gigglez* occupation! Hard to believe it’s already December – let’s get tto the Leftist crazy:


This is the part where the Lefties lecture us that the government has nothing to do with rising prices

11/27 – Salvation Army Switches Religions

I normally don’t include such heavily covered stories, but this post gives better insight as to what actually happened than most of what you (and I) have read about what happened with The Salvation Army.

11/28 – Most East Coast Beaches Gone By 2020

Written in 1995. Guess how the story turns out. Go ahead, take a guess!

11/29 – American cities are reverting to primitive, self-destructive behavior

Our upper class has migrated allowing our poorest neighborhoods to be terrorized to that terrorism reaching to upper middle class neighborhoods. I’d like to adopt a new term that we all must work to spread – “Trickle Down Terrorism”

11/30 – George Floyd Transformed into Jesus Christ Icon and Civil Rights Martyr

Friendly advice to Lefties: Feel free to idolize thieves and rapists, but don’t be surprised when it turns off the Normals

12/1 – Space Force General Claims American Satellites Are Under Attack on Regular Basis

The same people who howled, “Trump is weaponizing space!” will be first ones shrieking when the satellite that broadcasts the latest episode of The Handsmaid Tale to their phones gets taken out

12/1  – German Euthanasia Association Won’t Help You Kill Yourself Unless You’ve Had COVID Vaccine

I’m reminded by a memorable lyric from that old school Punk band, Dirty Rotten Imbiciles (DRI), in their clssic song, “Violent Pacification”:

We’ll force you to be nice to each other
Kill you before you kill each other

12/2 – Third Worldizing America

If I were to hit the lottery, one of the first things I’d do is buy a few homes in ritzy neighborhoods that vote Dem and invite squadrons of released criminals & homeless to shack up in said homes

12/3 – Big Brother: House passes federal vaccine database bill, 80 Republicans betray their voters — again

With “allies” like these, who needs enemas?

Have a great weekend!

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salvation army has always been communist in beliefs. malls use to charge them for space and time.. kick backs were early in the game. very little of the monies collected go to alleged charities. “administrative fees’ physical fees, and associate fees contribute 72-75% of all monies collected

Its wonderful to know part of my last years donation went to pay for the International Social Justice committee of the Salvation Army. The local chapter quickly disavowed the released demand for apology, when more than a few whites called to apologize and not donate.
Dedicated to the International SJ warriors

They need to screen the over educated SJW homeless they take in you dont have to create a job for them, especially when they reek of small business smoke.
Tell me when they downsize the Antifa from the ranks.