President Lite Kamala and Jill Rumble in the Jungle!


A picture is definately worth a thousand words and this drama scene of Kamala and Jill Biden “hugging it out,” speak volumes about their genuine dislike for each other.  You can almost feel the hostility radiating from the picture and burning your retinas.  Jill looks like she is going to head butt Kamala into next week.  It probably started way back on the campaign trail during the debate, when Kamala affectionally referred to Jill’s husband in front of millions of viewers as  “basically a racist.”  Yeah, Jill didn’t appreciate that disparaging remark and in a gentle, soft, thoughtful, manner, confronted Kamala (mano a mano) after the debate and lovingly said, “Go f–k yourself!” Ouch.  That dustup was destined to leave a permanent mark on their relationship.  I know very little about women (most men are clueless) but we can agree that:


Ironically, Kamala became the first female U.S. president in 244 years when Joe Biden was under anesthesia during a colonoscopy examination.  Her reign as president lasted 85 minutes which was 20 minutes longer than the attack on Pearl Harbor (65 minutes from 7:55 a.m. until 9:00 a.m.).  Kamala proudly wore the king’s crown and may have face timed Jill and with a twinkle in her eye whispered, “Jill, I insist that you refer to me as Madam President!”  Jill may or may not have responded by saying, “You will never, ever be president! When the anesthesia wears off, Joe will be as sharp and focused and cognitively healthy as ever.”  Kamala cackled and that’s when the fight started.  President ‘Lite’ Kamala probably should have stopped there but then she just started singing her favorite Linda Clifford song at the top of her voice: “If My Friends Could See Me Now!”

If they could see me now
That old gang of mine
I’m, eating fancy chow
And drinking fancy wine
I’d like those stumble bums
To see for a fact
The kind of top drawer
First rate chums I attract
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Apparently, Jill is not the only one who dislikes Kamala.  There is a rumor floating around that some Democrats are banding together and surreptitiously plotting to remove Kamala and install a new VP, through back door shenanigans.  In kitchens all across American, Democrats are carving their turkeys and conspiring to carve up Kamala.

Backstabbing a VP is certainly not the American way but their dastardly plan is afoot.  It should be entertaining to watch Democrats mock, malign, destroy and demonize a young, black, liberal, woman who made history by cracking the glass ceiling in the swamp of Washington DC.  Dems are sharpening their knives because they find her laugh annoying and believe the lame stream media’s prediction that she is not presidential timber-whatever that means.

Kamala Harris served the Dems faithfully by helping them win a presidential election, which should count for something.  Unfortunately for Kamala, Dems are asking, “What have you done for us lately?” Her shelf life has expired and she has become expendable.  Critics want her discarded like three day old fetid seafood, wrapped in the editorial page of the New York Times.
I am defintely NOT a fan of  Biden/Harris but I am mortified to watch a young woman’s life destroyed in order to feed the Democratic machine.  I hope that Kamala remembers Jill Biden’s mean comment and shouts out loud and proud and often, “HEY DEMOCRATS, GO F–K YOURSELVES!”

My name is Kamala Harris and I am a proud American. I am the first female Vice President of the Untied States and the highest-ranking female official in U.S. history.  I am also the 1st African American Vice President of the United States and the 1st Asian American Vice President of the United States! I’m not going anywhere!

All I can say is, wow
Hey, look at where I am
I’ve landed, pow
Right in a pot of jam
What a setup, holy cow
They’d never believe it
If my friends could see me now
If all my friends could see me
Said if my friends could see me now!

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harris is an albatross and has poll number lower than her “master” of the plantation.

She is not looked at favorably for 2024 hence the WSJ coverage of biden saying he would run again in 2024. That is a headfake to help move harris away from running and pushing the recent lactation king, mayor pete.

Harris is our only buffer between:
A. President (not elected) Michelle Obama
B. President (not elected) Hillary Clinton
C. President (not elected) Nancy Pelosi

Kamala is hardly the most incompetent member of this disastrous, catastrophic regime. Kamala was chosen solely for the boxes she checks. Everyone else was chosen to pay off a debt or for their loyalty. NOT A SINGLE MEMBER is chosen for their ability, and boy, does it show. Idiot Biden has created a disaster for every member of the Cabinet and every one has fallen far short. But Kamala rubs everyone the wrong way because she’s such a skank.

Kamala is an unfunny joke who achieved political power on her knees smoking a mans cigar, she can no more function as president than she can as Vice president, which is not at all.

$64,000 Question: Who wore the strap-on?