The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial is More Than Just a Trial. It’s a National Rorschach Test…


The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is more than just a trial.  It’s a Rorschach test with only two possible answers.

The basic facts of the case are widely accepted by everyone, that Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people on the night of August 25, 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin amid a violent uprising that had been going on for days.

Beyond that there’s pretty much nothing that’s agreed upon.  America is of two minds.  On one side are the people who believe that Rittenhouse is innocent and acted in self defense.  On the other are people who think that Rittenhouse is guilty of murder.

The schism itself has little to do with Kyle Rittenhouse, at least directly.  Instead it has virtually everything to do with how people look at America writ large.  Most of those who want to see Rittenhouse convicted were supportive of the riots and violence that erupted across the country last year.  It’s largely the people on the left, the people who find racism everywhere they look, find injustice and inequality everywhere they look, the people who basically hate America and freedom who want Rittenhouse locked away and the key thrown away.

On the other side are Americans who were horrified by what they saw 18 months ago, and not just the destruction that played out on their television screens night after night.  No, what was even more disturbing was that in many locales the police (usually neutered by politicians) were simply allowing it to happen.  These are the Americans who generally support the police and abhor the tyranny of the mob. At the same time they understand the concepts of private property and the rule of law, both of which are fundamental to our Republic.

So once the verdict is handed down, the perspective that many Americans have on it will not be based on the facts presented in the courtroom, but rather their perspective on America.  And that’s problematic.  Why?  Because of the fact that we have in the United States a media that is fully ensconced in the anti-America camp, and to the degree that so many Americans look to it as they formulate their opinions on America, that doesn’t bode well for the Republic.  A century ago Mark Twain popularized the phrase “”Lies, damned lies, and statistics” which referred to the notion that people’s lack of understanding of statistics could be used to reinforce weak arguments.  Today a more appropriate construction might be “Lies, damned lies and the media”.

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Much of what went on in the streets of the country 18 months ago was driven by the media.  Much as they did with Vietnam, the media manipulated coverage, outright fabricated stories and covered up the reality of what was going on in the streets in order to destroy Donald Trump and further their hard left objectives.

2020 was something of a perfect storm of opportunity and the cabal on the left spun it into fascist gold.  Today in America we’re living the lives George Orwell warned us about.  Reality and rationality simply don’t matter.

Every single person with a functioning brain understands that society cannot work if people are allowed to go into a store and simply walk out with anything they want, never bothering to stop and pay for said goods.  They understand that a nation cannot survive without a functioning system of law and order. They understand that a society cannot survive if anyone from anywhere can simply walk across its borders and not only stay, but be supported by the state.   They understand that mobs and mob rule never, ever, make life better for citizens and only result in chaos, brutality, subjugation and even death.


Those are fundamental truths that apply in any society anywhere on the planet.  Despite that, there is a significant element of the American population who are immune to such truths.  How does such lunacy take hold?

It takes hold when the elite, the opinion makers, those in the news, entertainment and the hierarchy of the bureaucracy are simply deluded.  The perfect example of that is the European loving elite who want to transform the United States into Europe.  They visit Paris and London and stay in 4 star hotels and eat at Michelin rated restaurants and think that’s real European life.  They come back to the United States and use the New York Times, CNBC and Hollywood to tell Americans that’s what we should strive for.  The reality is they’ve mistaken their weeklong vacation in Rome for the experience for what most Europeans actually live.  It’s not. Not even close.  And the truth is, they have an equally unreal understanding of what life is like for most Americans, particularly those in the working class, those without college degrees, those who don’t live in the bucolic environs of McLean, Virginia, the Hollywood Hills or the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The elite, the opinion makers in this country, with their journalism degrees from Columbia, their esoteric internships at blue chip foundations or their jobs in the bureaucratic swamp have little in common with the average American… But none of that stops them from giving America lessons and using their positions of influence to frame the news and influence policy.

These elites promote a fictional nirvana above the reality of life.  They tell minorities they’re victims of white racism and oppression, the poor they’re victims of heartless rich Republicans – despite the fact that most of the rich in America are Democrats – and they tell women they’re victims of male dominance.  The result is a segmented society where reality is sacrificed at the altar of victimhood.

What’s important is no longer how well a school’s student body performs on academic tests, but rather the racial makeup of its student body or its teachers.  Skin pigment and gender identity trump military readiness and the ability to defeat an enemy on the battlefield.  Boardroom diversity trumps a company’s need to serve its customers and profit its shareholders. The greenness of its energy generation supplants an power company’s need and ability to deliver sufficient and reliable energy to customers.

In the real world woke priorities simply don’t matter, but the elite have not only convinced half of the population they do, they’ve convinced them they’re the only things that do.  They have convinced half of America to view the world through a woke prism, with race being first among equals.

And that’s where we are with the Kyle Rittenhouse case.  Half the country understands the basic premise of individual liberty, private property and most of all, the right to life and the right to protect it.  The other half feels like your life, your property and your freedom are not really yours, but theirs, to do with what they choose.  That’s how we get to the point where three white thugs causing mayhem and threatening to kill a white kid protecting private property end up getting shot and killed (two of them) by that same white kid, and the entire episode becomes a national Rorschach test on race.

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Breaking News……..

Msnbc or Nbc reporter caught following the Jury bus Judge has banned them from the courthouse.

Race-based Marxism is still Marxism.

It doesn’t work.

Look at how bad off the Chinese are.

NBC, MSNBC corrupting our justice system.

Kicked out.

NBC claims he doesnt work for them, but he named who in NY ordered him to do it.

NBC producer Irene Min Joo Byon has deleted her social media accounts. A journalist suspected of trying to photograph the jurors said Byon was his producer at MSNBC. The network has been banned from the courthouse for the remainder of #Rittenhouse trial.— Andy Ngô ️‍ (@MrAndyNgo) November 18, 2021

a convicted felon in possession of an illegal forearm. Oh, the star witness for the prosecutions with a long criminal history. the moronic prosecutor should have his bar licence revoked permanently. will not happen. ever notice how lawyers always cover the ass of their colleagues e even when they are felons? to be a good lawyer you have to be a pathological liar and an actor.

“Most of those who want to see Rittenhouse convicted were supportive of the riots and violence that erupted across the country last year.”

Rittenhouse was PART of the violence. He was, in fact, the ONLY ONE who killed people on the night in question. People are dead because he came from out of state and deliberately carried a loaded assault weapon into the middle of a highly volatile situation.

He might have been the hero of a fantasy movie playing in his own head, but the dead bodies are real and his murder trial is now part of the same movie. If he walks away free and cleared of all charges, he’ll be doing so with the blood of two dead human beings on his hands. That will be in his head and on his conscience for the rest of his life.

He did a no fee service to society by removing those two scumbags, period.

At 17 he became a killer, having answered the call to protect an out-of-state car dealership—though no such request had actually been made… It was part of the fantasy movie in his head.

Only 16% think he is doing a good job on the economy

Actually he worked in the town, his dad and family lived there, he was asked to protect the dealership and besides all that, it’s a free country…

There was a piece posted recently by Bari Weiss that underscores all of that and more. By the way, none of which has been covered by the left wing media where greg relies on for his propaganda.

The owner of the dealership testified in court that no one was asked to protect their property.

Why are you cherry-picking threads that are non biden? Can you not defend your abysmal president?

The prosecutor failing to prove the gun possession was illegal said he should have used his fists everybody takes a beating sometimes.
Well not if you can defend yourself
Biden should remember this while tossing out illegal mandates.
Rule 1

You can bet that fat taffy-ass has taken his fair share of ass-whoopins, wedgies and having his lunch money taken away.

greggie, you can make up everything you want, but in this country and in WI, anyone has the right to attend any event and anyone has the right to defend themselves. Maybe, the fact that the event was illegal caused all of the events that occurred, not the fact that a 17 year old attended, not participated in an illegal event. Greggie, you continue to expose your far leftness and ignorance.

Why is your president failing abysmally?

Biden is not failing the country or the Constitution. You are.

Well greggie, 38% is very poor showing. Looks like the OSHA vaccine mandate was against the Constitute. Why is Biden selling our oil reserves to Asia?

Since this thread is all over the place. How about some tax cuts for the rich. Time for you to get a clue.

greg needs to tell us how biden will pay for those cuts for the wealthy.

“Tax cuts for the rich”… where have we heard that before? Once again… what Democrats accuse others of is what THEY THEMSELVES do.

CBO: Build Back Better Act Adds $750 Billion to Deficit over Five Years

I thought biden said it was completely paid for, it would not cost us a dime…

“Rittenhouse was PART of the violence. He was, in fact, the ONLY ONE who killed people on the night in question. People are dead because he came from out of state and deliberately carried a loaded assault weapon into the middle of a highly volatile situation.” What business did the rioters have there, destroying the property of other people? Rittenhouse BELONGED there, NONE of the rioters did. F**K the dead bodies; they DESERVE to be dead. The thug that tried to kill Rittenhouse with a skateboard has been identified as… yep, you guessed it… a convicted criminal. He volunteered to testify against Rittenhouse (in exchange for immunity for HIS crimes) but the prosecution declined since they already had enough witnesses that destroyed their own case. That’s 4 for 4.

“Biden is not failing the country or the Constitution. You are.” Idiot Biden is a complete and total failure and disaster, on every issue.

Nice piece, VInce.

Small town in Wisconsin pop 100,000 burns because police were called to stop a rapist.

BTW in a California Starbucks someone killed a nut with a deadly weapon in self defense, the weapon? Ready…? A skateboard.

Is it possible for us to see anything without looking through a lens of political bias? If Grosskreutz had used his pistol to shoot Rittenhouse dead on the spot, stopping an active shooter armed with a military & police semiautomatic weapon who had already killed two unarmed people, would you consider it a justified act of self defense? Grosskreutz’s permit to carry it had expired—he had neglected to renew it timely—but hey, you don’t believe permits should be required, right?

Why is the WH looking to get rid of the vp?

JUST IN: Kamala Harris’ Comms Director Leaving Administration Amid Reports of Biden, Harris Friction

Hilarious! Idiot Biden picked slut Kamala because he needed her checked boxes to cut down on the amount of election fraud he would need to appear to win. But she said she believed those that accused him of rape and sexual harassment, that he is a creepy pedophile and that he is a racist. So idiot Biden creates a tremendous disaster on the border and puts the STD-spreading Kamala in charge of it!

Idiot Biden, to show his appreciation for calling him a rapist, pedophile and racist, has made sure her political career is over. Apparently, Whore-ass doesn’t fully appreciate the favor. She evades doing ANYTHING productive because she doesn’t want to get idiot Biden splattered all over her and exposes herself as incompetent and lazy. She can’t laugh off 28% approval.

And idiot Biden thinks SHE is dragging HIS approvals down!

November 18, 2021 – Another defendant assumes his authority comes from his gun

Travis McMichael, the man who shot and killed Arbery, testified on the stand that he had seen – on the neighborhood Facebook page – video of Arbery roaming an under-construction home in the neighborhood. He assumed – incorrectly – that the guy was a burglar.

So when he heard that the man in that video had just been seen jogging by, what did he do?

“I went to my room and the first firearm that I had that was easily accessible — because I had my son that week, my pistols were in the safe and everything — was my shotgun.”

And he and his dad got into a truck, and pulled up beside Arbery:

“I come up to him, pull up alongside of him. That moment, I recognize it is him. I asked him, said, ‘hey, what are you doing? What’s going on?’ … I’m coasting, I’m staying with him, he’s right there at my door.”

So he pulls his truck alongside Arbery and starts asking him questions.

“Just, ‘hey, what’s going on?’ ‘Hey, stop, man, I want to talk to you,’” McMichael replied when asked what he said to Arbery. “I want to talk to you is actually what I said first. … At this point, he’s still running. But I noticed that he looks very angry, mad. It wasn’t what I expected.”

Hmmm. Could it be that Arbery might be a little ticked off about being interrogated though the window of a moving truck that pulls up beside him? We’ll never know.

What we do know is that – like Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha — McMichael expected his gun to instill obedience. Instead, it instilled outrage – and Arbery tried to take it.

“I knew that I was losing this,” McMichael said.

So just like Rittenhouse, McMichael ended up using the gun … to protect the gun.

There are times when armed citizens have stopped criminals. And I salute those people.

But the reason we have uniformed cops is so us non-criminals can tell who’s there to help you and who’s there just to shoot you. We’re taught to obey the uniform.

Which is why it’s so important to kick out BAD cops — because if we can’t trust the cops, our neighborhoods are going to be patrolled by the Rittenhouses and the McMichaels.

And at that point, there’s only one law: Obey the gun.

Ross: Another defendant assumes his authority comes from his gun

Why is your president doing this? Will this reduce gas prices?

With Oil Prices Up More than 60% in a Year Biden Decides to Sell US Oil Reserves Overseas to Asia

Biden was pushing Asian countries to release some of THEIR oil reserves to bring down global prices, Sherlock.

November 18, 2021 – EXCLUSIVE U.S. asks Japan, China, others to consider tapping oil reserves -sources

WASHINGTON, Nov 17 (Reuters) – The Biden administration has asked some of the world’s largest oil consuming nations – including China, India and Japan – to consider releasing crude stockpiles in a coordinated effort to lower global energy prices, according to several people familiar with the matter.

The unusual request comes as U.S. President Joe Biden fends off political pressure over rising pump prices and other consumer costs driven by a rebound in economic activity from lows plumbed early in the coronavirus pandemic.

It also reflects U.S. frustration with members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies who have rebuffed repeated requests from Washington to speed up their production increases.

“We’re talking about the symbolism of the largest consumers of the world sending a message to OPEC that ‘you’ve got to change your behavior,'” one of the sources said.

In Asia, where China said it is working on a crude release, oil prices extended declines prompted by the U.S. request, after settling on Wednesday further below seven-year highs struck in early October.

Biden and top aides have discussed the possibility of a coordinated release of stockpiled oil with close allies including Japan, South Korea and India, as well as with China, over the past several weeks, the sources said.

The US and allies have coordinated strategic petroleum reserve releases before, for example in 2011 during a war in OPEC member Libya.

But the current proposal represents an unprecedented challenge to OPEC, the cartel that has influenced oil prices for more than five decades, because it involves China, the world’s biggest importer of crude…

So he also wants Japan and S. Korea to be caught by Aggressive China with its pants down?

The biggest US domestic oil production drop in history began in April 2020. The continuous decline didn’t reverse course until January 2021.

The economy was shut down, dummy.

It is more than obvious biden is NOT pro-America. We have a despot in the oval office, something our Founding Fathers feared one day could/would happen. biden is fully compromised by the CCP, something else our Founding Fathers also feared.

But, I do not believe the Founding Fathers ever anticipated the extent to which those elected and unelected are demonstrably against the American people and are intent upon the destruction of America and in that their way of life

These leftist/marxists are no different than Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro and the entire list of historical tyrants.

We The People are in grave danger…

Why don’t we use OUR reserves, if that is the answer?

Any policy where we don’t bring 3rd-world China under heel is something that should not be done.

They are only a global power because the West has allowed them to be. They have not the culture or the scientific knowhow to stand on their own.

We need to help their people overthrow their evil Communist government and let freedom ring. The failed CCP state has only survived because of the the greed of the West. They’ve done nothing on the merits of their own ideologies, which without huge infusions of Western cash would have collapsed decades ago.

So the DA could hide possession of a gun by a felon, and the footage of the young man being chased, and hit in the head twice with a deadly weapon? This isnt political its about the right to self defense, you keep bringing up Trump.
And it was Biden that slandered the young man, a filthy habit Democrat elites have, before any facts come to light, like friggin Evers.

“If Grosskreutz had used his pistol to shoot Rittenhouse dead on the spot, stopping an active shooter armed with a military & police semiautomatic weapon who had already killed two unarmed people, would you consider it a justified act of self defense?” No, because Rittenhouse didn’t threaten Grosskreutz, who was carrying a police semiautomatic pistol. Gorsskreutz COULDN’T renew his CHL, if he in fact ever had one; he was a convicted criminal.

“November 18, 2021 – Another defendant assumes his authority comes from his gun” As I stated above, those guys are probably going down. In my opinion, they clearly overstepped their authority, which resulted in a situation that got out of hand and resulted in Arbery’s death. Not in any way remotely comparable to the Rittenhouse case. But, nice try anyway.

Interesting mindset of the left, in no way are the circumstances alike just make the narratice all whites with guns rabid killers. Someone tell Greg Rittenhouse didnt kill any blacks it was not racial.

In fact, the guy that kicked Rittenhouse in the head was BLACK. Now, remind me… did Rittenhouse shoot HIM?

I guess there were a LOT of career criminals (aka “heroes”) doing the rioting. The other guy that was threatening Rittenhouse at the car lot was a criminal, too. What are the odds?

Wisconsin Representative Tim Ratham Puts Forth Resolution to Decertify the 2020 Election in His State

“On one side are the people who believe that Rittenhouse is innocent and acted in self defense. On the other are people who think that Rittenhouse is guilty of murder.” One side waited for facts, viewed the evidence and formed their view and the other side listened to left wing media form a knee-jerk conclusion based solely on what best serves the leftist political agenda. One side realized Rittenhouse acted completely in self defense and the other side wants severe punishment to send the message that no once can resist the left when they are on a terroristic pogrom.

The left no longer seems to be able to form a thought without it having a racial component. Even ROADS are racist and, of course, they have to make up lies about bridges are built too low to allow buses of blacks and Hispanics to pass under into pristine, white regions (exposing the fact that they have never even seen a city bus).

Another case going on today is the Arbery murder case. While I personally believe the three guys are going down for murder or possibly manslaughter, you can’t convince people that though three white guys killed a black guy, it was driven by race. It was driven by the FACT that construction sites had been burglarized and Arbery had been seen on video at some of those sites and THAT was why he was stopped. But facts have little impact on those who CRAVE racism.

The same goes for George Floyd; the argument can be made WHY he died, but it had nothing to do with race, though he was black and Chauvin is white. It had to do, solely, with whether Chauvin’s restraint or the massive quantity of fentanyl Floyd consumed was the cause of death.

Wherever they decide to do so, it is supposed to be the rule that BLM/ANTIFA are allowed to riot, burn, loot and even kill without restraint because they are, supposedly, doing this for “social justice” which has at its foundation, always, racism. It is racist to try to impede the racist mindless destruction, so Rittenhouse is racist. THAT is the premise of the condemnation of Rittenhouse; because he, due to his white supremacy, made an effort to stop the sacred sacrifice of other people’s property on the altar of racist retribution, he must die.

One of the Rittenhouse defending lawyers also reads jurors really well.
He looked at them intensely and reported that he believes the jury at the end of day 3 is at a six/six split.

It may end up a hung jury, but there is no way 12 people will conclude Rittenhouse is guilty of murder.

Note that in the photos above, Rittenhouse is wearing surgical gloves from when he was providing medical aid while Grosskreurtz wears tactical gloves with the fingers cut off. I wonder which one was there to help others and which one was there to just wantonly destroy property because it doesn’t belong to him?

Rittenhouse traveled 17 miles to get to his family’s community; Grosskreurtz traveled 51 miles to destroy property and get away with it just because he could.

Face it Liberals and Liberal Democrats want to Repeal the 2nd Amendment and ban armed self defense since most of them are total idiots and were educated at liberal run campuses with leftists ideologies since very time a armed citizen or a cop shoots and kills some Armed Robber,Burglar or Home Invader they(Liberal Democrats) lose another voter and supporter