Google comes for Flopping Aces



There is a growing darkness in the country. We are in the midst of a coup- a coup of the Constitution. Pelosi once asserted that dissent was patriotic. Now it is racist. Now dissent is punished if one strays from the party line. CRT is the new “n word.” The government has become weaponized against conservatives. The current President, as did the last D President, tries to tip the scales of justice. The tech giants are allies in this process.

Facebook has become one of the arbiters of freedom of speech. Under the guise of the nebulous “community standards” the suspension hammer is the tool of choice to shut down “hate” speech. There is no list or link to learn what “hate speech” is or what “community standards” are. This is certainly by design so it could strike out of the blue when a Facebook goon is offended. Mark Zuckerberg is a wannabe Mussolini, a diminutive one at that. I decided to burn my Facebook account after the last suspension. I hope others will do the same.

Facebook is deleting all references to negative reactions to vaccines.

Twitter shadow bans those who get out of line. It chops the number of followers without notice. It limits visibility of the tweets of people who are out of line but only certain people are censured. Joe Biden can call Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” without any evidence and cripple Rittenhouse’s right to a fair trial but that’s just fine.

Biden is the ultimate purveyor of false information but since he’s woke it’s acceptable. Trump, OTOH, got banned.

Twitter allows that absolute lunatic Joy Reid to post racist content all day long. Enjoy.

Here’s another example of what passes for acceptable on Twitter

And then there’s Google and its property Youtube.

Google is actively demonetizing conservative sites to starve them out of existence. The Daily Caller:

YouTube is now demonetizing videos from content creators deemed too controversial for the platform, and conservatives and independents are being heavily impacted.
The move follows YouTube’s announcement earlier in August to catch and flag “controversial religious and supremacist” content hosted on the popular video-hosting website. Political and social commentators on YouTube are feeling the hurt—and they believe that they may be on a blacklist for having the wrong opinions.
The Daily Caller previously spoke to several popular commentary YouTubers who expressed skepticism of the system when the move was first announced last week.

Google uses “volunteer experts”, i.e. left wing woke fascists to determine acceptable content.

Affected creators are unable to make money from their work, which is automatically flagged or vetted by volunteer “experts.” In addition, the new system incorporates “tougher standards” for controversial videos that do not break YouTube’s terms of service, which are placed in a purgatory state that effectively censors them from being recommended to YouTube viewers.

Google has demonetized the Gateway Pundit.

Pushed by NBC, Google threatened to demonetize The Federalistover comments.

It has demonetized a Christian news site- Lifesite. for contradicting the “consensus.”  Russian collusion was consensus too.

Google demonetized Piers Morgan.

Google demonetized Zero Hedge.

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It throttled Prager U.

When it did not approve of the way the Rittenhouse trial was going Google shut down several live feeds.

Jonathan Turley:

NBC News reported yesterday that ZeroHedge and The Federalist were banned from generating revenue through Google Ads. This demonetization of sites is a favorite tool for critics to shutdown writers or sites with opposing views.  Google holds a virtual monopoly on such ad revenue (by some estimates over 70 percent of such revenue). Many groups recognized years ago that they could achieve a form of private censorship by getting Google, Twitter, and other companies to effectively cut off the ability of readers to see opposing views.  For those of us who are part of the dinosaur class on free speech, the solution to bad speech should be more and better speech — rather than preventing others from hearing or reading opposing views.

Now Google has come for Flopping Aces. We have been demonetized, shut off from Google Ads. The excuse?

“Dangerous” and “derogatory” content. As an example it cited an article I wrote- in 2012.
Now Google want to go further. It wants to identify “dangerous” and “derogatory” individuals early on. It wants to know “which political issues voters are searching for in each congressional district.” Without a doubt Google is looking to smother the baby in the crib.

Dr. Epstein had a warning for MRC Free Speech America on the Axios-Google project. “The ‘new’ project is something Google already does in a far more granular fashion than the Axios announcement describes,” Epstein said. “The Axios/Google project focuses by congressional district on issues that people are searching for on Google, but Google knows precisely what issue individuals are searching for – and, through their emails and other documents Google tracks (such as Google Docs) – what issues individuals are concerned about.”
Dr. Epstein explained the implications of Google having this knowledge. “Among other things, this allows Google to keep a close eye on voters who are undecided and whose opinions can still be changed,” he said. “The detailed information they have about each and every one of us allows them to effectively shift opinions with biased search results, search suggestions, answer boxes, answers on personal assistants (Google Home and the Google Assistant on Android phones), YouTube videos, targeted messages, and more.”
Epstein warned, “The more you know about people, the easier it is to manipulate them. And almost all of these manipulations use what Google employees refer to as ‘ephemeral experiences,’ which means they leave no paper trails for authorities to trace.” Dr. Epstein is still engaging in ongoing research on Google.

The tech oligarchs are taking control of this country. Most of them are left wing woke champions and they are crushing democracy. A Chinese dissident recognized what’s going on and had a warning for us

Former political prisoner and authoritarian regimes expert Ai Weiwei appeared on PBS Friday, warning Americans that authoritarianism has already invaded the country.

The PBS host tried to steer the discussion toward Donald Trump but Ai had something to say about the poisonous wokeness that infects the country

Weiwei went on to explain that many aspects of the U.S. today are similar to the Cultural Revolution in China. He mentioned political correctness as an example, calling it “very dangerous.”

And left this warning

But certainly, in the United States, with today’s condition, you can easily have an authoritarian. In many ways, you’re already in the authoritarian state. You just don’t know it.”

The authoritarian state, lead by someone promising to unify the country but who has done nothing but sow division, hate and economic turmoil and destruction.

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Trump equals Freedom and Constitutionality.

Biden equals Censorship and Totalitarianism.

If it were the other way around, Biden would be the one censored, not Trump.

Leftists are allowed to be violent, and call for violence online.

Non-Leftist can’t argue with the new regime, on any level.

Biden is no president and will never be. We live in a new American tyranny, and people need to understand this.

Stop waiting “for the next” election. We need to legally call these marxists out and get them out.

The three trolls here are here to monitor what’s being said. They are either paid or just the usual informant quislings that always come on the boot heels of tyrants.

greg specifically is here to mis-inform and keep yelling that it’s the enemies of the regime that are doing what the regime is doing in broad day light. Also a telltale of Communist tyrannies.

“Now Google has come for Flopping Aces. We have been demonetized, shut off from Google Ads. The excuse?

“Dangerous” and “derogatory” content. As an example it cited an article I wrote- in 2012.

What America would look like with strict gun laws


This is what anti-democracy looks like. This is what Trump was fighting against. This is why they had to rig and election, and to release a virus.

Fight back, legally. Leftists are allowed to actually call for killings on twitter. That’s actual NOT protected by the 1st Amendment.

This is a war now. They want us to either shut up, or die.

So like Alex Jones, Clyde Lewis, Gab and others they intend to fahrenheit 451 flopping Aces. That is sad. What they fear is those that will fight to survive, all of the above voices are still available, that must really burn their biscuits. FA must have a wider audience than CNN for their stink eye to oogle this way.

The key is to,break the oligopoly by having a conservative equivalent for all those, and cease using Google apps.

I don’t want a “conservative” mirror, honestly. I just want free speech, maintained by the government (their actual job) and adhered to by all citizens.

The Democrat/Leftist scourge exists because they were able to infect entire institutions with their religious doctrine.

A “conservative equivalent” would be the same. We need vigorous and healthy debate.

They say gun control total BS .After a barrage of Obama released propaganda we were not turned into zombies we did not just swallow the government approved narrative.
It really ticks them off to be as exposed as Toobin on a zoom call.
The prosecutor trampling several of Kyles constitutional rights.
Kiddie jabs
The clinical trial had 2,268 participants (1518 vaccine recipients and 750 placebo recipients), but many physicians are warning that this underpowered clinical trial is being used to justify vaccinating 26 million children, while the rate of myocarditis in children might be as high as 1 out of 5,000.

Leaked FBI documents that exposed Garlands authorized use counter terrorism tools against Parents.

Using FOIA and actual government documents to expose the evil nasty rotting parts of the government, that they fail to scrub in time.
They then call it misinformation? Fact checkers jump on the manure wagon for double masked triple vaxxed sheeple to point to.
We are not anti government just the cancer that is about to kill the Republic.

I totally agree. While the three stooges that come on here deserve to be kicked out for their endless lying and refusals to provide substantiation for their bullshit (mainly because there is none), I do not like echo chambers. I develop arguments from what leftists present and their lying and dishonesty reinforces my convictions.

Gab and MeWe are great for their openness, but no leftists are going to go there; they don’t do well in open forums with free speech (just look how the leftists here have all but vanished).

It’s a shame that even in the discussion world we will be completely polarized into camps. One more contribution to society courtesy of Democrats.

Three cheers for Google!

Love that fascism, do ya? We know you do.

Bet you’d be cheering on the Brownshirts kids beating pregnant Jewish women in the street, too.

No surprise from one of the foremost lying crybaby racist that hates the truth.

Anyone applauding a global tech company with trillions to spend in their pursuit to sculpt thought and censor speech is a low-life insect of a human being that will be squashed in time.

Freedom….or nothing. We don’t suffer tyrants.

You can probably count on our resident crybabies to be whining to Big Brother about all the meanies on FA that just won’t put their brains in a blender like they did and get properly indoctrinated.

You know who fears free speech and the exchange of ideas. You know who crushes free speech? The police state. Like their communist prototypes, Democrats can’t allow facts to shed light on their corruption.

You can probably count on our resident crybabies to be whining to Big Brother about all the meanies on FA that just won’t put their brains in a blender like they did and get properly indoctrinated.

I have no doubt that a few of them cried to the principal about us meanies. In the end it’s nothing that will effect the blog but the principal of the thing is what pisses me off.

Separate yourself from google. I understand they still have reach but minimizing it as much as possible should be front and center.

Hey google, “come and take it”

It so happens Google Fiber is being installed in my town of Millcreek, Utah.
Hopefully we will still be able to use competitors to Google for our 1. Internet, 2. wi-fi, 3. TV, and 4. Phone.
But I get no assurance that this will remain the case after the installation is complete.
So, “free” internet for poor students will be only what Google wants them to see.
Search abilities will be ordered by political side rather than helpfulness.
Google’s PR sounds so cool considering their main purpose is spying, selling your info, throttling, even shutting many out.

google is not to be trusted as with Microsoft, facebook, twitter and the others.

Big tech is a tyrannical branch of the rogue government that is the enemy of a free people.

Dismantling the administrative state and then those she have conspired with them will begin to restore freedom.

The left knows now that are going to lose big in 2022. That is why they are beginning to bail. They know their future is in the minority

Big tech is doing what the tyrannical government can not do. They are stifling free speech. And, doing so on behalf of the rogue regime.

Let’s go brandon

Anybody can be a dictator now. I thought 1984 was fiction. But NewThink and NewSpeak are now the LAW. And enforced by obliteration. If you do not strictly follow the rules, you are out.

Every right comes with a responsibility.

True but it isnt google, faceplants or twitters place to be an enforcer of their opinions only. Freedom of speech, do you also need to know where in the constitution that is?
Our constitution not the technocrats and the big tech oligarchs minions feelings is the law of this country, we already know your opinion we see it on all the mockingbird MSM ignorant soundbites.

No doubt Trump’s new $10 billion social media platform, Truth Social, will set a new standard for unrestrained Freedom of Speech—assuming it turns out to be more than a scheme to inflate the value of shares in what is presently nothing more than sales pitch and a web page collecting names and email addresses.

Here’s a link to the Truth Social site itself:

It just might be except for death threats, terrorists ,pedos and ways to meet minors for sex all of which are on facebook and twitter.
We are well aware of the progress with the platform, they dont want to make the same mistakes as Parler and be shut down by internet server companies.
We just will wait to see how it all shakes out.

Will the consortium of corrupt liberal social media giants kill it in the cradle like that did Parler? They all said, “If you want free speech, make your own platform” then, when it happened, they eliminated it… because free speech scares the shit out of despots.

Why does the left fear free speech so much? Can’t stand to have their lies challenged? No one stops you from lying here, but telling the truth on leftist social media is verboten.

As opposed to the scheme of Tech Companies paying off Biden so he won’t oppose their will.

Trump won in 2016 and got 75 million legal votes in 2020 because he protected Freedom of Speech.

You and your party do not. The support the opposite: a return to autocratic rule with censorship of normal people and political opponents.

“assuming it turns out to be more than a scheme to inflate the value of shares in what is presently nothing more than sales pitch and a web page collecting names and email addresses.”

So it would be just like Facebook, Twitter, and Google then?

You’re really kind of an idiot.


The Democrat Police State absolves it’s disciples of all responsiblity while inventing crimes for it’s dissenters.

When are you going to take responsibility for your part in all of this?

FBI Raids Home of County Clerk and Whistleblower Tina Peters — The State Official Who Refused to Wipe Election Data from Computers Without Making a Copy

Yup “Yesterday large teams of heavily armed federal agents, using a battering ram to break down doors, raided the homes of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and several of her friends and colleagues, mostly elderly women in their mid 60s,” McShane told Insider. “This is a level of weaponization of the Justice Department we haven’t seen since the McCarthy era. Thank God Tina wasn’t protesting critical race theory at a Virginia school board meeting or they might have brought two battering rams.”
the FBI seems to terrified of the helpless. Same kind of raids they pulled in Wisconsin with the John Doe crapola against Walker.

Well, the ‘problem’ has been identified and acknowledged. It’d be nice thinking we could vote our way out of this predicament. Anyone have actual solutions?

Peacefully legally Convention of states, maybe enough will be interested now that the FBIs counter terrorism department is targeting concerned Parents that go to school board meetings with a “special” tag. Soccer moms are not equal to the Boston bombers.
Our founders were genius.

Small step in right direction… imo: Latest job recruiting trend in tight market: ‘No vaccine required’

The problem was addressed with an election, but the man who was voted out refuses to go away. He uses his continuing power over a compromised GOP to purge any republican resistance, to thwart Biden’s efforts, be they good for the American people or not, and to set the stage for a possible glorious return from exile.

The astonishing thing is that an effort that could undermine and break America can actually be conducted a Money-Making Activity. But no one should be surprised. This IS the guy who has just turned shares in something that doesn’t actually exist into an estimated $10 Billion in share value. People bought their shares in the purely imaginary with actual, spendable money. It’s all a game on paper, but there are dollar signs at the end.

Who knows… Maybe there WILL be a HUGE virtual circus tent at some point. That would be GREAT! Everybody could get their b.s. straight from the source. For present, all you’ve got to do is give them your name and email address to get on the list of people who would like to see the show.

Imagine what you could do with all those names and email addresses…

Funny. The “problems” were solve under Trump.

Then a planned pandemic happened, with ZERO blame for Trump and zero impact to his success and legacy.

The “problem” is that the solve issue of marxist tyranny was soundly rejected by the American People in 2016, so they went all out autocratic and rigged an election.

That problem will be solved in time, as we solve the problem of the tyrannical crown, and Trump was solving the problem of a backwards Chinese state with concentration camps and bought Bidens.

“Imagine what you could do with all those names and email addresses…”

I can’t. Perhaps you should ask the FBI and their associates at Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter?

They know.

Trump equals freedom.

Biden IS tyranny.

It’s hilarious that a Twitter/Democrat/Facebook/Google/Amazon apologist would DARE say someone asking for basic login info is going to sell it for data mining and intelligence purposes.

That’s literally what the unelected Democrat Police state is based on.


The tech oligarchs make all their money on selling your information. You may have missed it but we have over 400 political prisoners. Garland is placing Parents on watch lists using the patriot act . Karens on school boards with a unique FBI call in and tattle line. Kids in cages at the border, much more crowded than in Obamas cages., but still wrapped like little burritos in foil. The elderly on fixed incomes will be making choices between food medicine or heat. All while the elite eat gold gilded steaks at meetings that doubled the carbon footprint of last years extravaganza of hypocrisy. We not the cult have to suffer to appease the all mighty climate god.
Nope Trump will not go away the democrat commies make him more popular by the day.
Trump /De Santis 2024

Oh, please. Texas republicans just passed a law that awards $10,000 to people ratting on frightened women seeking abortions.

Meh. It’s not a long-term strategy to allow on gender to completely control reproduction.

That’s called eugenics, and it’s the reason Communism got back into the United States. A gyno-supremacist world-view only destroys a nation.

And those “frightened women” can learn to control their bodies, just like we men do.

They didn’t get pregnant by accident.

Maybe men should learn to control theirs, rather than placing all the blame on the women.

Quinnipiac Poll: Biden Approval Plunges to 36 Percent Despite Enormous Media Support

16% approve of his failed economy.

biden will not recover from these numbers.

Biden Job Approval

Among Adults (1,378):
Approve 36%
Disapprove 53%
Among RV (1,262):
Approve 38%
Disapprove 53%

A plurality of Americans say that if the election were held today, they want to see the Republican Party win control of both the House and the Senate, according to a Quinnipiac national poll released today.


Today was supposed to be a joint press conference between the Three Amigos: Joe Biden, the puddingheaded president of the United States; Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Mexico Prime Minister who once called Biden the migrant president; and Justin “I Feel Pretty” Trudeau, Canada’s walking pile of soy and hair goop.

They were SUPPOSED to hold a joint press conference, but the White House canceled it. Bloomberg’s Justin Sink asked what’s up with that: “The most recent data point is yesterday where you guys had to clean up not only this Olympic comment, but his comment on the timing for the Fed and his Taiwan comment, is the worry that you don’t want the president taking questions?”

Sink was told by the White House that Biden takes questions, quote, “often, throughout the day.” Instead of a joint press conference, there will be a press pool spray before the Three Amigos have their meeting. You may remember such press pool sprays as Biden meeting with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Biden meeting with whoever is in charge of India. In both instances, the pool spray made it easier for Biden’s handlers to chase the press away before Biden accidentally asked a question.

Everything I just said should be embarrassing enough for the White House. Yes, as I’m writing this I.F.P. Trudeau is going to have his own press conference anyway.

While Joe Biden is being hidden from the press (at least, as of now), Justin Trudeau is acting like more of a man. Trudeau is a guy who cries when you say he has a grey hair. Yet HE’s not afraid to take questions from a mostly subservient press. Joe Biden, our guy, not so much.

This could all change throughout the day. Biden may answer a question or two, immediately followed by the White House with “Ackshually, what the president meant to say was…”

Sheriffs Call on Biden to Fire Homeland Secretary Mayorkas Over Lack of Border Control

Geeze If it is done really really early early no one can tell if they are pregnant, if she waits til waddles from the icecream shop to the filthy clinic someone may be on to her. Better yet there are tons of ways to avoid getting pregnant, foams, creams, pills ,devices balloons, keeping boys in skirts out of the girls bathroom. Or take the toxic jab.

“to thwart Biden’s efforts, be they good for the American people or not, ” Maybe you could explain what this idiot moron corrupt liar had done that has been “good” for the American people. Flooding us with 2 million illegal immigrants? Distributing unvaccinated, COVID infected illegal immigrants across the country while he mandates AMERICANS are fired if they refuse the vaccine? Killing our energy independence and trying to blame the producers for the resulting high prices? Causing a supply chain collapse that has driven up prices and brought widespread shortages? Inflicting historically high inflation upon the nation and the only response being telling people “It’s good for you.”? Engineering a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that killed MORE US soldiers, left Americans and allies stranded inside Taliban territory and creating a greater terrorist threat than ever before? Perhaps his constant pitting American against American in every way the left can conceive is good for us? Oh, maybe giving his business partners, the CCP, a total pass for unleashing a deadly virus upon us is intended as a gift to us all?

What, exactly, does this embarrassing fool do that benefits the US taxpayer?

“Oh, please. Texas republicans just passed a law that awards $10,000 to people ratting on frightened women seeking abortions.” Like always, you cannot tell the truth. All they have to do is, if they want an abortion, get one in 6 weeks. It’s called “personal responsibility”. You seem to concede no leftists have it.

Greg doesnt live in Texas but wants to control them, who they vote for and what laws they pass. Typical Karen Democrat. Its for the Children.
Just as google and Facebook want to control the first amendment not just on their forums but across the internet.

Leftists lust after controlling Texas, not to do anything better for the people, but to just mine it for votes and power, just like they do California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, etc. We’re doing just fine and the less liberalism we have, the better.

Not just Greg but the entire left criticized Texas for not reinforcing its power grid (mainly that renewable crap) against a level and duration of cold weather we are all told is a thing of the past. Even then, what let us down the most was the 20% dependence on that beloved renewable. They use this as an excuse to demand Texas get on the national grid, which would only have sucked MORE badly needed power out of Texas and, during the summer, would be dragging Texas down to the level of terribly-managed California.

Those who suffered the most are the whiny liberals that came to Texas to evade the horrific results of liberalism elsewhere… then want Texas to go down the tubes like their previous home. People like me persevered, adjusted and overcame.

But, that’s the left’s version of “equality”… make everyone equally failed.

The problem was brought to the surface by a rigged election: we know Democrats can’t win elections, and they have to bring in money and the Stasi-B-I to make up crimes that didn’t happen.

The problem is clear. The solution is clear.

We don’t suffer tyrants.

These Democrat and GOP career politicians make Trump look like a saint.

He made his money honestly, and no amount of CNN lies about elevator pissing can change that.

Biden is a sold soul, and worthy of neither respect nor legitimacy.

Trump was the first democratically elected person in my lifetime, and one not installed by the globalist cabal.

That’s why these fools keep blathering on.

Anyone else getting this?
Bad Request
Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.
Size of a request header field exceeds server limit.

Apache Server at default-176_9_149_146 Port 443

Sounds like your browser. Erase the cookies and data and restart

Worked I thought I might need an interpreter 😉

Do. Not. Use. Google…. It will go away eventually….

Why not use Google? It’s the most useful search tool on the internet. They know as much about you as you tell them. It’s up to YOU to know how you tell them things. No one will protect your privacy for you. You have to do that yourself.

Comrade Greggie pimping for Google. Who is surprised. Lefties are the party of supporting the rich, you know, like the owner of Google.

I wonder if I peeked in his/her/its windows violating the Comrade’s privacy, he/she/it would accept blame for that since it is his/his/its responsibility to protect his/her/its own privacy rights.

Hell, he/she/it can’t even accept the fact he/she/it’s an useful idiot.

The deaf, dumb and blind trying to educate the more intelligent.

If you carry your smart phone you’re carrying a tracking device. With Alexa you can bug your own house. Your debit and credit card reveal something about you with every purchase. Your computer has an eye and an ear. You’re wanting me to worry about Google? Google is a search engine. The other’s I’ve used have been lame, in comparison. If you want privacy, understand how information collection works. If you don’t want someone looking in your window, put up curtains.

google is as much an enemy of the people as the fbi, the msm, biden, facebook, twitter and the rest of the big technocracy

Google is an out of control internet Trust that must be broken up.

And it’s not a search engine for the internet…it IS the internet.

Keep up.

Google Search is actually a horrible search engine, and might as well be a police-state owned propaganda outlet, just like it is in third-world China.

The poor Chinese are denied choice and discipline because your government just cuts it off and censors it.

Throws your whole “choice” comment out the window.

People in America don’t have the choice not to use Google. It’s in everything.

The Chinese communist government has blocked their population’s access to Google since 2012. Google facilitates a free exchange of ideas that no authoritarian government can tolerate. You can look up anything you want to know on Google, and probably find it. Do you object to that? If so, you’ve got more in common with the Chinese communist government than I do.