There is no climate crisis. None. Zero. Nada.


Glasgow was the host for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference this past week.  There was lots of hot air emitted from the podium and tons and tons of CO2 spewed into the atmosphere by private jets owned by those in attendance.

400 of them.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos‘ £48million Gulf Stream has led a 400-strong parade of private jets into COP25 including Prince Albert of Monaco, scores of royals and dozens of ‘green’ CEOs – as an extraordinary traffic jam forced empty planes to fly 30 miles to find space to park.

Some environmental activists at the COP26 climate conference will be urging others to cut down on air travel and eat less meat, but little has been said about the billionaires flying in on their own planes on routes already served by commercial airlines.

Meanwhile, as the super-rich were whisked away into waiting limos, hundreds of less fortunate delegates were left unable to get to Glasgow after brutal storms crippled rail links, forcing travellers to sleep on the floor of Euston station in London.

Bezos was there to celebrate Bill Gates’ birthday on Gates’ modest boat.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates transported his guests by helicopter from his €1.8million-a-week rental yacht 'Lana' to the Sea Me Beach club in Fethiye

After the party Bezos flew up to Glasgow, where he joined other private jet riding attendees such Prince Albert of Monaco, Prince Charles and Harry and Megan.

They were there to tell us of the sacrifices we need to make for the sake of the climate. And then there was Joe Biden’s 85 car carbon neutral motorcade.

The private jets were estimated to emit more than 13,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

More than 400 private jets carrying world leaders and business executives to Cop26 will blast 13,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, the Sunday Mail can reveal.

The flights – which will produce more global warming gas than 1,600 Scots burn through in a year – have been branded “rank climate hypocrisy” and the “nadir of carbon inequality.” …

Our carbon calculations are conservative as they are based on the emissions of the smaller private jets used by hundreds of the business leaders attending the talks.

Boris Johnson took a private jet home to London.

These events are ridiculous. The only pollution greater than the CO2 is the hypocrisy, and it reeks.

Biden urges nations to curb emissions. Celebrities? Nah. The wealthy? Nah.


If the greenies were serious an emission tax or surcharge would be slapped on all private jet travel- onerous enough to compel commercial travel.

And right now more than 1000 coal plants are being built and/or planned in China and India.

The truth? There is no climate crisis. Period. These people do not act as though there is a crisis. Perhaps we should say that there is no crisis for the bourgeoise, only for the proletariat. Not one of these uber-wealthy miscreants would suffer for anything enacted around the world. While you might find gasoline prohibitively expensive they will always be able to afford it. The goal is to burden you with the nonsensical demands of “green” energy while the cloud dwellers party like it’s 2099.


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Just one of many failed climate predictions. Note the dates.

I am so old that I have lived through multiple apocalypses.
First there was the Population Bomb, then there was the New Ice Age, then Acid Rain, then Nuclear Winter, then Global Warming.
I am still here and obviously none of them came true.
Now they call it Anthropogenic Global Climate Disruption so that they can blame any bit of bad weather on humanity.
Still not a crisis.

You left out the ozone layer, acidification of the oceans, reefs dying, rising oceans..yet and still and yet…here we are, enjoying the beach at exactly the same place we did 60 years ago.

It should be known that the very same M.S. Media like Time and Newsweek who was warning us about this fake Global Warming/Climate Change back in the 1990’s was warning us about Global Cooling and New Ice Age was on its way the 1978 Episode of the TV program In Search Of did one about the Coming New Ice Age

I well recall the mid ‘70s when ALL of the Media in North America and in Europe was doing its best to promote fear everywhere about the impending Ice Age.

The stories about 10,000 foot thick layers of life-crushing ICE returning to wipe out over half of our Continent were numbing to the point where most people saw through the hyperbole.

The difference today is that they’re coming for of ALL your MONEY, not just your mind.

Gee, if only someone could invent a method by which conferences could be attended remotely without all that carbon-intensive travel… if only.

These events are nothing but an excuse for a government funded party. I wonder how many aircraft the US delegation itself utilized? How many C-130’s were needed to carry 85 SUV’s and limos? And then, after all that, idiot Biden sleeps through most of the presentation.

Oh wait… maybe they got the wrong doomsday propaganda and they are reacting to the COOLING warning. Maybe they are trying to prevent global COOLING by pouring MORE of what they claim causes the earth to warm!

Here I sit where there was an over 2 mile thick ice sheet a blip in time ago. Climate changes no sane, mildly educated human has ever said there is no climate change. There have been five or six major ice ages in the history of Earth over the past 3 billion years. Within these major ice ages there are warmer, shorter-term periods, called interglacials,
when the ice sheets retreat, and some, or even most, of the planet is FREE FROM ICE. None of this was caused or ended by human activity.
Well lucky us we are here in an interglacial time period.
When Al Gore the climate whore began his chicken little campaign there were only about 9 thousand polar bears to our horror there are only 30 thousand left!
The private jet flying snake oil salesmen selling panic, gloom and doom using HS dropouts with braids as a face for climate catastrophe just like they did the Coca Cola bears.
Giving these poorly educated asswipes trillions of dollars in taxation wont stop natural climate cycles.
The batteries in the big guys electric cars will last 11 years max then what shall we do with the toxic waste?

“The batteries in the big guys electric cars will last 11 years max then what shall we do with the toxic waste?”

I have an idea where we can put it.

A current electric car battery weighs around 1200 pounds. Of that material, all but around 5 pounds is recyclable. Recycling technology will advance rapidly as electric vehicles become increasingly common, because of the value of the recyclable materials.

Ford hopes to produce 15,000 F150 Lightnings in 2022, 55,000 in 2023, and 80,000 in 2024. They’re hoping for annual sales of 160,000 per year 2025 on. There’s already a long wait list.

11 years the car electric car is junk, my car is 20 years old perfect all leather interior loaded with features for my creature comfort. With regular maintenence I expect to get many more years before it gets recycled. BTW where does the energy to recharge the batteries come from?
Diesel powered recharge stations? Gas fired plants?
Your retarded anti logic doesnt fly.

That question was already asked by one of the local Rude Boys and answered down below, though they seem to doubt the facts. Unavoidable excess generation is presently wasting ENORMOUS quantities of energy that could be charging auto batteries at night.

Electric vehicles will be the norm before the decade is over. They’re more reliable, more efficient, more versatile, and more powerful. Teslas are flashy, but the Ford F150 Lightning will probably be the game changer.

So how many miles to a charge will those electric trucks (or cars) get in a Winter snow storm when the heater, defroster, lights and wipers are on with temps in the teens or twenties? Asking for a friend who owns a diesel powered tow truck.

Range of Ford’s Mach-E is reduced by around 26 percent when the temperature is at the freezing point. Reduced ranges at the freezing point:

Standard Range RWD – 170.2 miles (EPA 230 miles)
Extended Range RWD – 222 miles (EPA 300 miles)
Standard Range AWD – 156.1 miles (EPA 211 miles)
Extended Range AWD – 199.8 miles (EPA 270 miles)

As the temperature decreases further, range is reduced further. How practical full-electric is would depend on the climate where you live and what sort of driving you do. Hybrids or conventional vehicles would make more sense in climates with very cold winters. You always want the right tool for the job. There is no “one size fits all”.

Climate Activist Joe Biden Brings 85-Car Caravan to Talk About Threat of Global Warming in Scotland

Biden Apologizes for Repeating Himself, Loses His Train of Thought, Then Repeats Himself Again

Lost and Exhausted Joe Biden Checks His Watch as Boris Johnson Concludes Remarks at Global Warming Conference

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There are so many idiots around here, you really have to be more specific.

greggie, the idiots you support has already been wrong about the ice in the northern hemisphere being gone 5 years ago. AOC said the end of the World was 3 years ago. I think that the idiots have already been identified: Al Gore, AOC, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Prince Charles and greggie!

“There are so many idiots around here, you really have to be more specific.” The idiots are those that believe people who travel across the world in over 400 private jets, then tool around in thousands of SUV’s to go to a “climate conference” actually believe the bullshit they are peddling. I guess video conferencing leaves too much of a carbon footprint?

Rittenhouse trial underway. The prosecution is laughable.

The pedophile was mad Kyle put out his dumpster fire, then hunted Kyle and got shot in self defense.

There is no climate crisis. China have Kerry and biden a giant F you.

Where does all of the electricity come from to charge those batteries? Not from solar and wind, that is for sure

Vast amounts of the electricity generated daily are wasted because the excesses produced to keep power available on demand cannot be stored for later use. Turbines must be kept spinning just to keep the power lines energized. All of that wasted energy could be charging the batteries of the nation’s electrical vehicles.

Another fu€king lie

That would be the truth, as anyone with the most basic understanding of how our nation’s power grid works knows.

There’s no means of storing the huge excesses generated to provide power on demand. Fossil fuel generating stations have to burn coal, natural gas, or petroleum 24/7, just so your lights will come on when you get up in the middle of the night. The best they can do is take some of their generators off line during non-peak hours, but they can’t do this efficiently because the plants take so long to fire up when demands rise. The unavoidable excesses go nowhere.

Greggie, you almost made sense, did you hit your head or something? Please note, I said ALMOST.

That’s not how it works, redneck. Stop trying to talk smart.

You can’t.

good boy for shutting the f*ck up.

Just fire up the ‘time machine’ and finish this idea:

Stop talking about energy production and technology. You’re woefully ignorant on this one.

“Turbines must be kept spinning just to keep the power lines energized. All of that wasted energy could be charging the batteries of the nation’s electrical vehicles.”

That is the absolute stupidest f*cking thing you’ve ever said.

Go read a little on how machines work, you fool. That lost power is simply part of thermodynamics, is not on the scale you’re lying about, and will remain regardless of demand or storage.

Seriously, the Left has become the uneducated toothless inbreds of our day.

A fun factoid, there isn’t enough lithium on this rock for the batteries it’d take to store the energy. Plus THEY are an environmental disaster in far too many ways co count. Another leftist dead end wet dream.

Horse hockey. Currently known world reserves of lithium are 17,000,000 metric tons, and the metal is recyclable.

If that weren’t enough, in a few years graphene aluminum-ion batteries and sodium ion batteries could replace lithium.

Good thing idiot Biden handed all that Afghan lithium to the Chinese so they can hold the world hostage for it, huh? Is there something about begging despots for your energy sources that you simply can’t do without?

Good thing those Americans who steal resources from the rest of the world got theirs this time.

Is this the latest variation on “Hillary Clinton gave 20 percent of our uranium to Russia”?

“Is this the latest variation on “Hillary Clinton gave 20 percent of our uranium to Russia”?” Well, she didn’t “give” it to them. It cost them about $1 million.

But, are you saying idiot Biden did not pull completely out of lithium-rich Afghanistan and allow China to walk right in and take our place?

A fender bender turns these cars into fire hazards when in your attached garage with the kiddies tucked sweetly in bed.

Prince Charles says – give me the world’s money and I’ll cool the sun. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lets Go Charles !

So with all of that CO2, aka CARBON the Emerald Isle should be a bit greener now. SCREW these OWO jackasses.

at the last meeting there were 1,500. modest improvement. the hypocrisy of the demorats is awesome. I see that comrade greggy poop’s mother let him out to play. winning an argument with an intelligent person is difficult. winning an argument with a stupid person is impossible. greggy poop you fit the ladder.

Well Obama’s house on the east coast is 3 feet above sea level. So if he’s not worried, neither am I.

The New Ice Age was on the front pages and front covers of liberal rags like Time and Newsweek

Mexican Police Officer Is Beaten Unconscious And Robbed By Mob Of Illegal Invaders Heading Towards America

FACT: Top 11 States with lowest unemployment are all Republican. Highest Unemployment states – top 8 of them are all run by Democrats

Yeah, and all of us more “seasoned” folks alive who remember the alarmism from the MSM back in the 1970s about THE COMING ICE AGE!!! (Tm) should be able to recall that the government bureaucrats and academic bloviators told us we needed to do the EXACT same thing to stop global cooling as what they are telling us we need to do to stop global warming…give up fossil fuels, pay much higher governmental taxes, and accept a lower quality of life.

Leftists care only about enslaving the rest of us, and will lie endlessly and shamelessly to achieve their goals.

Duchess of Cornwall on Biden Farting at Climate Summit — ‘Long and Loud and Impossible to Ignore’

Seems like joe let go with a little methane of his own. A reliable source said it cleared a good part of the room.

At least he retained the chunks on that one, unlike in the Vatican.

04/15/24 – Coral bleaching: Fourth global mass stress episode underway – US scientists

Coral around the world is turning white and even dying as recent record ocean heat takes a devastating toll.

It has triggered the fourth global mass coral bleaching event, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Bleaching happens when coral gets stressed and turns white because the water it lives in is too hot.

Coral sustains ocean life, fishing, and creates trillions of dollars of revenue annually.

Ocean heat records have been falling for months but this is the first global evidence of how this episode is affecting sea life.

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) confirmed the mass stress in all oceans (the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean) after weeks of receiving reports from scientists globally.

The bleached coral can look beautiful in pictures but scientists that dive to examine the reefs say that up close the coral is clearly ill and decaying.

Scientists in the US, Australia, Kenya and Brazil told BBC News about feeling dismay and even anger as they watched the coral they love threatened or killed by warm oceans.

The first warning signs were in the Caribbean last year when bathers found the water off the coast of Florida was as warm as a hot tub.

That heat moved into the southern hemisphere. It has now affected more than half the world’s coral including in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and in coastlines in Tanzania, Mauritius, Brazil, Pacific islands, as well as in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

Last August the global average ocean temperature broke its all-time record, and has been above average almost every day since.

Climate change is driving up sea surface temperatures as the warming gases emitted when we burn oil, coal and gas are absorbed by the oceans…

The billionaires are buying islands and building bunkers. That probably ought to be a clue.

Last edited 2 months ago by Greg

Its over fishing not temperatures, responsible fishery management. The fish eat the overgrowth of algae smothering the coral.
Try looking at National geographic, not consensus scientists that have never dived a reef.
In highly protected areas, the populations of fish grow so much that they spill over the boundaries of their areas and help replenish surrounding fishing grounds, in addition to allowing the ocean to capture and store more carbon to mitigate climate change.
Careful rotation of fishing grounds.
Less windmills save the whales.
Do drink less of the climate cult koolaid Greggie
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