The Week in Radical Leftism, 10/29/21


Welcome back to Day 283 of the Let’s go Brandon* occupation! Let’s get straight to the craziness:

10/25 – The Left’s Apology Tour (I Can Dream, Can’t I?)

Yes, it’s a dream, but aren’t dreams where any great idea starts?

10/22 – Will Gore Effect nail the UN climate summit in Glasgow Scotland?! Cold air may arrive just in time for UN meeting

I’m not sure if this was the ability to control the weather that the Pope of the Climastrology Cult was hoping to achieve…

10/23 – West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Backs Maryland Counties’ Secession Plans

If there’s any hope for a peaceful split in this country, movements like this give me hope

10/24 – Yes, Virginia, there IS a truck-driver shortage

And guess what the cause is? Go ahead, take a guess!

10/25 – Flogging Slavery at Fort Sumter & The Warning of Thomas Sowell

I’ve heard the same happening at Monticello. Leftist groups provide grants to these various national parks and basically turn our history into CRT indoctrination

10/25 – How Virginia Democrats Are Working To Make Elections Sloppy Again

So much for my hope for a peaceful split. The Democrats aren’t even bothering to hide their election fraud efforts anymore. Until they start going to jail expect these tactics to multiply

10/26 – Gender-Fluid Teen Raped Girl, Judge Rules, After Obama Dismissed ‘Fake Outrage’ at School Boards

More on this story below

10/27 – The Goldberg Variant of the Trump Derangement Virus

There is no shortage of posts ripping on the #NeverTrump Vichy Republicans. This post gives a better look into their foul mindset.

10/28 – McDonald’s Does Exactly What Anyone Who Understands Economics Said Would Happen

Spoiler: That “Anyone” includes nobody from the Biden* administration

10/29 – Joe Biden Wants to Help Women by Freeing Rapists

The person least surprised by this is probably Tara Reade.

ICYMI – Let’s Just Say it – Barack Obama is a Horrible Human Being

and Terry MacAuliffe Is a Creepy Stalker and a Dishonest Slimeball

Have a great weekend, and Happy Halloween!

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This week in Racine a Sheriff announced an election crime, immediately the dems cried it was a partisan attack, translate as, none of the dementia patients, locked down for the Kung flu state wide, voted for Trump. Download a few Regular Joe Show podcasts from this past week, not the only shenanigans.

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