Biden Teetering on Edge of Abdicating the Throne


Sooner, rather than later, Biden will throw in the towel, claiming that he is too sick to remain the President of the United States, and retire to Wilmington to eat ice cream for the rest of his life.

The handwriting is on the wall. Joe’s approval rate is in the dumpster and the endgame is coming into focus. Anyone with a functioning brain knew the game strategy before the 2020 election. Hide Joe in the basement. Get rid of Trump. Elect a patsy. Manipulate patsy to sign multiple toxic Executive Orders and to do the bidding of the hidden cabal. Discard patsy when the country finally wakes up and realizes that they have been duped – big time. All that remains is for Joe to read a very simple, short speech off of the teleprompter and exit stage left. CNN commentators will dress in black and choke back crocodile tears when Joe and Jill board that stupid train for one final trip home to Delaware. Democrats will clutch their pearls and cackle “not ready for primetime” Kamala Harris will then become the 47th President of the United States. God help us, each and every one of us. No really, God help us.   

Astonishingly, this news will come as a complete surprise to Democrats who honestly believe that Biden is physically in tip-top shape and has been doing just a really super dooper job as prez. Wow. Talk about clueless! It is beyond comprehension how some people can be so intelligent and yet so incredibly stupid at the same time? 

How can wicked smart and stunningly stupid reside in the same brain? It is a foregone conclusion that when Biden resigns liberals will blame it on Trump, Fox News, and all of the God-fearing, Bible reading patriots spread across this great land. Somehow we forced Joe to implode don’t you know because we were too mean to grandpops.  

One more push from Fox News’ Peter Doocy should do the trick and send wobbling Biden permanently into vacationland. Then the crack media lapdogs can pivot and focus their energy on protecting Kamala and blaming Trump for everything that goes sideways during her tenure.

“I Hear the Train A-coming’; It’s Rollin’ Round the Bend.”

 I just wish that we had Trump as president once again.

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Here is hoping that train back to Delaware derails…

the agalmetophile was unfit to be president in the first place. the gay muslin terrorist and his cronies thought they could back door the moron with repetitive failures in old 8 years of policy under the gay pres and slut hillary.
America is now a 3ed world country.. and who are the demorats who honestly believe that Biden is physically in tip-top shape and has been doing just a really super dooper job as prez?
Drinking way to much of the Kool-Aid. all have sold their souls to china, and islam.

And Trump is preparing to be carried in triumph back into the Oval Office on the shoulders of… Hold on. Time for your medication.


If I weren’t totally disgusted at your failure to support the President and our troops during a crisis I might.

“…….failure to support the President and our troops during a crisis…..”

You mean, like with Bush, when this whole thing started? You do remember 9/11, don’t you?

Go peddle your bullshit somewhere more conducive to your world view, Greg. You’re not convincing anyone here.

No, I mean right here, right now. You should put your political bullshit on hold until are people are out.

“our”, of course. My typing suffers when I’m pissed off. You people really piss me off.

Aww take a chill pill dude, anger is a symptom of being totally wrong. Here is a nicer way of saying piss me off

I guess your Commie bastard idea of “supporting” the troops is asking them to do a job they are not trained to do (lifting children across a wall barrier created by the enemy) only to have 13 of those troops murdered by out enemies that Biden is working with.

We spent 20 years trying to kill the Taliban only to have Biden surrender to them. The only one spreading political bullshit here is you. You are a liar, an idiot and a Communist piece of crap with no morals or standards.

We went to Afghanistan to eliminate Osama bin Laden, as I recall.

biden is an enemy of America, hard stop…

Trump is a Russian tool. You’re probably a Russian troll. Anyone promoting division in a moment of crisis is an enemy of America. It doesn’t matter if they’re sniping at the President while he’s trying to get our troops and our civilians out of the bullseye on an enemies target, trying to erode confidence in America’s democratic processes, attacking our intelligence community, attacking our most trusted journalistic institutions, or trying to convince people not to cooperate with rational efforts to bring a deadly pandemic under control. With some people around here, I could check off a number of such blocks on a daily basis.

We’d all be better off if Trump had fallen down an open manhole on his way across the street to a church lawn photo op. Pence, at least, was not a gold-plated grifter and a wannabe tinpot dictator. He doesn’t keep threatening to come back up like a tainted burrito.

None of your b.s. is actually about Biden. It would be about ANYONE voters preferred over Donald. The irony is that most would have preferred almost anyone. Trump was a chapter most wish had never become part of our history books.

Who’s to blame for Afghanistan? Trump set the table, Biden just made the tough decisions –

Idiot Biden is to blame. His enablers are to blame. The Democrat party is to blame. Jim Clyburn is to blame. Every idiot that voted for him is to blame. Trump would have prevented this. This is an idiot Biden failure.

Who surrendered anagram AF base?

Who removed military personnel before civilians?

Who gifted $83 billions of military equipment to the enemy?

If you remove 2/3 of the supports of a bridge and it falls the day after you leave, who’s fault is it?

The freaking idiot who removed 2/3rds of the bridge supports.

Biden wanted the embassy in Kabul kept open (it was part of the original pull out plan you can there was no reporting on).
Biden ordered (according to Milley) Bagram AFB deserted in order to keep open the embassy in Kabul without a troop increase. The very embassy that was ordered evacuated by the Biden administration while the Taliban had just reached the city limits.

So Biden removed 2/3rds of the support of that bridge because he, and you, think he is a genius. A genius who now has the blood of 13 Americans on his hands and gave us the greatest one day loss in American lives in Afghanistan in a decade.

Go get f*cked, you Commie bastard. Take your glee at the deaths of Marines back to your Chinese handlers.

Reality doesn’t correspond with your assertions. Idiots like you are presently more dangerous than the Taliban.

TRUMP removed military personnel before civilians. TRUMP left the equipment in the hands of an army and government that surrendered it. TRUMP counted on THE TALIBAN to work things out with that government, and pulled out all but 2500 of our troops BEFORE they had done so, with NO PLAN for removing US civilians or Afghan friendlies before May 1st if that highly-improbable agreement didn’t magically happen. The Taliban did what they’ve been continuously trying to do for the last 20 years, so this outcome should have surprised NOBODY.

Nor is it at all surprising that Trump zealots would try to blame everything that followed on the guy who is now attempting to deal with this monumental screw-up, and do whatever they can to undermine his efforts—even though his goal is the safe evacuation of our troops and of as many US citizens and friendlies as possible. Because THAT’S the way you roll.

They saw Trump use a drone and the MOAB, hit an airfield in Syria, all they saw from Creepy was slipping out the back and abandoning a highly strategic base filled with the best of our equipment. I know you are sad cause Biden said he would hunt them down and they laughed so hard they fell off the back of their goats.
The attackers blew themselves up they are as dead as Plugs brain cells.

You need a clear target to use a bomb or a missile. The only clear target is us, and the crowds of people who are trying to escape. Maybe you can suggest how to apply Trump’s magic to THAT.

No. Wrong. Did you forget; idiot BIDEN removed all the military before even the embassy staff. THEN he had to put 6,000 back in. Why didn’t he leave the 2,500 and add 3,500? Oh… that’s right. Because he is STUPID, a FAILURE, a DISASTER and a hazard to himself and others.

Abandoning Bagram and the embassy was never Trump’s plan. Neither was letting the Taliban take over the country. That was part of idiot Biden’s plan.

Surprising that the person that made all the decisions and screwed up the entire process is blamed? Why? Idiot Biden IS to blame, 100%.

If you leave a force large enough to do the job (which Trump obviously did, because there were NO casualties) then you’ve done the right thing. For instance, Obama and his idiot drew down forces (before Trump came to office ) from 45,000. Do you regard this as their fault, too?

“Anyone promoting division in a moment of crisis is an enemy of America.” I refer you to my previous response to your hypocritical bullshit.

Oh… you mean like you supported Trump while we fought in Iraq and Syria? You mean like you supported Trump when he killed the terrorist commander Soleimani? You mean like you supported Trump while he tried to deal with Un? You mean like you supported Trump while he tried to negotiate critical trade deals with China? You mean like you supported Trump while you supported KNOWN false accusations that he was a traitor?

Go F**K yourself and your hypocritical self-righteousness. Identifying idiot Biden’s incompetence and the incompetence of this entire regime, how they had put lives in danger, COST LIVES and damaged national security IS supporting the troops. They shouldn’t be put in harm’s way by these idiots one moment longer.

It’s YOUR political bullshit that caused this disaster.

woke pea brain greg is also an enemy of America

greggie poo, Biden made this crisis .

And Mueller’s got the goods on Trump..
Take your meds.

Biden Laughs as His Handlers Shoo Away Reporters Shouting Questions About 13 US Servicemen Killed in Kabul Blast

Kamala Harris Walks Away Laughing When Reporter Asks If Americans Are “Safer” After Biden’s Botched Withdrawal

Jill Biden and First Dog Major Vacation in Delaware, Leaving Joe Biden to Face Worst Week in Office Alone at White House

Who will feed him his oatmeal?

Who will wipe his butt?

Who will tuck him into bed at 3:45pm?

Bidens dog bit SS Agents 8 days in a row, the vicious animal needs to be put down.

Angry Father of U.S. Marine Kareem Nikoui, Killed In Afghanistan Yesterday: I Was Happy When My Son Joined The Military Under Trump…But “Biden turned his back on him”

Not President Trump

Taliban joe biden is completely at fault

Taliban joe biden surrendered Bagram AF base

Taliban joe biden evacuated military personnel ahead of civilians

Taliban joe biden have fully function military equipment vale’s at $83 billion to the enemy

Taliban joe did all of that

The world is less safe as a result of the actions of taliban joe biden

Trump’s Pledge to Exit Afghanistan Was a Ruse, His Final SecDef Says – Chris Miller now says talk of a full withdrawal was a “play” to convince a Taliban-led government to keep U.S. counterterrorism forces.

File under: Let’s run this up the flagpole and see who salutes it.

In the future, maybe we should avoid relying on failed casino owners for our geopolitical strategy.

You can try to blame the competent guy for what the incompetent guy f**ked up, but it simply doesn’t work. Idiot Biden is in charge, he wanted to be in charge, YOU wanted him in charge. Now you see what having that moron in charge results in. DISASTER.

You’re washing nobody’s brain but your own.

At today’s pentagon presser, it was revealed that biden in April totally discarded President Trumps plan and called theirs a retrograde.

That is the buried lede. biden abandoned the Trump plan. This was totally of his own doing.

The ‘plan’ where we pulled out all but 2500 US troops before the the Taliban gave up anything?

The ‘plan’ that included NO PLAN for evacuation, if the Taliban had their fingers crossed?

THAT plan?

Well greggie poo, you are the only one who saw the plan. in the end, there was no Biden plan. The state department ran the operation. oops, they forgot security!

The plan that worked.

That much was obvious. He also abandoned common sense, intelligence, military logic, Americans and allies.

Curt, how long do the veterans who visit this site have to put up with Commie bastard, Greg? And please, don’t tell me he is still here because some want to know what the left is saying. Greg’s not left. He’s Communist.

I doubt that he is even posting from the U.S. but only you would know that.

I agree. At this point he is poison. His type are the reason this country is on the precipice of destruction.

Could joe biden have done a worse job in Afghanistan

Why is biden prioritizing Afghans over Americans?

Why did biden agree to allow the taliban to secure the perimeter of Kabul?

Because it greatly reduced locations where US soldiers can be easily and successfully targeted by just about anybody.

So having the Taliban control the perimeter of the Kabul airport REDUCED locations that can be easily and successfully targeted by just about anybody? Would that includ ISIS-K, dipship? Would that prevent the greatest one day loss in military lives in the last ten years?

You are such a freaking liar.

You control a fortified position from the inside. You keep the threat on the outside. That’s the point of walls, wire, and revetments.

greggie, that is what the Christians did in the middle east wars. Didn’t work out too well, did it.

You’re wearing your heart on your sleeve. Both THE UNIPARTY and MSM are 100% behind Jo; late Fri. 8/27.
MSM says it is Don’s fault! UNIPARTY Blame Don!

When the sing Aud Lang…in 1600 4 months from now; Jo will be the leader.
Jo is clearly the worst President in 13 years! Maybe the worst ever. But He is supported by the UNIPARTY!

The photo proves that plugs don’t last. Hair restoration is as big a scam as the Biden administration. Stolen elections have consequences. Stolen hair does too.

There’s an unconfirmed report that we just nailed an ISIS-K planner with an unmanned weapon attack. The US embassy has advised all US citizens to leave the vicinity of the airport immediately.

The drone strike was reportedly ordered as direct retaliation for yesterday’s suicide bombing at the airport.

U.S. Central Command has just confirmed the successful drone strike.

When greg realizes he’s supported the wrong ideals for decades …

… And then flails for the week lifeline has propaganda media throws him when he’s on the edge of admitting the truth.

Over 60 comments in and you’re still struggling.

Biden did this. This is what it looks like when someone is installed. Biden is who he looks like he is: unelected and incompetent.
His followers are who they look like they are.

By the way, this mysterious airstrike onto which we’ll have no pics and no idea who was really killed is what they say when they need to assuage the anger of Americans but are utterly unwilling to actually reciprocate.

Seems you’re going back to Clinton’s tomahawk diplomacy, eh?


Clinton’s tomahawk strike on the al Qaeda training camp in Khost may have missed bin Laden by only a few hours. That remains uncertain. But the attempt was made August 20, 1998, when the Lewinski-obsessed GOP didn’t even seem to know or care who the hell bin Laden was.

The World Trade Center was hit on 9/11, despite many red flags. Clinton tried to warn Republicans about bin Laden, but they weren’t hearing it. The threat bin Laden represented was OBVIOUS. I was pretty sure who was behind the attack the moment the second tower was hit. There had been articles and warnings about bin Laden in Time and Newsweek. Apparently people weren’t reading them.

A Republican President then sent troops to Afghanistan to get the bastard. This was ENTIRELY appropriate. But we let bin Laden slip out of Tora Bora into Pakistan. Then we stayed in Afghanistan for another 21 years.

The neocons used the opportunity to invade Iraq, which they already had on their To-Do list. I KNOW this, because I read their intentions on the Project for the New American Century website. Cheney was among the 25 who signed their founding Statement of Principles, which was a public document. He and 9 other founders went straight into the new Bush administration.

Our intelligence community warned them in no uncertain terms that where was NO credible evidence of WMDs, and pointed out that by removing Sadam we would remove the foil against Iran and create one hell of a power vacuum. So we went ahead and did it anyway.

It’s now over 6 Trillion dollars and over 7,000 dead Americans later. Nothing was solved, but other geopolitical adversaries took advantage of our prolonged distraction. 6 Trillion could have financed one helluva infrastructure project.

It was a Democratic President that finally DID give the order that killed bin Laden, sending a strike team across the border into Pakistan unannounced to do it. Right-wing Republicans haven’t been behaving rationally since then.

It’s NOW a Democratic President who has decided it’s time for this to stop, knowing full well he would take the blame for the inevitable difficulties that would entail. AS TRUMP HIMSELF SAID, 21 YEARS IS ENOUGH.

Another Democratic President took the same sort of heat from the right to get us out of the Vietnam disaster. I felt the same way watching Saigon fall as I do about this, but just like then, I know this has to end.

I’m no automatic democrat. I became one by paying attention. At this point, I don’t see a damn thing that will change my views about the GOP. Trump certainly won’t. They’ve sold their souls to this guy. How they can’t figure out that he’s done them terrible permanent damage is beyond me.

Clinton passed on numerous opportunities to kill bin Laden. PASSED on them. Like idiot Biden thinking killing him in Abbottabad was a bad idea. Clinton left Bush no information on impending attacks. If he had such information, why didn’t HE act to strengthen our preparations? All he did was weaken the CIA so that we relied exclusively on electronic means of collecting intelligence; kind of like idiot Biden depending on our “over the horizon” capabilities with no way to guide it.

Democrats are so much smarter than Republicans that, after the lessons of Iraq, they went into Egypt, Syria and Libya and did (or attempted) the exact same thing with NO viable reason to do so. Idiot Biden had a great plan to follow to withdraw from Afghanistan; he chose to do it HIS way instead. The results were predictable.

You can’t pay attention and be a Democrat. You have to make a conscious decision to ignore patriotism, facts and morality to remain one.

While din Laden was training terrorists to attack America, hypocritical republicans were waving Monica’s dress.

No, Clinton was abusing women and lying to the American people and a grand jury. Clinton had numerous opportunities to find and kill bin Laden but was too worried about how it would fly in court. Excuses.

Speaking of bin Laden and wanting people to help us, I guess that Pakistani doctor that confirmed bin Laden was at the compound is still rotting in jail where Obama left him, huh?

Talk about rewriting history greggie

Just outright lying.

“I’m no automatic democrat.”

Bullsh*t. You what you say you are, what you’ve been for years: a mindless Leftist Democrat drone voter not even aware of the grift they fell for.

Disillusionment came after voting for Reagan twice, then observing the difference between words and actions. Since then I’ve considered carefully with each election, but I realized something was seriously wrong when they saddled John McCain with a lunatic for a running mate. After Trump, the GOP is pretty much dead to me.

You are a sad sack of shit. Run along little girl.

“then observing the difference between words and actions. ”

And you voted for Obama twice? Then for THIS idiot?

C’mon, man. Try again. Nobody voted for these turds that’s not a rabid and committed leftist.

Trump’s plan. Right?

You’ve got to wonder what sort of dickhead down voted that particular bit of news.

This is bidens build back better strategy for the taliban;

1) surrender in the dark of night, the complete AF base at Bagram

2) evacuate all military personnel in advance of citizens thus leaving the
taliban sufficient numbers to use as hostages

3) equip the taliban with $83 billion dollars of fully functioning state of the
art military equipment

The biden build back better plan

I, proudly and emphatically have not since 04/11/2020 and will not going forward support biden or any person in his regime

Rudy Giuliani’s total beatdown of biden. Watch it before youtube takes it down…

Sad thing, aside from all that being absolutely true, is that his supporters voted for him anyway and, even after THIS, would do so again.

Oh, and provide the Taliban data bases containing ALL the data on ALL of our Afghan allies. If idiot Biden was on a mission to destroy US honor and credibility, he couldn’t have planned it better. Such a motive should be seriously investigated. His only defense is that we’ve SEEN how well his plans work out.

biden is under the tutelage of XI. Bagram Af base is 500 miles from Iran and 400 miles from China. Gee, with this base no longer occupied by American military forces sure opens the door for either one of these bad actors.

XI bought and paid for biden and is now recouping his investment.

biden is a traitor

Tell it to the troops holding the line while we evacuated 111,000 people. You might want to wait until they’re also out.

I might want to tell you to go fuc& your self

Bill Clinton: ‘I could have killed’ Osama bin Laden in 1998 but Monica was in waiting in the oval office restroom

When he returned from his blow job, bin ladin was no longer in the snipers gun sights. Oh well, better luck next time…

Here are a few snapshots of web hubbells daughter chelsea.

Graphic warning

greg struggling to maintain his worldview and woke ideologies in the face of the disaster he helped create…


Not liking the personality of a competent President isn’t grounds to vote for a demented white, career, racist who has a resume of failure spanning almost 40 years.

Own it. Biden is who he appears to be. You and your fellow voters are the ignorant woke mob you say you are.

The best plan biden has executed is the evacuation of as many Afghans as possible with zero vetting. They are coming to America, not to bases in the region. They are coming here to kill Americans.

Mother of Slain US Marine Exposes What Biden Did To Her Family

Xi owns biden lock stock and barrel. biden is guilty of treason

More on Biden’s Treasonous Handover of Weaponry, Technology and Airfields to the Taliban Terrorists, Russia

75,000 war vehicles including Humvees, mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles, and armored personnel carriers.
208 airplanes and helicopters — yes, the Taliban captured an air force including 20 A-29 Super Tucano attack aircraft and Black Hawk helicopters.
600,000 rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and howitzers were transferred to Afghan security forces.

Xi told biden to leave Bagram and leave the equipment.
biden obeyed

And a massive supply of night vision. US military used to own the night; now that advantage has been lost, leading to untold deaths.

Remains of 13 Service Members Slaughtered in Kabul Return Back to US – But No Word if Joe Biden Will Meet Plane

Why should he? He in as much had them killed.

If you can’t figure out why Biden won’t drop everything to be there right now, you’re even stupider than I’ve given you credit for.

Your are right greggie poo. Biden has ice cream to eat, multiple naps and more goats to kill. He only says he takes responsibility. Notice he smiles when he says that. His fingers are also crossed. No time ti visit the families of soldiers he killed.

The difference is President Trump would drop everything to honor those who gave their lives for their country.

biden does not respect them or this country. How can he when he is on XI’s payroll?

Probably will be after his bedtime

You may be sleeping well, but the Commander in Chief probably isn’t.

Idiot Biden sleeps when he is awake. He is an absolutely worthless failure. Nice choice.

So much for Time Magazines Person of the Year one of their stupidist’s selections since Hitler and Thunberg

Idiot Biden’s kind of a combination of the two.

Commander in chief is quite a stretch.

biden could not manage a 7-11

comment image

comment image

TrumpWonDumbF*ck. Fortunately for America, he’s gone.

And yet Trump seems to be the actual leader of this country.

Guess you can’t rig competence.

Funny thing is that you think brave, freedom-loving patriots need Trump. He’s merely part of a greater majority fending off decadence-induced Marxism.

Hey greggie poo, did Biden bomb an aspirin plant like Clinton? Biden fell asleep during an Israel meeting? Just who was killed in the bombing by the drone? Some goat I suspect

To the detriment of the entire world, he is not leading the nation. We have a criminal idiot that has no idea what in the hell he is doing… EVER.

Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Drone Strike Against ISIS-K Is a Joke, and We Are the Punchline

This was touted as a retaliation strike for the dual suicide bombings that occurred in Kabul, which tragically took the lives of at least 13 US servicemembers with over a dozen others still hospitalized. The terrorist attack also killed at least 170 Afghans with countless others wounded.

I know this is the point where I’m supposed to give a fist-pump and praise Joe Biden for greenlighting a response that never should have been necessary in the first place, but color me extremely skeptical of how this is being framed. If Jen Psaki herself had written that press release, what would be different about it?

No, I’m not suggesting a strike didn’t take place. I’m sure some terrorist-supporting goat herder in a hut was blown to bits. But what I am suggesting is that there’s some serious gaslighting going on about what the strike actually means and amounts to.

Take the use of the phrase “over the horizon” in the press release. That’s been a constant refrain from Biden and his handlers over the last several weeks, and it just so happens to make an appearance here. For giggles, I went and googled the phrase to get an idea of how common its use was prior to the Biden administration’s rhetorical flooding of the zone. Not surprisingly, it was essentially unheard of prior, with every mention coming in the last two months following Biden’s July mention of the capability. That’s not to say “over the horizon” has never been used in the military lexicon, but the push to make it part of an overwhelming public narrative is very recent, and very politically motivated.

So what’s the impression you are supposed to get from that press release? Allow me to translate: Biden’s promise of over the horizon capability has been realized. He kept his word and we can strike anywhere at any time. He was right all along and pulling out hasn’t changed our ability to fight terror!

What that ignores is that you need intelligence to know where to strike, and that’s going to become almost impossible to come by in Afghanistan. Further, notice where the strike happened. Nangarhar Province is an eastern area of Afghanistan along the Pakistani border, far away from where the Taliban are primarily amassed. While we know there are thousands of ISIS fighters in and around Kabul, we chose to hit a single person in the middle of nowhere who is only described as a “planner.” Given this administration’s constant lies about the situation, I’m going to require more than that before I believe they actually did anything of consequence here.

Lastly, the throw-in that we didn’t kill any civilians also strikes me as odd and unlikely. Are we to believe this ISIS planner lived alone, in an area with no surrounding population? That would be extremely unusual given Afghan culture. In other words, it seems like a throw-in to once again give the impression of how amazingly successful the Biden administration is at conducting over the horizon strikes.

I don’t buy any of this, and neither should you. This feels like a classic CYA moment akin to Bill Clinton’s bombing of a chemical factory after Al Qaeda blew up our embassy. I don’t believe this attack did anything at all to punish ISIS or hurt their operational capabilities. Rather, I suspect this was a Taliban-provided target that gave Biden the out he needed.

Who gives a rat’s ass what “Bonchie” thinks? He’s an anonymous right-wing Red State propagandist. Most likely he’s posting out of a Russian troll farm.

Who gives a rat’s ass what YOU think? You’re an anonymous left-wing Red (Communist) propagandist. Most likely you’re posting out of a CCP troll farm.

No one cares what you think, mainly because you don’t. You just get angry and spew Russia Russia Russia. It’s your go to defense of anything Trump.
Well Biden is in the big seat now and he’s a full fledged disaster. From the border to inflation to energy production to Afghanistan he got nothing right. So enjoy your delusion it’s a lonely place.

Woke greg offers nothing to a pro American conversation. Let’s face it. He is not the kind of person any one would want to be teamed up with in a foxhole.
Just like biden, would not have your 6

Kamala Harris Poses In Front Of Communist Ho Chi Minh Bust – “The WORST Photo Op For An American In That Country Since Jane Fonda Donned A Helmet There In 1972.”

comment image

Well, unless your constituency are socialists and you yourself are a socialist.

“Most likely he’s posting out of a Russian troll farm.”

Why? Can you see him from your desk?

Taliban block Kabul airport to most as foreign airlifts wane

(Thousands of Americans and Tens of thousands of Afghanis are to be left by BIDEN to be tortured, killed or made a hostage… we have reached the lowest of the low in American politics – a real POTUS making all the wrong moves ending with Americans and allies dying – Sgt Pat)

This was all caused by biden no one else. A feckless senile tired old man who is not fit to be CIC.

Hell, he ca not even wipe his own ass.

He certainly kicked Trump’s sorry ass on election day.

Actually, no he didn’t. Without fraud, idiot Biden would be back in his Delaware basement where he belongs, Afghanistan would still be secure and 13 service members would still be alive.

Fraudulent elections have consequences and those 13, their families, hundreds of thousands of Afghanis, the nation and the entire world are suffering them.

You can all tell the troops in Kabul that when the Commander in Chief had their backs, YOU didn’t have his.

Trump had their backs and we had his. Idiot Biden and whore Kamala just laugh it off.

You realize greggie poo that with every anti-Trump comment you make you increase support support for Trump?

I proudly and emphatically do not and will not have bidens 6. biden has never had America’s 6, never, hard stop…

comment image

And so it begins, WWIII is on the near horizon.

Most NATO Evacuation Efforts in Kabul HAVE ENDED As Taliban Seals Off Airport; Biden State Department Issues Alert Telling Americans to Avoid Coming – Countless Will Be Left Stranded

the Afghanistan fiasco was done on purpose under instructions from XI.

Remember the two hour phone call biden had with XI, we never saw a read out.

XI told a biden what to do with Afghanistan and biden did it.

This was XI’s plan.

DISGUSTING – Joe Biden Checks Watch During The Dignified Transfer Of 13 American Heroes Killed By His Incompetence – “Is It Nap Time Yet?”
comment image

Late for his Skype call with his boss, XI

He has probably been checking his watch often during the evacuation. It’s about timetables. He was probably glancing at is watch as the drone approached its ISIS-K target.

You, on the other hand, don’t know your butt from the barn door.

You certainly don’t realize how petty your constant sniping has become. (Hey! Obama is missing a flag pin! He must be a secret Islamic extremist!)

@ Greg, You certainly don’t realize how petty your constant sniping has become.
Are 13 dead American Soldiers petty, you heartless bastid? They tell Americans stranded not to get to the Airport while out of the other side of their face saying they are doing everything to get them out, and giving the tallybon (the big guys way of saying it) a kill list.

Constant attacks on the Commander in Chief as our troops covered the evacuation of over 110,000 friendlies is going to come back on the GOP in a very negative way. You’d think they could figure that out.

Marine fired for slamming military over Afghan exit issues warning to superiors –

The maverick Marine fired after he released a now-viral video slamming the U.S. military for botching the exit from Kabul issued a clear threat to his aging superiors Saturday.

“The baby boomer’s turn is over,” Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller told The Post. “I demand accountability, at all levels. If we don’t get it, I’m bringing it.”

He also quoted Thomas Jefferson, saying “every generation needs a revolution.”

He’ll be lucky is he isn’t charged and court-martialed.

I totally support LT colonel Scheller.

Unlike the cowardly liar Vindman, Scheller knew exactly what was going to happen to him and faced it. He is an actual patriot. He spoke the total truth.

You don’t remember your own behavior during the last true President’s administration, do you? Not only constant attacks over the most petty and insignificant issues imaginable, but actually making accusations up to attack him for. Your hypocrisy is wearing mighty thin.

Idiot Biden’s utter incompetence threatens to destroy the entire Democrat party.

He’s probably checking to see if he’s already been there long enough to make it look like he cares. He’s a gutless, worthless, lying criminal. He absolutely SHOULD be impeached. There’s never been a stronger case for it; TRUE dereliction of duty and sacrificing citizens and soldiers’ lives because of his incompetency.


He has probably been checking his watch often during the evacuation. It’s about timetables. He was probably glancing at is watch as the drone approached its ISIS-K target.

The U.S. Has Carried Out A 2nd Strike Against ISIS-K In Afghanistan

(Biden was probably glancing at his watch then, too.)

“We are confident we successfully hit the target. Significant secondary explosions from the vehicle indicated the presence of a substantial amount of explosive material,” according to Urban. “We are assessing the possibilities of civilian casualties, though we have no indications at this time. We remain vigilant for potential future threats.”

Again, let’s wait for some confirmation. Idiot Biden has NO credibility and no one should take his or any of his lackey’s word for anything. There hasn’t even been confirmation of the first attack.

And who do you expect this “confirmation” to come from? Sean Hannity? Tucker Carlson? Some anonymous nitwit posting on the internet?

Often the terrorists will confirm it. That’s always been the practice before announcing a kill because we don’t know for sure who we killed. But these liars telling me something usually means the opposite. Like Kabul wouldn’t fall over a weekend.

It is now being reported that the coordinates for the strike were provided by the taliban and the target was an interpreter who had worked with us. The name came from the kill list obtained directly from biden.

It’s being reported by WHOM? One of your horse-manure-spreading right wing social media sites? Or did you just make this up yourself?

2 hours ago: WASHINGTON, Aug 29 (Reuters) – American forces launched a drone strike in Kabul on Sunday that killed a suicide car bomber suspected of preparing to attack the airport, U.S. officials said, as the United States nears the end of its military presence in the Afghan capital.

The strike, first reported by Reuters, was the second carried out by U.S. forces in Afghanistan since an Islamic State suicide bomber struck the airport on Thursday, killing 13 U.S. troops and scores of Afghan civilians trying to flee the country.

One U.S. official said Sunday’s strike was carried out by an unmanned aircraft and that secondary explosions following the strike showed the vehicle had been carrying a “substantial amount of explosive material.”

Witnesses reported a large blast shaking a neighborhood north of Hamid Karzai International Airport, and television footage showed black smoke rising into the sky.

U.S. Central Command confirmed the strike and said it was investigating reports of civilian casualties.

“We know that there were substantial and powerful subsequent explosions resulting from the destruction of the vehicle, indicating a large amount of explosive material inside that may have caused additional casualties,” it said…

Where does Reuters get their information? D’oh!

As the article says, from U.S. Central Command, aka CENTCOM.

As I said… let’s get some confirmation. No one controlled by the left can be trusted. Are you happy to have destroyed credibility and trust?

What took them so long? Seems like that was in the news about two weeks ago

What people don’t seem to understand about the things that happen during war is a lot. Over 47,000 civilians have been killed during our stay in Afghanistan.

What a worthless piece of shit. I guess if he had managed to get 14 killed, he wouldn’t have had time at all.

Revealed: Biden Turned Down Taliban Offer to Allow US to Control Kabul and the Airport

Biden Again Turns His Back on Afghanistan and Refuses to Answer Questions

Speaking toward the end of his remarks at FEMA headquarters, the installed occupant of the White House:

Biden: “I’m not supposed to take any questions, but go ahead.”

Media: “Mr President, on Afghanistan”… [Biden interrupts]

Biden: “I’m not going to answer Afghanistan now”. [Walks away]


This is the fifth time in 10 days Joe Biden has refused to answer questions about the crisis in Afghanistan that he created. There are 13 dead U.S. service members, and the commander in chief refuses to address the questions.


Another goat herder attack. How many goat herders will biden need to target before the taliban surrenders and return our military equipment?

Irony, the murder with hands smeared with young American soldiers’ blood going to pay respect to them at Dover air force base. Shameless ever seen !

His presence is an insult to the memory of every one of those 13 heroes.

Yesterday you we’re bitching that Bidenwouldn’t show up. You’re just a typically irrational, Trump besotted crank.

95k unvetted Afghans, why could possibly go wrong. Only 5k of the 95k qualified for SIV status.

biden fucke$ up again.

He shouldn’t be anywhere. He is a disaster.

What no Russia trope? You’re slipping. Take a break and enjoy today’s lesson. Pay attention now.

I now fly my American flag upside. The country is in distress. We lack leadership at the highest level.

biden is a traitor.

The Biden Administration’s ISIS-K Narrative Is A Lie…A Poorly Crafted Lie

Biden conspires with Haqqanis to lie about American deaths.
Since the beginning of the Afghanistan withdrawal, the Biden administration has lied about virtually everything. It should come as no great surprise then that it should lie as well about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the Marines and Navy corpsman killed in the recent suicide attack.

The official narrative is as follows. The Taliban, against whom we have been fighting for twenty years and who have killed well over two thousand Americans, are now responsible partners in the war against terror. Khalil Haqqani, designated international terrorist with a multi-million dollar bounty on his head, is now “cooperating” with us to protect American lives. The attack on our forces at the airport was the work of an obscure ISIS offshoot called ISIS-K, and no one worked harder to prevent the attack than our new friends the Taliban.

On its face, the proposition is, of course, absurd. Kabul is fully under the control of Taliban forces. The Taliban has checkpoints on virtually every street corner, checking identification and searching bags and rounding up opponents of the regime. Khalil Haqqani, who now runs security in Kabul, is nothing if not a hard, ruthless operator. The idea that ISIS-K terrorist cells are roaming a city under his control and he cannot find or stop them is absurd.

Perhaps more importantly, however, blaming ISIS-K and absolving the Taliban of responsibility flies in the face of what we actually know about the groups on the ground. It is not only a lie. It is a poorly crafted lie.

Former Afghanistan vice president, Amrullah Saleh summed up what we do know quite neatly in a recent tweet. “Every evidence we have in hand shows that IS-K cells have their roots in Talibs and Haqqani network particularly the ones operating in Kabul. Talibs denying links with ISIS is identical/similar to denial of Pak on Quetta Shura. Talibs have learned very well from the master.”

In fact, ISIS-K has had a close, symbiotic relationship with the Haqqani network for years. An examination of attacks staged by ISIS-K shows a pattern of the group carrying out attacks on behalf of the Haqqanis but from which the Haqqanis for political reasons wish to keep a little distance. Having ISIS-K carry out or at least claim to have carried out the attacks allows the Haqqanis to send a signal and strike opponents and yet maintain the fiction that someone else did it.

For example, in March last 2020, terrorists attacked a Sikh shrine in Kabul, killing at least 25 people. ISIS-K claimed responsibility, but two months later Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) reported the capture of members of the cell that carried out the attack. That cell turned out to be composed of members of both ISIS-K and the Haqqani Network, demonstrating clearly the groups had worked together on the operation.

In August 2020, Afghan Interior Minister and NDS director-general Masoud Andrabi stated the new leader of ISIS-K, Shahab al-Mahajir, was a member of the Haqqani Network. “Haqqani & the Taliban carry out their terrorism on a daily basis across Afg & when their terrorist activities does (sic) not suit them politically they rebrand it under ISKP,” he said, using an alternative acronym for ISIS-K.

U.N. Security Council monitoring reports have also referred to ISIS-K–Haqqani links. One such report in May 2020 said two Taliban commanders in Kunduz province, named Mawlawi Satar and Mawlawi Abdullah Majid, had traveled to Nangarhar province to fight for ISIS-K. The report also stated that some of the terrorist attacks claimed by ISIS-K “may have arisen wholly or partly from a tactical accommodation with the Haqqani Network.”

“Member States have commented that most attacks claimed by ISIL-K demonstrated some degree of ‘involvement, facilitation, or the provision of technical assistance’ by the Haqqani Network,” the report continued. “The Monitoring Team has previously viewed communication intercepts following ISIL-K claimed attacks that were identified as traceable to known members of the Haqqani Network.”

The report also said that “operations resulting in civilian casualties allow Taliban deniability whereas ISIL-K is willing to claim responsibility to demonstrate capability and relevance.”

“It almost seems that in this transactional partnership, the Taliban hardliners have found a willing scapegoat in ISIS-K and have outsourced their dirty work of targeting civilians,” Atlantic Council senior fellow Javid Ahmad Ahmad has stated. “In fact, there have been instances of simultaneous attacks on the same day in a city, where ISIS-K has claimed the attack on civilian targets while the Taliban claims the one on Afghan forces and institutions.”

All of this information is, of course, well known to American intelligence. Biden and his key advisors almost certainly were told as much. The Haqqanis, who now control Kabul, use ISIS-K as muscle and to launch those attacks from which the Haqqanis themselves would prefer to keep a little distance. The attack on Americans at Kabul airport would be the definition of such a situation. Painting the attack as being carried out by some rogue element, ISIS-K, allowed the Haqqanis to send the signal they wanted, “Get Out”, while simultaneously maintaining the fiction that they were not targeting our servicemen.

For Joe, though, the truth would be inconvenient. Admitting that his newfound partner, international terrorist Khalil Haqqani had just blown up a bunch of Americans, might prompt calls for a swift and forceful response. Somebody might even suggest that since we now knew where Khalil was and that he had yet again killed Americans it might be a good time to take him out.

Biden could not take that chance. Selling his Afghan debacle as anything less than a disaster has always depended heavily on pushing the narrative that the “new” Taliban are kinder and gentler than the old. Admitting they just targeted our personnel would make that problematic. So, the only option was to publicly accept the Haqqani lie.

It wasn’t us. It was those guys over there.

It was a lie, but for Joe, it was a convenient lie.

However, it is certainly ironic that biden declined to take out the terrorist that killed 13 American service members. But, when he needed a diversion from the fallout, he committed a war crime by intentionally taking out an innocent civilian along with his children.

biden has blood on his hands.