Will Doctors Refusing Service For Unvaccinated Patients Also Refuse Treatment For Obese People?


By Tristan Justice

South Florida doctors want you to know they’re upset with the careers they’ve chosen.
On Monday, a group of 75 physicians staged a protest over unvaccinated COVID patients seeking hospital care.

“We are exhausted,” Dr. Rupesh Dharia of Palm Beach Internal Medicine told a local NBC affiliate. “Our patience and resources are running low.”
While it appears no patients were denied treatment from the group staging this week’s demonstration (yet), doctors elsewhere have taken the leap to refuse care for those who decline to vaccinate themselves from COVID-19. A North Texas hospital flirted with the idea in an internal memo if intensive care units (ICUs) reach capacity, and an Alabama doctor wrote to patients that starting in October, their practice will “no longer see patients that are not vaccinated against COVID-19.”

“I cannot and will not force anyone to take the vaccine,” Dr. Jason Valentine of Mobile, Alabama, wrote. “I also cannot continue to watch my patients suffer and die from an eminently preventable disease.”
In other words, only healthy people deserve medical treatment, which exists to cure people who aren’t healthy.
Will Valentine treat people who are obese? What about those suffering complications from drug addiction? Smokers? STDs? HIV? Diabetes 2? Liver disease? Mouth cancer? Lung cancer? Hepatitis? An aggressively healthy lifestyle can prevent all of the above. When reached for comment, Valentine’s office simply hung up.
Instead, Americans have celebrated an overindulgence on copious amounts of carbs and sugar along with a sedentary lifestyle under lockdown in the name of public health, exacerbating addiction to illicit substances in the process.

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Maybe gunshot victims in Chicago shouldn’t be treated because, well, you KNEW the city was more dangerous than Kabul. Maybe car accident victims shouldn’t be treated because, well, you KNEW there were people out their reading their texts and reading. How about doctors caught making moral judgements on patients and refusing to treat them lose their license?

How about Doctors lying about the effectiveness of medications, vaccinations and therapy drugs lose their licenses?


We studied breakthrough infections among healthcare workers of a major infectious diseases hospital in Vietnam.
(Hence all the researchers names are Vietnamese.)

Neutralizing antibody levels after vaccination and at diagnosis of the cases were lower than those in the matched uninfected controls.
(Vaccinated people have FEWER antibodies to fight Covid than others!)

Viral loads of breakthrough Delta variant infection cases were 251 times higher than those of cases infected with old strains detected between March-April 2020.
(Noses of vaccinated people are filled with the virus at a gigantic amount compared with people BEFORE the vaccines were available.)

Vaccinated people are the source of most new infections.
THEY should mask and socially distance from people who have never been infected, or who have fought off an asymptomatic infection.
THEY are the danger, not the solution.

these 75 whining, snot nose, millennium doc’s chose medicine as a career. at graduation, the entire class stands, raises their right hand and repeats the Hippocratic Oath. it is at this time, the Dean bestows upon them the title and recognition of doctor(md). The last 10-15 years, medical schools have produced 3ed rate doctors in learning. residency program do not train doc’s, they they train idiots to look at diagnostic test results that will hopeful render a diagnosis. New doc’s can not even preform a cursory medical examination of a patient. they read the nursing notes. the new socialistic doc’s continue to drink the Kool-Aid of woke marxism .

obesity is ramped in this country and is an individual choice, like drugs. the gay, muslin terrorist ex pres. designated an idiot “drug czar”, Russian(Communist), to allegedly control drugs-total FUBAR failure. WHY did he not designate a FAT Czar?? Billions of dollar every year are spent on pills, diet programs and alleged psychological retrain of eating habits. no long term, academic study results have ever been posted on these bogus treatments. go to the grocery store, airport, sporting events, best of all the tv adds for food and diabetic supplies. obese actor going to park to exercise than ordering a shake, than telling the audience his DM is better on a new medication. he is still FAT. Millions of dollars blown on a woke ad. “Every thing that is woke turns to Shit”.

This week we were treated to a bunch of “Fake News” stories and tweets about “horse medicine,” ivermectin.
“Doctors” and federal employees all claimed people were ODing on this “animal medicine.”
Turned out it was all fake!

The “emergency authorization” for all these so-called vaccines is only legal IF there are no medications already available that can deal with the disease.
HCL and ivermectin plus zinc are among many that will stop covid in its tracks without the many and serious side effects these mRNA “vaccines” can produce.
And they work after infection so that one produces a natural immunity that also worked much better than the so-called immunity that these “vaccines,” produce, too.