Remember the Alamo?


In 1836, James Bowie, William B. Travis, and 183-189 men defended the Alamo in Texas from one determined Mexican general-Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.  The odds were not favorable for the brave men defending the Alamo against Santa Anna’s 1,800-6,000 attackers.  The outcome was inevitable and 13days after the initial attack, Santa Anna was victorious.  Those Texas defenders were tough and their death became a symbol of historic resistance.

Fast forward 185 years and apparently the sacrifice of those brave men have been forgotten.

Scenario #1: Biden refuses to shut the southern border and invites anyone and everyone to cross into Texas unimpeded.  Transportation for those who illegally invade our country will be provided to Texas towns under the cover of darkness in multiple clandestine operations.  

Immigrants may be infected with COVID, POLIO, MALARIA, or a host of other infectious diseases but Joe and his handlers don’t care.  Texas is a red state and must be punished for voting for Trump in 2020.  

Apparently, Joe forgot that YOU DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS and 2022 is right around the corner.

Scenario #2: The GOP in Texas planned to tighten the voting laws which included a ban on drive-through and 24-hour voting. Thirty Democratic members of the Texas congress jumped on a plane and fled the state to avoid losing a vote on the house floor.  A picture of those grinning yahoos flying to Washington DC spread across the Internet.  They looked like a bunch of six-year-olds going to Disneyland.  Actually, they reminded me of cowardly lions heading to Emerald City to buy some courage in the gift shop. 

The Texas Supreme Court just approved the House-Sergeant-at Arms to take the 52 into custody and deliver them to the House. I would send the Texas Rangers to DC, dress all of the fugitives in orange jumpsuits, shackle them together and drive them slowly back to Texas.  That should permanently wipe those stupid grins off their faces. Just a thought.

Scenario #3: China recently purchased 100,000 acres of pure Texas land.  Whoa, pump the brakes. 100 people surveyed which country is the worst enemy of the United States?  Survey says, CHINA! (Wuhan Flu ringing any bells?) 

Riddle me this:  Why would any patriotic American sell one inch of sacred Texas soil to a Communist country? Seriously? We have now entered a Bizarro World where down is up and up is down.  Good is considered evil and evil is considered good. Rod Serling would call this the Twilight Zone.

Texas is a tough state filled with amazing people.  Ironically, George W. Bush, who used to be president of the United States, resides on a 1,583-acre ranch in Texas called Prairie Chapel.  Unfortunately, he is too busy painting his garage to lift a finger or make a call to help his state.  Three serious scenarios are unfolding in Texas and may have severe repercussions for our entire nation. The eyes of Texas are upon you George and your silence is deafening.

Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas is doing his best to defend the Alamo but he needs support.  The enemy is at the gates and Texas needs our prayers.

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Down in central-west Texas there are still plenty of folks who claim the only mistake Texas ever made happened in 1845.

I don’t want to hear any more criticism from the Left of Sen. Cruz for going to Mexico for the sake of his family when 52 of their own abandoned Texas altogether in its time of need. Texas should pass a law stating that if her state representatives leave to prevent a quorum they forfeit their office. Texans, or the residents of any other state, shouldn’t tolerate this behavior from their elected representatives.

Unless you want something ruined, Democrats are utterly worthless. They prove it every day.

But what would republicans do without them? Republicans would be judged based entirely on their own merits. They would have no one to shift blame to.

No doubt without the corrupt, lying, deceitful, anti-American, socialist Democrats to compare them to, Republicans would seem far less virtuous. I’m willing to deal with that when it happens. Right now, we have a regime in office, which includes the Democrat control of Congress, that is the most destructive and divisive in US history.

Abbott has done for Texas what DeSantis has done for Florida. The two states account for 40 percent of all new COVID hospitalizations.

Both governors have done everything in their power to prevent local elected authorities from addressing local their COVID situations in the manner they believe to be in the best interest of their local populations.

Obama Variant: 60+ Test Positive on Martha’s Vineyard Week After Mask-less Birthday Weekend; Almost Half of New Cases are Fully Vaccinated

Yeah I know your preferred governors are Cuomo and Newsom.

Um… idiot Biden has done that to Florida and Texas by opening, in the middle of a pandemic, our southern border, across which comes infected illegal immigrants from over 120 different countries. This moron then transports them, without testing, without TSA, without tracking, all over the country. You are a despicable liar to ignore what that stupid idiot Biden has done to our border and blame responsible governors for the case spikes.

Meanwhile, in other stupid idiot news…

COVID cases spike in Martha’s Vineyard after Obama’s Birthday Super Spreader. Media coverage?

Martha’s Vineyard Experiences Spike In COVID Cases Following Obama’s Mass Bday Party

Who’s responsibility is this?


Covid deaths are low, as are hospitalizations compared to last year. The hateful, failed Democrats and their illegal Federal government are just mis-framing, mis-reporting, and exaggerating the Delta variant in TX and FL for shamelessly partisan reasons. Abbot and DeSantis are eating Biden’s lunch, daily, so they must be put through the same disinformation propaganda machine as Trump.

Given that Trump has millions of supporters who come out for him, even know, I’ll say “good luck with that.”

Your opinion is invalid and dismissed.

Only a paid troll would speak as if our democracy is now a “cheater-takes-all” one party police state intent on fomenting civil war with TX and FL for maintaining Constitutional freedom.