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The irony and stupidity has been pointed out in the media; you have to have ID to eat a meal, but you don’t need ANY ID to vote.

Regarding the imposition of vaccine passports and blacks that refuse to be vaccinated; idiot Biden wants to put y’all back in chains! You will be rounded up and vaccinated, whether you want it or not. Or else, you don’t go eat, you don’t go to movies, you don’t travel, you don’t shop. Keep in mind, in dumps like NYC, few have personal transportation. If they impose the passports to prevent unvaccinated from using public transportation, who will suffer? Does anyone really believe Democrats care one whit about blacks? Even black Democrats don’t care; they only care about their POWER and WEALTH.

I hope they do it.

If ID is required to have control, it’s OK. If ID is required for honest and fair elections, it’s racist. We live in bizzaro world.

We live in a world where Democrat goals are transparent.

And, of course, they make no allowances for people who have natural immunity, which The Science says protects us better than the so-called vaccine.
We will still be required to get the jabs, even though they will do us no good and could easily do us great harm.
If these bastards really cared about the health of the American people, they would have closed the border last year.

The only people who have shown any semblance of resistance is the french.The rest are just sheep.What annoys me is the fact that media may
get you thinking they are anti-vax but they are not getting behind the people who can make the difference.This should be worldwide and linked up,not a few old good boys out on their own.What use is that?

dumbligo in nyc is a confirmed communist. his name is a third alias he has used. street trash who covered up hundreds of virus deaths. Do you know how easy it is to secure a virus card on line??? One that give the dose, time, nurse, dosage and date all for a few dollars more