The left: Jan 6 was worse than the Holocaust, Pearl Harbor and 9-11!


At times there is no imagining just how stupid people on the left can be but they keep trying to push the envelope. To wit- the mind numbingly idiotic assertion that Jan 6 was worse than 9-11. Huffington Post reporter  S.V. Dáte said Jan 6 was “1000 percent” worse than 9-11.


Matthew Dowd, the so-called “GOP strategist” who will say anything for face time on MSNBC said 9-11 pales in comparison to Jan 6.

“To me, though there was less loss of life on Jan. 6 – Jan. 6 was worse than 9/11 because it’s continued to rip our country apart and give permission for people to pursue autocratic means,”

Steve Schmidt, of the pedophile founded Lincoln Project, agreed with Dowd:

“He couldn’t be more right,” Schmidt said at a town hall for the Lincoln Project. “The 1/6 attack for the future of the country was a profoundly more dangerous event than the 9/11 attacks. And in the end, the 1/6 attacks are likely to kill a lot more Americans than were killed in the 9/11 attacks, which will include the casualties of the wars that lasted 20 years following. “We have had … political violence in this country, and I believe we’re on the edge of another one, tragically. And we have to fight back against it at the ballot box.”

And Joy Reid- well, she’s such an idiot it’s not worth the bandwidth wasting time on her but you can catch her blathering here. Becket Adams calls this “fetishization.” While that is true there’s more to it. 9-11 resulted in the deaths of 3000 Americans and billion of dollars in damages. Jan 6 saw one death that day- Ashli Babbit was murdered, possibly by Lt. Michael L. Byrd. Hundreds were arrested for all kinds of trumped up (if you will) charges but realistically they were arrested for trespassing. Many are still being held- not being formally charged, held without bail and some in solitary confinement. For trespassing. They are being denied their 6th Amendment rights. No one has faced a weapons charge. The FBI has screwed people who weren’t even in the Capitol. It’s shameful. Far worse crimes committed in Portland saw charges dropped en masse.

Why is Jan 6 being called worse than 9-11? For a couple of reasons.

Number 1: Trump

Anything associated with Donald Trump is going to milked for all it’s worth. If you could take Trump out of the equation this would be no more of an incident than when Pelosi cheered the invasion of the Wisconsin Capitol. Jan 6 is just one more tool in the anti-Trump kit, so afraid of him they are.

Number 2: AOC has PTSD

Sandy Cortez claims she’s in “therapy” consequent to the “trauma” of Jan 6 despite not even being in the Capitol. She likened it to being in a war. (muffled laughter)

Number 3: Reporters were “traumatized”

Catch this title from Vice:

‘So, So Angry’: Reporters Who Survived the Capitol Riot Are Still Struggling

“I’m still not sleeping like I used to, even to this day,” said PBS NewsHour correspondent Lisa Desjardins. “I became kind of an insomniac.”

O.M.G. What a bunch of pathetic whiners. I guess covering a real war zone is out for them. BTW, no reporter was harmed. They have been widely mocked. Robby Starbuck:

“This is ridiculous. Grow up you weirdos. How can one group of people be so addicted to pretending they’re victims?”

Emerald Robinson:

Dear @VICENews: I was at the Capitol that day in the Cannon building. It was no big deal. Put your big boy pants on.

Maybe Bison Boy’s chants still ring in their heads.

Jan 6 was not worse than 9-11. It’s not even in the same universe. Anyone asserting otherwise is a complete moron. Obviously there is no shortage of them. Why are they on about this?

Politics. Period. The crime now is the illegal deprivation of the rights of those arrested.

We still don’t know why the cops waved the protesters in, whether the FBI had infiltrated the protesters and even more so- who unlocked the doors.

Inquiring minds want to know.

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history lesson: Holocaust 11 million; Pearl Harbor 2,335; 9/11 2,977. most of the individuals who parrot the liberal garbage witnessed 9/11 in all of its glory. Amazing how illiterate and stupid the left is when it comes to history. Bet the penis size all all demorats is 10+”. So, did any of the readers of this blog loose family members to the Holocaust? Need to visit the Holocausts Museum in nyc and reflect for a few moments on the extern of this human butchery and the people who structured and carried out this human carnage. Now look at the current pedophile pres.

Propaganda, by its very nature, does not rely on facts or truth. Perhaps those that were so frightened and traumatized were near those BLM/ANTIFA thugs that were screaming “Tear it down! Burn this f**ker down!”

One explanation is that all these people NEVER venture out into the real world. They sequester themselves only where they can assure themselves they are surrounded by nothing but other whining, crying, hand-wringing liberals. So, to the alcoholic lunatic Pelosi, an intrusion into where she works is far more topical to her than people’s businesses being looted and burned in Minneapolis, Atlanta, NYC, Baltimore, LA, Portland or Seattle. She cares little for any of them or the CVC’s in San Francisco (where she supposedly represents) or the shitting on sidewalks, abundant used syringes, homeless and rampant crime. Like the rest of the liberal world, none of that is ever seen so, therefore, much like BLM/ANTIFA crime, none of it exists.

Of course, BLM/ANTIFA attacking, on a daily basis, numerous US cities (all controlled by Democrats), including federal buildings is of NO concern to all these candy-asses. All that needs to be done to solve that problem is deny and ignore it. Their lives and property, of course, is far more important than anything that belongs to any of us.

It just reinforces the realization that none of the Leftist politicos or media could stand to live in the natural result of their policies in lower-middle class and poor neighborhoods.
Merely witnessing a few people walking around their workplace is nothing compared with watching as addict moms leave babies unattended in alleys when they go inside to trade sex for drugs…..daily.
It’s nothing compared with finding a gutted human (drug mule) in your own trash in the alley after a broken condom killed him.
It’s nothing compared to seeing a laser-sited gun aiming at your own bedroom window at night.
It’s nothing compared to being trapped in your own condo complex by men armed with guns at every exit while their dealer gets resupplied.

The homeless explosion meant your doors all got “checked” multiple times a day to see if any were open so theft could take place; your laundry room’s electricity is stolen regularly; you literally have to ask people to move so you can open the door and get your car.
The addicted homeless are even worse, following you in if possible, trying to hit you so as to rob you, aggressively begging as a means of getting you to show them where you keep your cash, etc.

These pussycats on the Left love to create these nightmares, but they couldn’t stand to live immersed in them.
Not for a day.

This type of rhetoric is extremely dangerous.

The only worst then Jan 6th gave us was a President worst then Obama(Joe Biden)and who is the Screwball in the Buffalo Hat

Given most of us, legally, voted for one of the best and most effective Presidents of all time, it’s rather expected that an illegitimate government installed by the FBI and corporate money would have to manufacture a new “J ew” for it’s rabid cultists to hate, and eventually eradicate.

The Left is backwards, 20th Century totalitarianism at it’s worst.

Trump exposed the filth for what it was: corrupt autocratic rule.

Trump will continue to fight, as will the majority of Americans who reject Biden as anything more than a not-the-president puppet.

On January 6th, a lunatic who lost an election sent a mob to the Capitol to stop the constitutional process that would remove him from office. They violently laid siege to the building, broke through doors and window, beat police officers, and forced our elected officials to be evacuated. People died as a result.

Is he regretful? No, he is not. He’s STILL publicly promoting lies that endanger our nation and its democracy, every time he opens his yap.

On January 6th, a unelected political party staged a false-flag in the wake of a rigged election. Through a flimsy and failed campaign to inculcate a minority of Americans, they tried to cut footage and just lie to manufacture the idea that Trump somehow caused an insurrection.

The plan was to deplatform Trump, and his 75 million legitimate voters, because Democrats are in the middle of installing a one-party totalitarian police state.

Open doors, FBI goons, and antifa cameramen completely destroy the notion of the Big Lie of January 6th. Unarmed protestors walking along ropes. Not white kids making sh*t balloons, blinding officers with lasers, annexing parts of a city…nothing every close.

Trump is publicly voicing the truth, and defending democracy. The Lefts hold on “Truth, Inc” is long gone, and they only way they can respond is with despotism.

Good luck with that, greg. You’ve already lost. We do not suffer tyrants.

People thinking as you do and spouting such words are the sort that could turn into America’s own red-white-and-blue-camouflaged version of the Taliban. The real-world results are always the same. The only difference is in the details of the underlying delusion.

You can’t even write those words without showing you don’t believe them.

I am American. I support and defend free and fair elections. I support all voices, and silence none. I oppose unelected bureaucrats having power in the government, and vote for Democrats and Republicans alike.

You support coherence to a static system of 20th Century legacy authority that doesn’t exist. You are backwards, racist, and totalitarian.

Trump is me. Trump is simply American. He’s not important beyond that.

Biden is bought, installed, white, racist, and the actual problem in this county: an unelected government who thinks they know best.

The real world results of your ignorance are always the same, greg. Always.

Good luck in framing your tyranny by calling me the “Taliban” because I’m calling you out on your bullshit.

I think you boys at the FBI actually believe your programming, at this point.

Your the aggressor. We free-thinking Americans are not.

“It’s no longer about who gets to vote… it’s about who gets to count the vote”

“We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Dictator Biden

If there’s any comparison, you twit, it’s that you and your ilk are the Empire, and we’re the noble Alliance from Star Wars.

Sorry, greg. You want a totalitarian state.