Why do democrats continue to argue that people of color are stupid?


It is the dawn of the democrat drama queens. They all are of a single mind. It’s the end of the world as we know it.





Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA)

Casey said, “Ali, we’re — we’ve reached a point now with these Supreme Court decisions and with the advent of all of these…voter suppression bills throughout the country, where we’re at a point of no return. We’re either going to preserve our democracy and thereby protecting voting rights or protecting voter rights to preserve the democracy or we’re not. It’s — we’ve come to, I think, a point where Democrats have to stand up and get something done. Now, I think we can do that. Because it’s apparent to me that Republicans are just going to endorse these voter suppression bills. And at its core, we should just be blunt about this, at its core, these voter suppression bills are about white supremacy. And unfortunately, it seems like the Republican Party is becoming a one or two-issue agenda party where they seem to be only interested in stopping Joe Biden’s programs, especially on these caregiving issues and supporting voter suppression bills.”

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO)

“It can’t be made any clearer: Black, brown, and Indigenous people are going to lose their ability to vote for the change that we need to literally save our lives if the Senate doesn’t abolish the filibuster and pass our agenda,”

DNC Chair Jamie Harrison

“This was a kick to the gut. It really was,” Harrison said of the ruling. “And I think Justice Kagan, in her dissent, put it perfectly. In essence, what the court did when they made their decision, they poured old poison into new bottles. We know the poison of Jim Crow. We know what has happened in the past, in terms of how minorities in this country have not always enjoyed the same voting rights that other Americans have.”

CNN  Masturbator in Chief Jeffrey Toobin:

The voting rights is very different. This is life or death for the democracy. This is about whether the people are going to control their government, or the government is going to decide how the democracy works or doesn’t work. And I just think one of them is an existential crisis for the United States, and the other seems like it’s going to be worked out.

Sweet Mother of Mercy, give me a freaking break, you morons.

All these dumbasses are arguing that people of color are not an intelligent as your average Mexican. Mexico requires a federally issued ID to vote. Pretty much the rest of the civilized world does as well. I loved the way in which Vernon Jones ripped apart the CNN reporter for not admitting that “drop boxes” were not in voting regulations in Georgia.

This is all, for lack of a better word, bullsh*t. Even that NY Times dipstick David Brooks admits that none of this voter integrity effort means much but even he thinks that minorities aren’t very bright:

But the research suggests the impact of all these kinds of voting changes is pretty minimal. … So, it doesn’t strike me as catastrophic. But the final thing to be said is, even though the impact is incremental, it’s disparate. African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, they are more likely to be hurt. Even though the effects aren’t big, they’re not equally shared across all groups. So, on the whole, I think the court made a mistake, but it’s probably not a catastrophic one.”

Truth be known, they all know better. The troubling reality is democrats all really think people of color are stupid and unable to do simple things, like securing a voter ID.

They’re not.

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Why do NON Democrats continue to argue that they AREN’T?

The dems were the slavers, jim crow, invented the kkk, were anti civilrights and thought that blacks were stupid for about two hundred years. This is a continuation of an old story, only the names have changed.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. From what I see on the news and in Congress, they’re probably right

No one can give me a valid reason why a voter registration doesn’t expire. You renew your license plate every year. Your drivers license every four years. All kinds of licenses have expiring dates. Most of the over vote problem would be solved if voters had to go to the Clerks office every seven years or so and register to vote again. Clean up the voter rolls!

I wouldn’t call POC stupid maybe a insane, because they seem to vote the same way for over 50 years and continue to expect a different outcome.

The Democrats founded the KKK they sold,traded, abused saves and Separated Families they also lynched Blacks and burned Crosses and LBJ said WE’LL HAVE THEM N******S VOTING DEMOCRAT FOR THE NEXT 200 YEARS

Johnson said that to his black chauffeur, also.

Because ALL Dumb Old C U N Ts are BRAINLESS!

The fact they keep voting for Dems repeatedly seems to prove they are stupid.

Lying thieving democrats believe that because their supporters of color vote for them. Not all supporters, but so many.

Gee… lying about voting and elections. I seem to remember someone accused of inciting an insurrection for saying such things.

“Democrats have to stand up and get something done.”

“we need to literally save our lives ”

“This is life or death for the democracy.”

“an existential crisis for the United States”

Clearly sounds like a call to violence and you don’t even have to remove context or alter the statements to make it appear so. Certainly no calls to “peacefully march”.

In the past, racism and prejudice spread because we were segregated and didn’t get much interaction with those of other races unless it was a chance encounter. If that was a bad encounter, that formed the basis of one’s view of the rest of the race.

Today we are far more integrated and see a more favorable cross section of cultures and races. Since there are more good people than bad, racism begins to recede and die out. Unless, of course, someone prefers to cultivate racial divisiveness.

Democrats, however, do not get out among the people but, instead, only see the POC that have chosen to join them and their way of governance. White Democrat leaders are immersed in a pool consisting of Maxine Waters, Jackson-Lee, AOC, Omar, Tlaib, Booker, Castro, Pressley, etc. No WONDER they believe ALL blacks and Hispanics to be stupid. STUPID is all they see.

if one looks at the history of the demorat party, a linage of behavior is cataloged in four entities: whoremanship, murder, buggery, and acts of sedition and treason. Simple: fdr died in his mistresses bed, kennedy was a complete whore only to be eclipsed by whore dog billy. the gay muslin terrorist liked men, the career veggie brain, pedophile likes young girls, bet he is a closet gay. AND all have engaged in the murder of civilians -whore dog billy’s- alleged Waco insurrection. Oh! must not forget the slut hillary selling intel to jihadi, troop movement and the killing of a US Ambassador. There is No Cure for Stupidity and the congressional demorats have perpetuated this same line of crap and garbage every day.

I think Dems, especially white Dems, are frantically trying to stay relevant as their own blacks are increasingly marginalizing them.
Take what happened to Bill Maher on his own show the other day. MSNBC “Cross Connection” host Tiffany Cross told him to “stay in his own lane, and not ever try to tell people of color what should or should not offend them.” https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2021/06/27/msnbcs-cross-to-bill-maher-you-do-not-get-to-tell-people-of-color-what-they-should-or-should-not-be-offended-by-stay-in-your-lane/
BTW, as blacks demand to be validated for their views, no matter how dumb, they only provide more proof of hos stupid it is to reject (as “white”) things like math, reason, grammar, and logic.