What Now – Part 2: Solution to Fraud? Pact of Secession


Earlier in the week I asked the question:  What if Proof of 2020 Presidential Election Fraud Develops? In it I mentioned a number of remedies that have been widely talked about from impeachment to a Pentagon coup to rioting in the streets.

None of those is an ideal solution. Indeed, the first wouldn’t correct the problem, the second would turn the United States into a third world banana republic and the last would bring about a modern version of the bloody chaos that characterized post revolutionary France.

No, an ideal solution would reverse the inauguration of Joe Biden and inaugurate Donald Trump as the rightful president and do so while maintaining our Constitutional Republic.

As such, there is another option that could theoretically do that, and thanks to TV shows from Perry Mason to Law & Order it’s based on concepts most Americans are familiar with: “fraud vitiates everything” and “fruit of the poison tree”.  The former, based on the Supreme Court ruling UNITED STATES v. THROCKMORTON (98 US 61 – Supreme Court 1878); states that “There is no question of the general doctrine that fraud vitiates the most solemn contracts, documents, and even judgments.” That essentially means that in contracts – and an election is nothing if not a contract – fraud makes them invalid. Everyone knows if you sign a contract based on fraudulent information, that contract is invalid.  Further, from that comes “void ab initio” which means that fraud from the beginning taints everything resulting from it.  No doubt most of us have heard a TV lawyer seeking to throw out evidence against their client because the search itself or the information upon which the warrant was based, was fraudulent.  It’s called the doctrine of “Fruit of a poison tree” from NARDONE V. UNITED STATES, (308 U.S. 338 – Supreme Court 1939) which states that if a tree is poisonous, so too is its fruit. (H/T to Andrea Widburg, Donna Palen and Al Simon)

All of this means that once the fraud is demonstrated, the election is invalid; Joe Biden is legally not president and every action of the Biden administration has undertaken is void as if it never happened.  That of course has never been done in a presidential election but it’s occurred a handful of times in lower elections.  The fly in the ointment of course is that all of this it requires a court, and eventually the Supreme Court to rule that the election was indeed fraudulent.  Given the Supreme Court’s general (but very selective) reluctance to wade into political areas – particularly highly volatile ones – and this particular Court’s demonstrated cowardice, it’s unlikely that they would even consider the matter.

Which I think, leaves us with this:  If the Constitution provides no specific remedy to the bastardization of the Constitution itself, something new must be done.  As the Founding Fathers did in 1776, it may be necessary to rewrite the playbook. And that rewritten playbook, while not a new Declaration of Independence, is a tentative Pact of Secession. This pact would be among the states whose rightful votes should have gone to Donald Trump. These states should make it clear that the rights of their citizens to a Constitutional federal government have been infringed upon and if Congress does not remedy the situation they will, in unison, secede.

This Pact would not literally be secession… it would be the announcement of a proposed action that Congress would have the opportunity to avoid by rectifying the demonstrated Constitutional deficits of the 2020 election.  The reality is there is no blueprint for rectifying those deficits, but that is because Congress, the states and the Supreme Court allowed an unconstitutional inauguration to occur in the first place.  Nonetheless, the theft of the highest office in the land simply cannot stand.  As New York, California and a variety of blue states are seeing play out in their streets today, if you allow thieves to steal with impunity, if you allow thugs to harass and assault with impunity, you get more of each. The same holds true with the fraud of an election and the usurping of the apparatus of government and the coercive powers that come with it. If this theft is allowed to stand then no American can go forward with confidence in the nation’s elections and the system based on them.  Once again, the Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper. It is the citizens’ loyalty to that Constitution and the system built upon it that make it work. The proof of that can be seen in the fact that the old Soviet Union, Cuba, China and most other dictatorships regularly have constitutions that promise freedoms and rights to their citizens that are rarely actually respected. Words on a paper mean nothing if the government is not bound by them and the citizens have no confidence in them.

This is, as the British might say, a bloody mess. Indeed the last time secession played a pivotal role in American history that’s exactly what we got.  This however does not have to be that. Spurred by a Pact of Secession, Congress will have an opportunity, in concert with the states themselves, to address the demonstrated fraud and rectify the deficit of the election of 2020 in a cool, logical and peaceful manner.  But they need to understand that once the fire from the smoke of November 4th is demonstrated, the American people will not sit idly by and watch their Constitution shredded.  Too many have paid too high a price so that Americans could live under the umbrella of liberty it provides to allow such a transgression to prevail.

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The reason the courts and even some Republicans didn’t want to touch this hairy problem is because the solution would be painful. No one knows exactly how to handle it. It should have been resolved before the certification, but few wanted to touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Declaring it void, especially at this point, would be catastrophic, something the left dotes on. They love a crisis because they exploit them; it’s what they do in lieu of doing anything positive for the country. The solution is to prevent the filibuster from being voided, prevent the Supreme Court from being flooded with activist liberal justices and overwhelmingly win the 2022 election and then attack with all possible lawful force the seditionist Democrats.

I hate to be a downer, but this will not happen. Fact is that the baby boomer generation, the largest generation in history is now a minority. There are two succeeding generations of voting age. Anyone under the age of 40 was not taught the American History that we were. They have no concept of what they have lost. They have no concept of taking responsibility and suffering the consequences of their own actions. They expect the government to indemnify them against their own stupidity. Thus, the American public will go back to their computers and video games and let someone else worry about the future of the country. One of my oldest friends voted for China Joe because Trumps tweets were so appalling. He said he just wanted the fighting to end. His grand children and great grandchildren will curse his name and ours for a hundred years.

People focus on formal solutions.
But there have always been both formal and informal organizations and solutions.
Deep State is a good example of the power of the informal organization thwarting a sitting president in Donald Trump.
But informally, we can invalidate the Biden presidency if it is proven his “win” was a cheat/
People can simply ignore all his mandates and his policies.
Laws that Congress passes and Biden signs can be challenged thru the courts.
The 2022 election can prove to be a landslide against both Biden as well as the globalist GOPe.
From then on, the rest of Biden’s time in office will be a waste of time, whether it is Biden or Harris as president.

But, the most important thing we must do right now, is prevent election frauds in the future.

It’s already a waste of time. And a waste of A LOT of taxpayer money. No matter what, the fraud the Democrats committed has resulted in a lot of chaos, misery and danger to the nation. The ultimate goal is to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Excuse me, but would not the author’s “Pact of Secession” be sedition? And would not any/all state leaders signing onto such a pact prima facie be guilty of partaking in a conspiracy to commit sedition? Look! I firmly believe that last November’s election was stolen in what may easily be THE MOST FRAUDULENT ELECTION in all of HISTORY! No tin pot dictator EVER got away with anything EVEN CLOSE to what the left pulled off last fall. But we are so far out in constitutional terra incognita that you could not see the known part of the map from geosynchronous orbit! I do not KNOW what the solution might be but I do not believe that any seditious conspiracy would fail to be quashed like a bug under a 500 lb man’s heel! If so honorable a man as George freaking Washington – himself the military leader of a successful rebellion – did not hesitate to rally yhe troops and – PERSONALLY- ride out to quash what is called the “Whiskey Rebellion”, then do you have any doubt that the fawning lackeys running today’s armed forces would sally if ordered by Dopey/Gropey Joe? And I guarantee today’s NCOs and junior officers would find little – if anything – to argue with about orders to put down such a rebellion. Of course that presupposes it even got that far. You freaking KNOW that when the arrangements for the meeting of state leaders.to sign such a pact was being made some leftist weasel would rat them out! And please do not tell me you do not believe that before the pact could be signed a crew from the Department of INJustice would swoop in and arrest the signers!

Sorry, people, but there is a fundamental law of the universe – at least as fundamental as planck’s constant – that goes something like “Once something is f**ked it CANNOT be UN-f**ked! And from where I sit the republic is well and truly f**ked!

Plus, any sort of widespread civil conflict would attract foreign adversaries to take advantage. It may come to that, but certainly not optimal.

I’m afraid the succession of Donald Trump and his followers from reality is a fait accompli.

Voter turnout was huge, and the man lost the election by a lot. His popularity has declined even more since then. His final in-office Gallop approval rating, as of January 15, 2021, was only 34 percent.

THAT’S reality.

Massive fraud, massive and widespread cheating by Democrats. I doubt the idiot Biden got 60 million votes that were cast by actual citizens who were actually alive at the time of the election.

So, how about the product of that fraud? The whore Kamala fails miserably in Guatemala, Mexico and on the border, lies, laughs and then hides. Then the idiot Biden embarrasses every US citizen by showing the world WHY he needed so much fraud to steal a victory. He is a joke and the world is laughing. My God, I dread him facing Putin, someone he has been praising lately. How about that? You claimed Trump was Putin’s puppet when he gave him some compliments, you feel the same about the corrupt criminal idiot Biden, who has had his son peddling his influence all over the world? You must be so proud of this stupid, stammering, blankly staring fool representing the United States.

Putin gave Trump a lot more than compliments. He gave him a covert and carefully targeted disinformation and false news social media operation that helped to get him elected.

You don’t understand what Donald Trump gave him in return because you have rejected any and every source of information that has reported on it.

You have it exactly backwards, of course. Putin provided Hillary false information to use against Trump, which the Democrats used to persecute Trump throughout his term even though they KNEW it was all false. Putin would have LOVED to have the blackmailable Hillary as President, just as they will abuse and outmaneuver the weak idiot Biden.

June 15, 2021 – Trump Pressed The Justice Department To Reverse The Election Results, Documents Show


The results were the results of fraud. Now we have a bumbling idiot embarrassing the nation abroad and destroying it at home.

You’re backing the fraud. The GOP has turned into a deceptive facade that covers and enables fraud. All they and their media tools do is keep their base deluded, angry, and polarized, so that they can harness that energy and use it to the advantage of wealth and power. They don’t actually do a damn thing for the common man that doesn’t in some way further that primary goal.

To whatever extent they can get away with it, they’d take away Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. They really have no use for such progressive social programs. They’d turn public education into a means of perpetuating their own control and power. THEY’RE the ones who would separate history from reality. They would deprive women of control over their own bodies and reproductive function, using their own brand of religious fundamentalism as the weapon to do it. They wouldn’t do a damn thing to deal with systemic racism, which they deny even exists. They’ll cut taxes on the wealthiest people and the biggest corporations while letting the infrastructure go totally to hell, because they don’t look any further into the future than the point where they’ll no longer personally be a part of it. They figure future generations can look out for themselves.

Succession? What you’re actually talking about there is the destruction of the nation. That might make Vladimir Putin smile, but it certainly wouldn’t in the best interests of the American people. Look at Texas, under republican majority control. These idiots are trying to overturn and election that their head idiot CLEARLY LOST, even if it destroys faith in democratic elections in the process. If partisan legislatures were to overturn an election just because they didn’t like the outcome, NOBODY would EVER trust the results of any elections again. The democratic process would never get its credibility back. That might actually be the entire point. We’d be having TOKEN elections, like they have in Putin’s Russia.

Consider what you would get if THAT happened. The republicans in Texas can’t even effectively regulate an independent power grid. They can’t even guarantee they’ll keep the lights turned on. You sure as hell can’t blame the “regulatory overreach” of the federal government for THAT.

As for the guy in the photo at the top of the page—he’s a raving lunatic with a gun. Forget the flag. Forget the uniform. It could be any flag or uniform. In fact, the altered image was taken from a SEGA video game. He’s actually somebody else’s raving lunatic.
comment image

You’ve been asked numerous times to explain just one of the credible examples of fraud, the phony “water main break” in Atlanta and the secret counting that ensued. You can’t. You don’t even try. You simply ignore it. You have no credibility on the matter and, worse, you KNOW you don’t, so you simply ignore it and hope it will go away.

Not only is this idiot Biden administration a massive failure, but it’s a fraud as well, brought about by nothing but lies.