What Now – Part 1: What if We Find The Fire From the Smoke of Election Fraud?


If the last month has taught us anything, today’s conspiracy theory could easily be tomorrow’s common sense truth. The speed at which the Wuhan Lab theory as the source of the Covid virus went from “thoroughly debunked” to “Viable” and “Probable” in the media was extraordinary. Indeed, the media scorned the possible source of the most economically destructive virus in history – one that is credited with killing 3 million people – because they didn’t like the then-President of the United States!

Despite the fact that the lab in Wuhan was one of the only places on earth where scientists were studying such viruses, that 3 Wuhan employees went to the hospital in November 2019 with what turned out to be Covid symptoms, that the NIH had actually been funding “gain of function” research in Wuhan focusing specifically on the transmission of such viruses to humans… we were told the Wuhan “China virus” theory was a racist conspiracy theory!

As much damage as Covid did – and far worse, the “lockdowns” it was used to inflict – that’s nothing compared to the damage another “conspiracy” has done and will do. That, of course, is the “thoroughly debunked” notion that the election of 2020 was stolen, and that Joe Biden is in the Oval Office today because of election fraud. But of course that’s just some tin hat conspiracy theory. We’ve been told that “There’s no evidence of election fraud” and Trump “Lost Nearly 60 Election Fights In Court.” The latter of course is fiction.

Given that we heard similar things for the last year about the origins of Covid, the question is, what happens when proof unequivocally demonstrates that the election was indeed stolen?

The smoke for that conclusion has been around since the wee hours of November 4th. The stopped counting in key states on election night. Mark Zuckerberg’s wholesale purchase of the voting apparatus in key states and counties. The unconstitutional changes to voting laws that crisscrossed the country… many empowered by the politicization of Covid… And then of course there is TIME magazine piece that laid out in black and white the “inside story of the conspiracy to save the 2020 election”, chronicling widespread coordination of everyone from the Democrat party, Silicon Valley, BLM, unions, the Chamber of Commerce and various other players to get rid of Donald Trump.

All that has been missing has been the CSI level proof of the fire itself. Of course given the depth and breadth of the Swamp, it may never come to light. But then it might. Currently in Arizona and Wisconsin audits are being done of the 2020 election.

So let’s imagine that somehow, integrity rules the day and both states under audit produce rock solid proof that the election in their states was stolen; what then? Technically, nothing. Arizona had 11 electoral votes and Wisconsin had 10. Together they represent 21 electoral votes and Joe Biden was declared winner by 74 votes. In order for anything to change there must be a difference of at least 38 votes flipped from Biden to Trump.

But let’s say even one of those states produces demonstrable proof of election fraud. At that point the Republican legislatures of other battleground states that exhibited strange activity on election night… Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan would be under a great deal of pressure to look into the integrity of their own elections. Suddenly, with an additional 52 electoral votes in play, things look a bit different.

Let’s further assume that the legislatures of Georgia and Pennsylvania determine that there was sufficient fraud in their states to flip the state’s vote to Donald Trump. With Arizona and Wisconsin those states would bring the total to 57 electoral votes flipped from Biden to Trump, changing the totals to 249 to 289 and leaving Trump with a majority.

What then? Can a state reverse its electoral vote after certification and counting? Can states recall their electors post inauguration? Can Congress meet and redo the vote count six months after an inauguration? None has ever been done and there is nothing in the Constitution about doing so. Can the House impeach the President for the fraud? Even if the GOP controlled the Senate a conviction would be unlikely because there’s probably little to connect Joe Biden with the actual fraud done on his behalf.

Can the Supreme Court order a new election? While the Constitution gives the Court no such power, in the Bizarro world of modern America that certainly seems to be no barrier. It is unlikely, however, as the Justices had two clear opportunities to resolve this problem and did nothing. When Pennsylvania Republicans sued seeking to throw out the clearly unconstitutional changes to voting law, the Court demurred. Unconstitutional changes such as these are of course the very basis for the Texas lawsuit that the Supreme Court refused to hear after the election. One state allowing their election to be stolen does indeed negatively impact the rights of citizens of another state if that activity results in a fraudulent president who runs the government of the United States under which all American citizens are governed.

Once the fraud has been demonstrated, America is going to find itself in a situation where it doesn’t appear that there is any Constitutional remedy in place. Are Americans simply supposed to acquiesce to the theft and allow the fraudulent president to be the actual president for the next three years?

No. That would be like a thief stealing your identity and looting your bank account and then once discovered, being allowed to keep it because, as we all remember from elementary school, “possession is 9/10ths of the law.” That was wrong in elementary school and it’s wrong in the Oval Office.

What can be done when the Constitution doesn’t address a bastardization of the constitutional process? Does a military junta take control and put Donald Trump back in the Oval Office? Umm… No! Does the 25th Amendment somehow come into play? No, because that would not remedy the situation. Does Biden resign? Unlikely, and again, it wouldn’t remedy the situation.

A Convention of the States as outlined by Article V of the Constitution? Maybe, but that’s a long process and would likely not occur within the timeframe of the next election.

How about a shadow government? Does Donald Trump build a replica of the Oval Office at Mar-a-Lago and show the world what a real president would do in whatever circumstances the imposter president finds himself in?

Do true patriots take to the streets and use violence and intimidation to wreak havoc from sea to shining sea the way BLM and Antifa did last year, and maintain it until the Democrats capitulate?

None of those ideas is an ideal solution. An ideal solution would essentially reverse the inauguration of Joe Biden and inaugurate Donald Trump as the rightful president.

Many pundits are suggesting that Republicans should dig deep and focus on 2022, both at the local and the state level so that the GOP can take back the House and the Senate. While that’s true, it’s not sufficient because it doesn’t address the fraud in the first place.

If it’s possible to steal the presidency with impunity, what office in the nation is beyond reach? The simple answer is none, and that matters because the government has police power and once the Constitution becomes superfluous, the coercive powers of government suddenly have no limits. And for those who say that the Constitution still stands, the Constitution is nothing more than a piece of paper. It is the citizens’ loyalty to that Constitution and the system built upon it that make it work.

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Best scenario, I think, is prove the fraud, which takes the wind out of the “Republicans are suppressing the vote” narrative. This is a really important step.

Take back the house and the Senate by veto proof majorities in 2022. Effectively, reduce Dog-Face and Pony Soldier’s role to a ceremonial one. And start reversing the EOs through proper legislation.

Then start putting the people who perpetrated the fraud on death row for treason. Expedite appeals. Then PUBLIC executions.

Exactly right. Apparently, the Founders never envisioned people as corrupt and despicable as the current Democrats, aided and abetted by a corrupt media, pulling off such a coup. There isn’t a solution that restores justice.

So, in a perfect world, the fraud is exposed and the media is rendered impotent as, finally, a majority of citizens disregard them and their lies altogether. Democrats are swept from the field in 2022, except for much of California, New York and Washington. But a strong majority allows Republicans and the few Democrats that actually serve the people to enact laws that would not only prevent the same fraud from happening again, but address the means to address the outcome if (when) the leftist Democrats figure out another way to steal an election.

We already have enough evidence to justify laws that prohibit the methods of fraud utilized in 2020 and many states are taking action. However, when we reach the point that laws have to be passed to mandate following laws, we are in trouble… which we are. Democrats are fighting tooth and nail (and their propaganda arm is in full support) any exposure and obstruction to the fraud they put to good effect in 2020. This, too, is all the evidence we really need to make our elections more secure.

Our government relies heavily on our representatives acting in good faith. It became full of the most faithless and disreputable representatives we have ever seen. The fraud needs to be exposed and the fraudsters kicked out of government. Only then can they truly be held to account.

“Only then can they truly be held to account.” Can’t happen until the Swamp is drained. Trump was unable to do that in 4 years and probably couldn’t even with another 4 unless something really special is done….Nuremberg style trials in the US anyone?

If ever someone with the desire to serve the public as Trump did comes along again, they will have to do as the idiot Biden has done; anyone with a suspicion of disloyalty should be replaced with a loyal (i.e. “American”) person. Trump should have done the same, but he trusted too much; he didn’t know the extent of the swamp.

Maybe it’s just a start. According to Judicial Watch 353 counties in 29 states had voter registration exceeding 100%.
However no matter what happens the left and it’s Democrat media complex will protest and smear.
It’s what they do.

Voters who move from one location to another don’t contact the counties where they were formerly registered to report they’ve left. There’s no interstate mechanism whereby new registrations in one state are reported to the registrant’s prior state of residence, precisely because this is all handled at a county level. There’s no national voter database, as there should be. Consequently, such apparent discrepancies are built into the system. The don’t imply registration or election fraud.

Judicial Watch’s conclusion that this results from “blindly ballots and ballot applications” is total bullshit.

And the Democrats fight purging voter rolls of those who have died or moved away and exploit the excess registrations for fraudulent votes. That’s why signature verification was opposed and ignored in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. That’s why the Democrats cling to widespread vote by mail; it makes fraud easy, as it did in 2020.

Keep reaching greggie. There was not that many people who moved from the states in questions.

The Judicial Watch “study” claims there are 1.8 million “extra voters”, because the total of all registered voters in 29 states exceeds the total population of eligible voters in those by that amount. Do you REALLY believe that the CUMULATIVE TOTAL of living voters who have at some point moved out of on of the 29 states and registered in another without contacting their original registration board to have their names removed is less than 1.8 million?

NOBODY calls to report that they’ve left. That doesn’t make them “extra voters”. They don’t cast ballots at their original locations.

The entire Judicial Watch claim revolves around a stupid assumption, as readers would realize if they engaged their brains and actually thought about it.


The “legal” fraud is the real issue.

6 billion dollars from corporate and bank donations? Not democracy.

Paying a poor person for their ballot? That’s not democracy.

Trusting young and poor people to vote outside of what Oprah or Whoopie or Lemon tell them to think? That’s not democracy.

Basic hurdles to voting need to be in place to prevent Democrats from using propaganda to engineer the Tyranny of the Majority.

If one candidate wins by cheating, that candidate is disqualified and the second place candidate wins. Biden would be disqualified where cheating was proven.

The fire has already been found — the investigators have internet traffic messages which are the digital equivalent of fingerprints of the fraud that occurred. There’s no “what if” left for this, there’s only getting the news out by bypassing the corrupt news media which probably means getting it into a court record, which will happen sooner or later………….

I got the “Trump only won one out of 60 lawsuits” horse manure from a lefty claiming voter fraud was “debunked.”
I sent him here and he shut up:
2020 Presidential Election Lawsuits Related to Election Integrity

Furthermore, there were over 100,000 cases of voter fraud found in Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas).
•Over 42,000 people voted more than once.
•At least 1,500 dead people are recorded as voting
•More than 19,000 people voted even though they didn’t live in Nevada
This has NEVER been refuted; only ignored:

Steven “Louder with” Crowder followed up on some of these voter fraud claims in Nevada and confirmed them:

It is time for all good men to come to the aid of their Country.