TRUMP 2024 – Liberals Worst Nightmare


Trump’s private Boeing 757 airplane is currently in the shop getting a spectacular paint job and some new Rolls-Royce engines. The Democrats are in a panic mode. Trump 1.0 was a blessing for America and all the God-fearing, Bible reading, gun toting patriots spread from sea to shining sea. Trump 2.0 in 2024 will make America great again after the disastrous quasi presidency of Joe Biden and his sidekick snarky Harris.

Can you imagine Trump 2.0? During his first presidency he assumed that both parties and the media would totally support his efforts to make American great. I think that he was genuinely surprised when cowardly, rabid, hyenas from both parties aided and abetted by a hostile media attacked him before he and his lovely wife got off the escalator in Trump Tower. They hated Trump with so much intensity that they poisoned their own soul. Trump made America great again, and it made Democrats sick both mentally and physically. Liberals drank the poison of hate and then hoped that Trump would die from the concoction that they ingested.

Trump 2.0 is the liberals worst nightmare. Rumors of his triumphant return haunts their nightly dreams, makes them sweat profusely and howl at the moon. (Tip from Larry: Conservatives who married a liberal should probably sleep in a different room.) Trump spent four years fighting the swamp creatures, and now he knows each one of those dreadful invertebrates by name. Trump 1.0 surrounded himself with too many spineless advisers who morphed into slimy, repulsive, reptilian cowards who betrayed him and then lied on CNN to make a fast buck. Trump 2.0 won’t make those same mistakes.

Trump 2.0 will spend the first day of his new presidency eliminating the 70+ Executive Orders that Biden signed without reading. He will successfully complete that task before lunch. Then Trump will call the leaders of China, Russia and Iran and tell them, “There’s a new sheriff in town, and he ain’t happy with the way you’ve been treating our allies.” During lunch, Trump will task engineers to complete the southern border wall within 10 days. ICE will return to the border with additional personnel and a new mission to stop illegal immigrants from crossing into America. Trump will immediately strengthen our military forces and ensure that all branches are combat ready. The parasites who infested the military and lectured U.S. Marines on worthless diversity training will be cleaning latrines at Ft. Leavenworth. That’s a fact Jack. Trump will also ensure that the Keystone XL Pipeline is completed as soon as possible and then start spending the billions of porkulus dollars allocated for “improving the infrastructure” on actually improving the infrastructure in our country. Trump 2.0 will also support all the wonderful and brave men and women in law enforcement. He will ensure that those who do the crime will do the time that they actually deserve.

Trump 2.0 is the liberals worst nightmare because he stands for truth, justice and the American way. Americans want the truth. We can handle the truth. We are a proud nation filled with amazing people. We are tired of the lies spread by the Democratic Party and the talking heads oozing propaganda nightly on mainstream media. We desperately need a legitimate leader back in the White House.

If you listen real close you can hear those Rolls-Royce engines warming up. The sight of that magnificent plane doing a flyby over the White House would be a welcome sight to 100 million Americans. That will happen; God willing and the creek don’t rise.

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I pray for that day to come!


President Trump v2.0, I can hardly wait. BuckFiden and Heels-up Harris have seriously damaged our precious country.


Would it be true. As far as law enforcement, in a second term he needs to get rid of that worthless Jared and concentrate on appointing US Attorneys that enforce the law and know what the Constitution is. This is a wishlist that’s not going to happen. I wish he would raise freighter loads of money and give it to real conservatives both in the primaries and the general.

Thats why the Democ-Rats are trying to have Trump Persicuted on Fake Charges their afraid if he wins in 2024 he will thwart the plans of the Globalists the CFR and the UN as well the Sate of New York needs to fire their DA and AG as well

New York prosecutors are treating the Trump Organization like it’s the mob

Can Trump Run for President From Prison?”

This is a question, since—as Trump himself observed—many of his worshipful followers would vote for him even if he shot a man on Fifth Avenue.

We’ve been told of Trump numerous egregious crimes for 4 years. Why hasn’t he already been prosecuted and imprisoned?

Because the DoJ deemed any sitting president to be IMMUNE from criminal prosecution, Sherlock, which effectively put him beyond the reach of the law for 4 years.

In theory, the impeachment clauses of the U.S. Constitution would still act as a check to protect the nation and its people against a lawless president, but Trump effectively neutralized Congress by abusing his official powers of office to obstruct investigations, and by methodically terrorizing the Republican Senate majority into a state of spineless obedience.

Since the office was Trump’s only shield, he even went so far as to attempt to overturn the results of a fair and legitimate election process by unconstitutional means. That reached its unsuccessful culmination on December 6th—an serious incident which Republicans are presently doing everything in their power to block any methodical bipartisan investigation of.

Anyone who thinks this man is going to make some sort of 2024 political comeback is crazy. Trump’s 4-year untouchable status has ended. He can no longer use his official powers to intimidate witnesses. He can no longer hold out any hope of a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card to accomplices in return for their silence. To whatever extent they’re implicated and can themselves be prosecuted, they’ve become a liability to their master.

There is no doubt a rabid anti Trump prosecutor can come up with something for an indictment. As the saying goes you can indict a ham sandwich. If they pull it off it will be a nuisance that our rabid media will hype until it all plays out. The goal is to stop Trump at any cost. Which we’ve seen before. You bet big on Mueller and LOST. Looks like you are ready to double down.

Yet, as the corrupt, anti-Constitutional Democrats proved over and over, they could have impeached him at any time for anyTHING. So, why didn’t they impeach him for collusion? Or obstruction? See below for answer.


Only towards the end of his term, when Democrats were DESPERATE to destroy the most successful President in recent history, did they sink to impeachment for shit they just made up, taking cues from idiot Biden’s illegal activities.

Now, Democrats remain so afraid of Trump’s leadership, which makes all Democrats look impotent, that they continue to try and find the crime to match the person.

The scum Obama succeeded in making the DOJ a political weapon, like the GESTAPO. They don’t care about idiot Biden and his family peddling US influence; they want to continue to investigate Trump to desperately try to find SOMETHING to attack him with. Sharpton doesn’t pay his taxes? No problem. Abrams doesn’t pay her taxes? No problem. Kerry evades his taxes? No problem. Cuomo kills seniors and tries to cover it up? No problem. Hillary destroys 33,000 State Department emails under subpoena? No problem. Jussie Smollett commits a hate crime and gets a pass? No problem. Hillary commits perjury before the Senate on video? No problem. Biden extorts Ukraine to protect his bribes? No problem.

But they must continue to desperately search for some infraction, no matter how minor, to persecute Trump. Why? Because he put AMERICA first and threatened the corruption of the establishment and deep state.

…they could have impeached him at any time…”

Trump WAS successfully impeached—TWICE. The only reason he wasn’t convicted is because the republican Senate majority broke their Oaths of Office and their Oaths of Affirmation—TWICE.

They’re still terrified of him—so much so that they won’t allow a full bipartisan investigation of the December 6th siege of the Capitol by a mob of his followers. They won’t do this, even though it would allow them to fully investigate the alleged involvement of BLM and ANTIFA. They know full well what really happened: Trump and his tools instigated an unsuccessful effort to overturn an election that he unquestionably lost. They’re STILL pushing his lies about a stolen election, even though doing so is dangerous to American democracy and national unity. He doesn’t give a damn about that. He has made the GOP complicit.
They have become part of the cover-up. He doesn’t care how badly he damages the Republican Party, either.

Republicans can’t block the workings of the criminal justice system. If the evidence of crimes is there, Trump is going to be indicted. If a jury finds the evidence to be compelling, Trump is going to be convicted. If he’s convicted, he’s going to jail.

Unconstitutionally impeached, as in impeached for political purposes. Trump committed no impeachable crime and did not receive due process in either case. Which, proves my point: if you lying crybabies HAD a legitimate impeachable offense, Trump most absolutely would have been impeached for it. But, you didn’t and merely drummed up whatever crimes Democrats had committed to use. Of course, all pretenses of due process and respect for justice and the Constitution had to be completely disregarded and trampled. But, that’s the character of the totalitarian police state Democrats that lie, cheat and steal to “win” an election.

Your party is the party of corruption.

Dictators throw their opposition in prison, illegally.

We worship results. He provided them. I would enthusiastically support DeSantis for President because he does the same.

Funny thing is, it is the corrupt prosecutors, who ignore Democrat criminals and prosecute imaginary Republican crimes that represent the mob. The corrupt, leftist, fascist mob.

“New York prosecutors are treating the Trump Organization like it’s the mob”

Well, nothing like linking to the radically left wing Business Insider.

When will the NYC prosecutors go after Bozo Cuomo for all the seniors he is responsible for killing?

Right after they prosecute the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

The move to invent a crime to take down Trump has been ongoing, and unsuccessful, for over 4 years.

Why would it succeed now?

Prosecutors are honing in on Biden’s insider dealings with Russia and China, and charges will be made very soon.

Joe will most likely finish this 4 year period from the inside of a jail cell.

Idiot Biden might finish his term in a mental ward.

Liberals have hated America for at least 70 years! Probably 90. NY prosecutors are liberals; Don loves America, so they hate Don!

Trump has real votes, and real voters.

He can win in 2024.

That will make him both 45 and 46.

If you love America Don was clearly the best President in 28 years!
Will be such again in 2025!

I’ve enjoyed listening to Leftists pretend the country is “on the right path” while it’s being destroyed handily by Dictator Biden.

No Leftist can explain to me what’s going well.

Denial is tough.