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I have been voting for fifty years. There are no surprises here for anyone who has been paying attention. The only one thing that is different is that the Democrats have finally taken such control of the media and the educational mobocracy that they can be open about it. Before we point out the blatant racism exhibited by individuals who made the above statements let’s have someone provide a definition of racism. Once we can agree what racism is, then we can hunt them down. Or is racism, as an eminent Supreme Court Justice once posited about pornography, “ I can’t define it but I know it when I see it!” By the way, never call it the Democratic Party as the media does. It is a fascist party calling itself ‘Democratic’ because the optics are better than the truth.

Once cheating got their guy in, it’s been cheating all the way across.
After hearing how our Red states were going to gain congressional seats while blue states were going to lose them, based on the Census, Joe’s cheaters got to work on the numbers.
Watch out!
Blue states will be gaining and Red states losing even tho no one can find the people who made up this latest fantasy 2,500,000 people!

Without Democrats and their far leftist Marxist allies constantly drumming it up, there would be little or no racism in life today. The left NEEDS racism, in addition to being inherently racist themselves.

I first voted in1972. Helped give Tricky Dick his “4 more years” (to my undying shame but then what was the alternative!?). I used to vote. Saw it as some sort of duty to the republic like the decade I wore USAF stripes on my sleeves. No more. I live in San Antonio, Bexar County. Major Democrat strongholds. Why bother casting my vote only to have it washed away in a flood of Democrat shenanigans? Nope. I sat this one out and will probably continue to do so. It’s like wizzing on a forest fire. Don’t do any good and exposes your johnson to injury. Screw it!

Every thing any low IQ DEM black says is BS.
There is no other.

Thank you for visiting Sophistry Central. Don’t forget to pick up a “Stop the Steal” souvenir tee shirt on the way out. They’re a real steal at only $24.95!

Gee so touched you had time to drop by. Figured you’d be busy all day at vaccines.gum. Ol Joe is expecting you.

Don’t forget to book your flight to Germany, for your trip to Auschwitz.

There was “no evidence” of that, too…until there was.

Thanks for your usual cowardly drive by.

As is SOP, Comrade Greggie has nothing of value, intellectual or other, to concentrate to this thread. So he throws out some b/s just to be able to post something, anything.

Here is the blatant truth; Democrats are racist. So they must accuse others of being racist in order to try to cover up their own racism. Beijing Biden speaks of Jim Crow. Perhaps Comrade Greggie would like to discuss who started Jim Crow rules and what political party they belonged to.

Oh, but after all of that Democrat racism was done, they magically switched places and the Democrats party became the Republican party and vice-versa, don’cha know!
Because wishful thinking and unicorn dreams.
Sublime stupidity to be called a racist by someone who hates the color of my skin.

The people in power are encouraging massive destruction because they think that they’ll be safe in their enclaves. The problem with that is they’ll be locked inside with the lower classes – the cooks, cleaners, and other servants who will also want their stuff.

who gave chanelle helm and the domestic terrorist group the right to demand my future? very low iq and a lot of BS. recall that the demorats founded the KKK and pres wilson was a big supporter of the clan and fortified segregation in this country-democrat. no none gives a RA’s about this fantasies. notice that this all attention seeking similar to a spoiled child. wonder if any of the members of the terrorist group ever served in the military or were in real combat. old expression in Nam, ” incoming, never hide near the ammo dump.”