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So, at this point we can assume ALL blacks are race-baiting homophobes that don’t know how to behave in a hotel. Right? I mean, that’s what the left’s “critical race theory” teaches us.

Oh, by the way… why does Twitter allow this homophobic racist attack to remain up on their platform? Oh… that’s right. Homophobia, racism and personal attacks are OK as long as they are directed at a white person (I sincerely doubt this guy is a conservative; perhaps he is now).

“All Blacks” nope. Nor do I recall reading that in the piece. But here is incontrovertible evidence that AT LEAST ONE Black is a “race-baiting homophobe”. Plus he self-identified as doing it ” for the grift”! Your transparent attempt at a straw man argument “not all blacks are race-baiting homophobes therefor this race-baiting homophobic Black gets a walk” is utterly busted.

I’m merely pointing out that that is the critical race theory rule of the left, as in “all whites are racists”.

Sad. It’s time for all Americans to step back and stop letting the Left and other divide us on race.

Nothing good will come of that.

Absolutly no shame these people are the worst just looking to agutate someone to get on the News

During the Iraq war at its height, there was an election that Moqtadar al Sadr wanted to thwart.
So, some of his people caught a donkey and a couple of mentally disabled youths, rigged them with bombs and blew them up when they got up the the line of people waiting to vote.

The Left went ballistic over the death of the donkey!

This Lefty would fit right in with creeps like Moqtadar al Sadr and his sadistic followers.

No sympathy for the people unless they are “his” people.
But, watch him, he’s sadistic enough to shrink that circle of just which people are “his” people as time goes on.

I predict he will die alone and pathetic with no sympathy from anyone at all.

Leftists like PETA worry about donkey getting blown up because PETA was founded by a total Screwball Ingrid Newkirk

Calling the young man a faggot is considered a hate crime and he should go to gaol for it.

Only white Christian straight males can commit “hate crimes”, didn’t you know?