The Week in Radical Leftism, 4/23/2021


Welcome back to Day 94 of the Harris* Occupation! Since we all need a breather from it, this post will be Chauvinism free! Lots of crazy to unpack this week, so let’s get to it:

4/13 – So Congress Is Actually Talking About Paying Reparations To The Descendants Of Slaves. I Say Go For It, With A Few Conditions.

He does have a point

4/14 – The Many Dangers of the Equality Act

“Equality” has many definitions in their dictionary. In some cases it’s a means to project their racism, but in this case it’s a cover for anti-Christian bigotry.

4/15 – My WNBA Draft Question

This needs to happen if we’re going to see this insanity ever end.


You’ve got to give the Fascists running Big Tech & Big Media credit in burying this story

4/17 – Army’s New Solar Farm

Somebody did the math, and you can guess what it found

4/18 – Analysis: Scientific Survey Shows Voters Across the Political Spectrum Are Ideologically Deluded, with Trump voters least so

It is a tough quiz, with the average respondant getting 4 out of 21 correct. Not that you care, but I clicked through and got 14 correct. Would have gotten 2 or 3 more but I interpreted some of the questions differently.

4/19 – DeSantis Signs Anti-Riot Bill, Vows the ‘Mob’ Will Not ‘Win the Day’

When the split comes Sister Babe have mentioned FL as a potential landing site. Tampa was pretty cool when I lived there back in the 90s.

4/20 – Joe Biden Is Using Your Tax Dollars To Make American Kids Hate Their Country

In other words, indoctrinate an entire generation to become Democrats. Seeing the federal reach of garbage like this is why every day I believe America is heading toward a split.

4/21 – Vaccine-Hesitant Americans Aren’t Ignorant Rubes, They’re Understandably Cautious

Not that anyone cares, but I’m holding off on getting the shot as long as I can. Aside from how the last year showed the dishonesty and incompetence of people who call themselves experts and leaders, I’ve had bad experiences with the two flu shots I’ve had in my life. So I’m hesitant to ingest a high octane version of the same, and I don’t give a damn what the mascurbators think of me. Likewise, I’m not judging anyone who chooses to do so. #KeepYourLawsOffMyBody

4/22 – How Much Ruin Do We Have Left?

The always great Victor Davis Hanson gives a quick summary of what nobody wants to hear

4/23 – Earth Day is Killing Us

Friendly advice to fellow Normals: Don’t present them as an argument to any Lefties. Killing humans to them is a feature, not a bug.

Have a great weekend!

Brother Bob is no longer on Facebook (although you can see his archives there), and is winding down his presence on Twitter, but is ramping up on Minds and Gab, as well as Parler, and has his biggest presence on MeWe.

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This will be missed by most because it was a local Utah/Salt Lake City story.
A fireman/emt guy gave $10 to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund!!!
The west side fireman has not been doxed and his photo plastered on local TV.
His home shown on TV, street numbers included.
The lefty news station seemed flumouxed that he wasn’t already on “unpaid administrative leave,” for WHAT???
Presuming a man innocent until PROVEN guilty?
Helping in the accused’ defense?
And all this grief for a $10 donation!

Here’s a link:

Meant to say he has NOW been doxed, not “not” been….

My reason for refusing the vaccine is simple:
If the vaccine is so safe, why are the manufacturers shielded from liability claims?
If I were to suffer ill effects from a vaccine that was forced on me, I would sue the people using that force.

Watch this video and your heart will break.
SWAT goes to private homes and pulls out disabled people by force then……
Retarded/brain damaged Californians attacked by SWAT teams who hold them down while they are forced to be “vaccinated” with a covid shot.

Horror! California Officials Force Crying Mentally Handicapped People to Get COVID Vaccinations (VIDEO)

“4/13 – So Congress Is Actually Talking About Paying Reparations To The Descendants Of Slaves. I Say Go For It, With A Few Conditions.”

My conditions are that, since slavery was a Democrat institution, supported and protected by Democrats and all the institutionalized racism was a product of Democrats, Democrats and anyone that supports Democrats should kick in for reparations.

“4/14 – The Many Dangers of the Equality Act”

Anytime Democrats label something “Equal” or “Fair”… watch out.

“4/15 – My WNBA Draft Question”

It needs to be enough men “identifying as women” to take over a complete team that can sweep all games and tournaments before the so-called “women’s rights” people MIGHT take action.


I keep wondering when a liberal will be smart enough to actually notice WHAT is being suppressed from them and why. Waiting… waiting… waiting…

“4/17 – Army’s New Solar Farm”

I wonder if the solar panels are manufactured in Britain or China and, if in China, is there any buried capability to shut them down on command? Solar and wind are NOT the answer and require massive amounts of fossil fuels to even get them in place.

“4/18 – Analysis: Scientific Survey Shows Voters Across the Political Spectrum Are Ideologically Deluded, with Trump voters least so”

Very few actually voted for that demented idiot Biden. The vast majority voted against the caricature of Trump the leftist media created and this survey pretty much confirms that. Without being influenced by so much lying propaganda, perhaps liberals COULD be smart. We may never know.

“4/19 – DeSantis Signs Anti-Riot Bill, Vows the ‘Mob’ Will Not ‘Win the Day’”

It is truly a pathetic time when laws have to be passed to promote enforcing the law. Suing the city for not enforcing the law and protecting private property is great, but why isn’t that intuitive? That’s what city government is FOR, why it EXISTS… to protect the public. Ridiculous that it has to be codified.

“Florida Democrats all of a sudden care about the First Amendment and worry it “will suppress nonviolent demonstrations and minority voices.”” This is only a worry because Democrats don’t know what “nonviolent” is. Sorry, Florida… looks like you’ll be losing DeSantis in the near future to the Nation.

“4/20 – Joe Biden Is Using Your Tax Dollars To Make American Kids Hate Their Country”

See the survey results above. To create Democrats, you need lots of lies. For Democrats to win elections, you need lots of fraud. If only Democrats could SEE this problem. To eliminate racism, we don’t need to be “anti-racist”… we simply need to not BE racist. The Democrats, of course, are amplifying and spreading racism.

”4/21 – Vaccine-Hesitant Americans Aren’t Ignorant Rubes, They’re Understandably Cautious”

I’ve had both my vaccinations and believe in vaccines. However, different people with different experiences make different choices. I don’t see the problem with that. How are people who get the vaccine put in danger by those who don’t? Isn’t that what the vaccines are FOR?

“The article argues that vaccine hesitancy “is highest in counties that are rural and have lower income levels and college graduation rates — the same characteristics found in counties that were more likely to have supported Mr. Trump.”” Has it not occurred to the arrogant, lying, dishonest NYT that THOSE people are usually working long hours, ranchers, farmers and more isolated who don’t have the time or opportunity to GET vaccinated (not to mention isolated from those who would be spreading the virus) and so might put getting the vaccine in a low priority? No… obviously not.

Let us also remember who DENOUNCED the vaccines and swore they would NEVER accept them. Yeah… idiot Biden and Kumalover, along with other irresponsible Democrats. For politics.

“4/22 – How Much Ruin Do We Have Left?”

Socialist regimes cannot be created from the ground up. They have to take over a healthy economy, then suck it dry and destroy it.

“4/23 – Earth Day is Killing Us”

Aside from the absolute control over daily lives the Democrats crave so, the opportunity for corruption and graft increases with every dollar the government spends. As we clearly saw under Obama, the more the government spends on “green energy”, the more opportunity for theft of taxpayer money is provided.

A question for the Green New Deal… what is ALL insulation made of?

The goal is to have the bulk of citizenry living like serfs while the socialist ruling elite live like kings.