Race of the Boulder shooter crushes the left wing narrative



There are some things that are so predictable. Arguably first among them are the instant knee jerk responses of the left seeking to score cheap political points following a tragedy, facts be damned. On several occasions I have written here that it’s better to be right than be first, especially when being first makes one out to be an ass.

Boy have they made asses of themselves this time.

The Boulder shooter has been identified as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, Syrian born Muslim.  He is said to be a loner, anti-social and paranoid.

Alissa’s Facebook page, the authenticity of which was confirmed by his brother and a high school classmate, shows posts saying he believed his former high school had been hacking into his phone.

“Just curious what are the laws about phone privacy because I believe my old school (a west) was hacking my phone,” Alissa wrote in a March 18, 2019, Facebook post.

He made a second post on July 5, 2019, also claiming that people were hacking his phone, saying, “let me have a normal life I probably could.”

Did I mention short tempered and violent?

He allegedly killed ten people.

Those are the facts.

Jumping right out of the gate in the ass race was Meena Harris, Kamala’s niece:

Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece, Meena Harrris, declared that “violent white men” are the “greatest terrorist threat” to the United States following the deadly grocery store shooting in Boulder, Colorado, later setting off a firestorm on social media by erroneously assuming the suspect, a Syrian immigrant, was white.

Not The Bee put together “25 of the worst knee-jerk reactions from woke Twitter users who assumed the CO shooter was white”

There’s lots more at the link, a fine collection of liberal idiocy.

Over at Twitter, Osama Bin Dorsey allowed the falsehoods to remain uncorrected.

Ilhan Omar was her usual bitchy self:

Perhaps she meant to say “somebody did something.”

Sen. Dick Blumenthal, who will run you over to get to a microphone, blamed Republicans:

“We should not be putting aside Republicans. They bear responsibilities as well. That was the whole point of my exchange this morning with Senator Cruz because they’re the ones who are ducking that responsibility and become complicit in all these shootings.”

He would be destroyed by Ted Cruz shortly afterward.

The second most predictable thing? democrats caring only when there is a mass shooting.

Since mass shootings are so emotionally evocative, democrats seize upon them to make arguments for their most cherished goal- taking all weapons away from those who abide by the law. I am not in any way attempting to diminish the Boulder tragedy, but let me put it in perspective- again.

In Chicago to date 657 people have been shot leaving 126 dead. That’s only this year to date. Chicago closed out 2020 with 769 gun deaths.

I’ve said it before- democrats really don’t really care when the murders trickle in, no matter how high the body count. There never is a push to attack the problem in the larger cities. There is never a move to take guns from the real criminals. No, they grasp for the low hanging fruit- the legal gun owner who respects life and the law. That way they seem to be doing something.

Seem to be.

The Urban Dictionary recently introduced a new verb – “rupar”

(Verb)To purposely mislead. To completely mischaracterize a statement or video by omitting context.

Q: Did you see the press conference of that racist police officer make excuses for that criminal?

A: Hey, man, that clip was ruparred-the police officer was actually quoting the criminal.

“Don’t rupar me, bro.”

Rupar has earned it

The legacy of far-left Vox journalist Aaron Rupar will live on forever in the dictionary — or at least the Urban Dictionary.

Rupar has been widely condemned in recent days for sharing a misleading clip of remarks by Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jay Baker following last week’s deadly shootings at a trio of Atlanta-area massage parlors. The clip portrayed Baker as excusing the actions of suspect Robert Aaron Long as the result of a “really bad day”.

Rupar, who has long had a reputation of unabashedly sharing false information on Twitter to his more than 660,000 followers — often to fuel outrage among liberals at the expense of conservatives — even got the attention of Urban Dictionary, the popular website where the public submit definitions for new or slang terms.

The timing of this new verb could not be more on target. This was as grand a case of ruparring as could be imagined.

Andy Ngo capped it all off with this tweet:

Bingo. No one else has even mentioned it. It could be entirely accurate to say Aliwi Alissa was targeting white people and his was a racial hate crime ten times over.

But I don’t want to rupar you.

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Not-white man kills ten white people.

Racism, indeed.

The “left-wing narrative” is a right-wing straw man.

For decades the liberals have been “correcting” Christian art in that they point out that, contrary to European versions of Jesus, he really was NOT A WHITE but a swarthy Middle Easterner.
Just like the people of Syria.
Odd that now Syrians are “white people.”


The “left-wing narrative” is a right-wing straw man.

Yes, the left wing narrative is making right wing straw men.

That’s what we’ve been trying to get through to people like you for 20 years.

Stop inventing racists and racism where it doesn’t exist, and stop using that as an excuse to violate people’s Constitutional rights.

If he had part of the Tea Party or a Gun Owning member of t he NRA the media vultures and sharks would be having regular feeding freinzie but since he is Islamic radical we here Crickets

King Soopers, a kosher friendly supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. King Soopers is known by Jews as a place where they can purchase their food easily due to their extensive kosher items. The irony isn’t lost on me how a Radical Islamist, and ISIS member drove 25 miles out of his way to get to this specific store just to shoot everyone in sight. Yet, not a single mainstream outlet wants to talk about the fact that the location of the attack is a Jewish store, with a majority Jewish clientele.
Passover begins Saturday many need to shop to get kosher supplies.

He was not a White Supremacist Sorry Media Vultures and Sharks no Feeding Freinzie Listen to the Crickets everyone