Class act… Meghan Markle Showcases What’s Wrong in America…


Rare is it when you have one person so perfectly embody a moment in history as you do Meghan Markle in 21st century America.

Meghan Markle is gorgeous. She’s well-spoken. She’s famous. She’s rich. She’s literally married to a prince and has a beautiful child. She’s got it all… And yet she’s an insufferable crybaby and perpetual victim.

By any measure, Meghan Markle is living a princess’s life. From a broken, mixed race home, Meghan grew up in southern California before she went on to earn degrees in Theater and International Studies from Northwestern University. From there she spent years with bit parts in Hollywood until her big break at 30 when she landed a major role in the USA Network show Suits. After spending six years on the hit show Markle decided it was time to leave as she had literally found her prince. And they lived happily ever after…

Not so much. Despite having a life that 99.999% of the people on the planet might exchange their own for – at least the women – Meghan Markle wants us to know that she is a victim. She’s been forced out of the British Royal Family as she and her husband and her baby have been disrespected because she’s American, because she’s half black and because they’re jealous of her.

As a result of being booted from the Royal Family – despite the fact that it was she and her prince who chose to leave – Meghan has been forced to drag her family around the world, first staying in an exclusive home in Canada, renting Tyler Perry’s estate in California and finally settling for the purchase of an $11 million California mansion of her own. In their efforts to find “privacy” Meghan and the Harry sat down for an interview with one of the world’s most high profile journalists. In addition, the pair of outcasts will be forced to scrape by on just under $100 million a year in income via production deals with Netflix and Spotify.

If all of this sounds a bit surreal, it should. If it sounds familiar too, it should. Why? Because just as Meghan Markle, one of the world’s richest and most famous women spends her time whining that she’s a victim, the American left, home of some of the most pampered people to ever live in human history, spends its time lamenting the victimhood of its various constituencies.

And the victim groups are legion… blacks, Hispanics, Asians, gays, transgenders, women, Muslims, the poor, single mothers, teachers, the handicapped, illegal aliens and more… America’s left never met a group – other than perhaps the oppressive straight white Christian males – that they didn’t see as a victim group to be exploited for power and money. America is racist, sexist, homophobic or whatever else turns the group of choice into a victim of hate at the hands of those aforementioned oppressors.

But the thing is, America is in reality one of the least racist, sexist, homophobic etc. countries in the world, indeed Americans share far more with one another than we differ. Rare is the instance where someone can’t find success in America because of the characteristics the left champions. While America is not perfect, it in fact provides more opportunity to more people from more backgrounds than any nation on earth. Not sure? The dirty little secret the left will never let you know is that the poorest Americans are economically better off than the average European and exponentially so relative to the average person living in Asia, Africa or South America. Most Americans enjoy a standard of living better than virtually every person who’s ever lived on planet earth, including kings. The left won’t tell you that Americans enjoy a level of individual freedom unprecedented in human history. The reality is, despite what you hear on television and social media platforms, black Americans are not being hunted and killed by police and, according to the FBI, black and white interactions with police are actually quite similar overall.

Sadly, the fact that the reality of Meghan Markle’s lavish lifestyle does nothing to diminish her claim of victimhood is not unique. In America of the 21st century victimhood has become the coin of the realm. The left discards the reality of the egalitarian nature of the United States, the freedom of opportunity shared by almost every American and a standard of living that most people on earth would die for, all in the name of dividing Americans, turning them against one another and most importantly, accumulating wealth and power.

If America is lucky the Meghan Markle / Oprah interview might just jump the shark.  Perhaps Americans will finally come to recognize that if wealth, fame, beauty and influence can’t satiate the woke need for pity and victimization, then nothing can. Maybe after seeing the vapid blathering of a prince and princess with a staggering lack of self awareness and frame of reference Americans will finally get back to the business of living their lives and seeking to interact with one another based on their content of character rather than viewing each another through a prism of glass fractured by the fabricated divisions of the left.

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The left loves to exploit victimhood. Meghan pretends to be a victim. She pretends she had no idea what life in the Royal Family was like. I guess when you write a blog about how much you are enamored with Royal life, you should probably not lie so publicly.–8U63kKP7PG2qsSw5cbfIAdHMCezMljmnjq894Sv8SDNMAfJjARmgcN5JD5XZZc8tZ1k4ZNw7NYUqWZyfLVzOBoK_6cg&utm_content=non_insiders&utm_source=housefile

Maybe Oprah will issue a correction in a couple of months. The left never cares about reporting facts, they only care about making their agenda appear viable.

Meghan Markle’s lavish lifestyle does nothing to diminish her claim of victimhood

So true.
Just this week an American city (city!) Evanston, Illinois, offered a $25,000 REPARATION payment to blacks in the city whose background meets certain requirements.
1st response from the blacks in Evanston was, “Not Enough!”
So, Meghan’s example is EXACTLY what’s being learned by the Leftist victim classes.

The latest joke, as humor is the best way, according to Rules For Radicals, to destroy an argument, is that LGBTQ really ought to be SSLGBTQ.
SS standing for “Super Straight.”
A super straight individual was born male (or female) and is only attracted to individuals of the opposite sex by birth!
This gets around the shaming attempt by leftists who want to call straight people who don’t want sex with trannies as somehow “sexist.”
It also laughs in the face of all the 57 so-called genders made up by the leftists to explain why they can’t be happy unless they are degrading people who are not attracted to them.

Wonder if Harry had a thing for Grace Kelly, he sure missed the mark if he did.

Well done.

Oprah became a billionaire parading the wealthiest Hollywood characters and displaying their mansions, jets, and obscene lifestyles, creating “envy”. Then she sold America Obama, putting him on an undeserved pedestal, and now she continues attacking America with race-bating, shaming, guilt inducing calls of systemic racism, and pushing the likes of extremists like Abrams. This interview just continues down her track.

The epidemic of self-loathing and self-flagellation is infecting the Western world. It now seems that there is public pushback on Oprah and this interview. The Globalist, Marxist agenda’s obscene hubris may finally crash on America’s shores.

You may well be right — these three have jumped the shark.

Meghan Markle is not gorgeous. She is semi-attractive, sort of. She is a manipulative woman, with no redeeming characteristics other than bedding a Prince. I suspect very strongly that she was the one who decided not to fit in to the customs and traditions of British Royalty. The Royalty have evolved a working code, over 500 years or so, which manages to cement their place in Britain as non-working state-supported indigents. The British have no need of Royals; were the Royals to become extinct there would be no effect on the average Briton, except perhaps to cut down on the amount they were able to read.
Unfortunately Vince is correct in that she models the “victimhood” which currently afflicts us. It is a colossal error to assume entitlement. I am a white man. I was never entitled to anything, other than to work my butt off. It is true that I used the G I bill to help finish my Ph. D. I earned it, by the way.
Okay. Meghan can learn her lines and hit her marks. Otherwise ???

@James Raider: Well said. Oprah is one of the biggest shams and con jobs our culture has ever produced.

does anyone know how much the two idiots got paid?? meghan has proven to be entitled, snobby, detached from the rest of the world . entitlement is fulsome, part of the commicrat hollywood and part of the elitist british royalty, how much more entitled can one get. her acting skills were not great and never won an award. maybe her first husband should be interviewed buy the imperious O