Book Burning, Name Calling and the Democrats’ Praetorian Guard


Back in 2008 when Barack Obama was running for the presidency I was virulently opposed to his candidacy. I was not a huge fan of John McCain, but given the two I voted for McCain. McCain was a war hero by any stretch. Not only did he fight for his country and survive five long years in the Hanoi Hilton, but when given the opportunity to leave before others who’d been there longer because the North Vietnamese wanted to curry favor with his father, he refused. I disagreed with much of what McCain did as a Senator, but I knew he had America’s best interests at heart, something I never felt Barack Obama did. When Romney ran my reservations about him were similar to those about McCain, but once again I voted GOP.

I disagreed with Barack Obama on almost everything over the course of his eight years. From Obamacare to DACA to GM to DADT to virtually everything having to do with race relations. I disagreed with his trading for Beau Burgdahl, his pardon of Chelsea Manning and his commutation of the sentence of FLAN terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera. I disagreed with his signing the Paris Climate Agreement, the Iran deal and his servile posture towards China for their designs on the South China Sea, among other things. I disagreed with his policies on housing, on education and on energy. Essentially, there was nothing I agreed with Barack Obama on. He could have been Chinese or Italian or Jewish or Klingon… I didn’t care, I thought everything he was doing was simply wrong.

But a funny thing happened on the way to Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2008… I apparently had magically transformed into a racist. Who knew? With the rise of the Tea Party movement, I, along with anyone who disagreed with the first black President of the United States was branded a racist. Somehow, because Barack Obama was black, my fundamental differences with “mainstream” Democrat policies made me a racist. Nevermind that I would have disagreed with the exact same policies had they been proffered by Joe Biden or John Kerry or Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton or anyone else. No, suddenly it’s wasn’t my opinions or my actions that made me a racist, but simply the fact that I opposed the policies of a black president. Unimportant is the fact that I believe the smartest man in America and one of the most admirable human beings I’m familiar with is Thomas Sowell, a black man. Unimportant is the fact that I think Justice Thomas is easily one of the most brilliant men ever to sit on the Supreme Court. Unimportant is the fact that one of the most respected men in my life personally was a black man. I disagreed with Barack Obama’s policies and therefore I was a racist…

If that sounds strange, it should. Because words actually mean things. When they stop meaning things then we lose our foundation for a coherent society. And that is exactly what is going on today with the Democrat party. Disagree on policy? You’re a racist. Support Donald Trump? You’re a cultist. Assert election fraud? Suddenly you’re a terrorist.

Democrats have taken to defining their political opponents not only as the enemy, but they are using the English language as a tool to literally destroy the United States. Racist actually means something. According to Webster, it means this: A belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. That is a pretty specific definition, and it’s one that likely very few Americans actually believe and act on. There are indeed racists among us, but until 2008 racism was a tiny problem in America. Hate crimes had plummeted over the 20th century to become almost nonexistent by the dawn of the new millennia. Then came 2008, 2016 and finally 2020.

From “The police acted stupidly” to Kaepernick to Ferguson, America took a giant step backward in race relations during the presidency of Barack Obama… but the worst was yet to come. Donald Trump added an entirely different element to the storm. He’s a guy who seems to have no filter and often insulted delicate snowflakes with language that often sounded more like what you’d hear in a locker room or on the factory floor of a steel mill rather than on a dais at the UN. But more than his words, it was his ideas that were abhorrent to Democrats and establishment Republicans alike: Get the government out of people’s lives. Reduce government power! Allow citizens to be free and keep more of their own money. Stop endless wars. Those words are Kryptonite to career government apparatchiks, contractors and the universe of sycophantic lobbyist and media pilot fish that swim around them and feast on their scraps.

And so today we find that Democrats, having fraudulently eliminated the single biggest threat to the leviathan of government power in a century, have decided to eliminate all potential for a resurrection of any such threats. Not only is the left seeking to bar Donald Trump from ever running again, they are seeking to demonize and ostracize his supporters… fully half the population of the United States. How? Language. You’re labeled a racist or a terrorist or a fascist on social media, where friends, friends of friends and potential employers can see. (That should help you getting your next job.) Most pernicious of all is the assertion that Trump supporters are “terrorists”. The terrorist designation used to be reserved for people who blow up planes, kill innocent people in discos or set fire to churches or synagogues. Today however that is no longer the case. Simply stating that you believe the Democrats stole the 2020 election is sufficient to get you labeled as such. Stating you support Donald Trump is sufficient. And voicing support for Congress to investigate anomalies in the election is apparently sufficient.

This wouldn’t be a catastrophic problem if it was limited to social media because you can always leave the platforms or try and build another… but, being designated a terrorist and landing on a government watchlist has enormous consequences for actual people, from the inability to fly to risking the custody of your children to your ability to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights.

Make no mistake, that is exactly where we are headed and exactly what they want. Democrats discussed throwing out of Congress members who supported the president in his calls for a review of the election. They’ve talked about making lists of his supporters and even “reprogramming” white supremacists, which is what all Trump supporters apparently are. And based on this fiction of widespread “white supremacism” the Biden administration is “standing down” the American military in order for commanders to address “extremism” in its ranks… So essentially one political party is seeking to eliminate all supporters of their opposition from within the ranks of the military – despite soldiers taking an oath to uphold the Constitution, not a man or party – so that should they call on the military to support their purges, they will face less resistance from soldiers who understand the Posse Comitatus Act and who might be adverse to raising their weapons against law abiding American citizens. The Democrats are essentially using the fiction of Trump supporters being terrorists to craft the military into a Praetorian Guard for use against the American people when and if necessary. Anyone with a familiarity with the Roman Empire understands why that might not be conducive to a free society.

Supplementing all of the machinations within the government is the takeover of the town square, Vis-à-vis the blocking of Trump and his supporters from social media platforms, banking or even being tracked.  And with the cancel culture seeking to keep Trump supporters out of collegesjobs, and the quashing of publishing contracts you have the modern equivalent of book burning. What’s more, the authors, readers and supporters of such unapproved content will be figuratively stoned in the public square until they surrender their minds to the majority.

And so here we are, in February 2021, two weeks after Joe Biden and the Democrats took total control of Washington and on the eve of an Impeachment trial so unconstitutional it would be laughable if it were not so indicative of what it foretells for freedom. The goal of the Democrats is to eviscerate any opposition and that starts with the man who inspired 75 million Americans to seek to Make America Great Again.

Regardless of the outcome of the Impeachment trial, the die has been cast, and it is indeed dark. The Democrats seek complete control of the American government, unlimited authority over every aspect of American life and most of all, total domination of the American people. They will of course use their traditional tools of regulation and taxation, but it’s not enough. They have new tools: name calling, book burning, intellectual fascism and focusing of the military on domestic enemies. Those policies didn’t end particularly well in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, and I wouldn’t expect them to end well here either.

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The Nazis used the Reichstag fire to suppress political parties and personal freedoms. They already had lists of political enemies just waiting for the signal to go round them up. They used the fire to convince the public that communists were on the verge of a coup (putsch) to take power in Germany. They had all the help of the media, which the party controlled and which always said what the party told them to. At that time, all political opposition to the Nazis virtually disappeared and, though an “enabling act” was put in place as an emergency measure, none of the freedoms suppressed for the sake of a protecting the government were ever returned.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

I still believe Obama was never constitutionally qualified to be president. James Corsi’s book ‘An Obama Nation’ did a great job of spelling out all the inconsistencies.

I also believe Obama is the puppeteer behind Biden. Most of the time Biden doesn’t even read what he’s signing!

If you want to convince me about Jean McCain just release his military records, that have been locked away from the public for 50 plus years.

@Bwax: For sure he was proven unqualified and, most definitely, he is guiding the idiot Biden. His main concern is assuring he is now only the SECOND worst President, even if it can be argued the idiot Biden is only president*.

Even the Romans knew that a Praetorian Guard is only good against domestic problems.
The Emperors kept a regular army for wars against invading hoards and to invade foreign areas to increase their tax base.
Dumb Dems forget the world is a nasty, aggressive place.
And, the rest of the world sees little difference between a USA led by a Dem vs one led by a GOPer.

Besides, a so-called army filled with soy boys and trannies on pills won’t stand a chance against an American armed populace.

@Nan G: #5
It’s projection. Lefties think, “Oh, we’re good people, everyone else will be good also if we’re nice enough to them! But first, we need to kill everyone who disagrees with us and their families so we can be nice to everyone else!”
Sort of like gun control, they believe that everyone else will start killing people over parking spots, because, well, that’s what they’d do.
If they weren’t so afraid of guns, that is.
Lefties do a lot of projecting like that, it’s a sickness.

I voted for Sarah Palin for Vice-President. McCain was just the tired old man who came along on the ride.
But too many people couldn’t stand the idea of having a tough, intelligent woman as Vice-President.
Lefties hate having someone in office that sets a standard that they can never hope to meet.
That’s one reason we ended up with Slo Hands Joe and Heels Up Harris.
Lefties can look at those two and tell themselves, “I’m great, the President and Vice-President are just like me!”

@Nan G:

Dumb Dems forget the world is a nasty, aggressive place.

No, they are merely a member of the enemies of this country.

@Deplorable Me: Like Teddy and the Maine and Dem soldiers on Jan6 = that claim hsa not been substantiated.

No question teddy benefited from ;the Main.
No question Dems benefited from Jan 6.

But that one benefits is not proof that one caused the act!

Todays feel good story
What did David Hogg learn at Harvard?
What the hell was his major?

@kitt: Self delusion? Going to start a business that will take down Mike Lindell and it should take a couple of months… three tops?

How about using one of Hoggs Pillows to hide your concealed handgun in case someone breaks into your home one night a Home Invader from Antifa or BLM

Demokkkrats have a long history of “opening doors” and then whining when Republicans follow them through. The “Nuclear Option” is a recent example. I would look forward to the right reciprocating by declaring China, Russia and Iran as self-declared adversaries, if not enemies, of the US and labeling those on business with them enemy sympathizers (organizations as well as individuals) and barring them from anything that requires a security clearance as well as working anywhere they might work for our declared.
Contributing to said organizations could get you on “the list” enemies. I’m betting its easier to find US citizens actively collaborating with China and Iran than it is to find Trumpet Terrorists…


you mean david pigg. his alleged major is now pillow making, taking on Mr Pillow. who know what this asshole is doing at harvard. years ago his was going to study political science. everybody knows in college that when you flunk out of everything your major becomes business. so there you have it-business.

@Deplorable Me: Going to start a business that will take down Mike Lindell and it should take a couple of months… three tops?

My Pillows sell for $60 and $70 apiece, depending on size.
The Company Store’s pillows start at $71 on sale if you don’t get their down pillows they are famous for.
US made Purple Pillows are $110 apiece not known if union made or not.
As the Hogg boy, himself, admitted there are NO Unions that make pillows at all in the USA.
So, assume those Purple Pillows are non-union made, and quadruple their labor cost because that pillow is at least a decent competitor for the My Pillows.

Who wants to pay over $300 for a single pillow?
In his Pillow Manifesto Hogg claims even more costs as his pillow will have to have a hefty profit so monies can go toward:
*charitable organizations
*sustainably sourced and environmentally accountable materials
*well-paid, unionized workers in the USA (not necessarily citizens) In fact Hogg pledges to hiring refugees, people with disabilities, and people who were formerly incarcerated.

We bought two MyPillow’s yesterday. Hogg has the liberal mentality; he has no idea what happens in business. He’ll just start stuffing pillows and he’s off and running. He’ll be another Soros in no time. THEN he’ll get those guns!

Unknown if he is aware WHY the CODB in California are so prohibitively high. He is a perfect example of why liberals should not be in government or directing business.

@Nan G: Hogg will make them in China.


@Petercat: I too voted for Sarah, McLame was tired then and thankfully he’s gone to his just rewards.

@rappini: I understand his fellow POW’s didn’t much care for him, but kept their mouths shut about his conduct in Hanoi.

But as a senator, he interfered with the DOD declassifying and releasing records to help POW/MIA families, and the rumor was because those records reflected VERY unfavorably on him.

@ruralcounsel: Nam vet 67 68
90%of POW s were killed. Half of those got out alive were disabled; either mentally (Adm Jim Stockdale) or physically. Johnny WHILE STILL MARRIED was fucking everything in a skirt. The husbands of two of these women “chose him off” Johnny kicked the sit out of each of them!
I have been in many fights. No way does an injured man win a healthy man. Johnny did it twice!

I never met him but I believe the stories of torture were FAKE NEWS.