As we near the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, let’s go back and review


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First of all, congrats to Donald Trump on the approaching anniversary of his inauguration. I thought it would be nice if we cranked up the Wayback machine and looked back at that day- January 20, 2017. Some of us will remember how warmly the new President was received.

In case you were wondering, those were good riots. They were peaceful riots. They were protesting a Republican and that made them acceptable. And let’s recall how the press received the new President, not half an hour after he was inaugurated.


It began immediately and it never stopped.

Hillary Clinton said Trump was an “illegitimate President”

democrats said repeatedly that Russia was rigging the election.

The Chinese spy shagger Eric Swalwell never stopped calling Trump a Russian agent.

Adam Schiff never produced the evidence of Russian collusion he said was in “plain sight.”

By August of 2017 Rod Rosenstein knew there was no evidence of Russian collusion yet the persecution went on.  There has not ever been such abuse of a President in history.

As you know, I’ve long and frequently said that liberals have zero long term memory.

Here are the rules: If Trump wins, it’s rigged and you can say it for four years without fear of recourse. If Trump loses, the election was secure. And if Trump lost, there was to be no disputing it. And if you do opine that the 2020 election was rigged you’re a subversive and must be “cleansed.”

Got it now?

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Biden’s day will not be like this.
But their level of panic is off the charts anyway.
A homeless encampment under a bridge caught fire during a rehearsal for Biden.
He was shoved bodily into a safe cubbyhole while the real innocent cause for the smoke was ascertained.
Too bad they didn’t break his hip shoving him to “safety.”
It would have served him right.
Will he put up all those homeless in nice DC hotels since they are being prohibited from renting out their rooms to tourists?
Dem leadership in DC made this misery by their so-called covid restrictions.
Now, as soon as Biden is in place they can open up America.

@Nan G:

Will he put up all those homeless in nice DC hotels since they are being prohibited from renting out their rooms to tourists?

He should. They probably all voted for him in exchange for a smokes or a bottle of vodka. Or, maybe they don’t even KNOW they did.

Biden and Democrats are such cowards. Trump has had thousands of assassination threats made against him, many by media personalities that have a platform and audience of gullible fools. Yet he went to rally after rally, greeting individuals and standing before massive crowds. Even when some nut would storm his stage, he stood there and braced himself, instead of taking a dive into his basement, as Biden would do if he thought he might have an actual question aimed at him.

The world laughs.

Said 61 years ago, still true in 2021. “Were it not for double standards, liberals would have no standards!”!

Biden will own a new title for America: Our first Dictator.

I’m sure both he, and Maduro and Xi, are proud.

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.” — former President Barack Obama.

“…I think [Joe Biden’s] been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” — former Obama Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Have a nice day.

@Mully: And despite that being a proven fact going into the election, how many is it now… 150,000,000? voted for him. Democrat voters are the stupidest on the planet, and the electronic, duplicated and dead ones are the stupidest of all.