AOC channels Hitler


Led by AOC, a growing number of democrats and assorted nitwits are threatening to make an enemies list- a list of Trump supporters- and punish them.

WaPo’s resident idiot:


and there’s this


And of course there’s Robert Reich’s Truth and Reconciliation project

We need a form of truth and reconciliation commission precisely because our normal institutions have failed. We need to understand how that failure happened, who is responsible, and who should face justice. When a plane falls out of the sky, we don’t just shrug our shoulders and say, “Gravity has consequences.” We send in a team of experts to pick through the wreckage, figure out exactly what went wrong, hold people accountable, and make recommendations for future safety.

We send in experts after disasters not just for vengeance but to make people feel safe again. The “reconciliation” part of a commission is just as important as the “truth” part. We still have to have a society with these Trump people, and that can’t happen until we understand what they’ve done and feel measures have been taken to protect us from them again.

Toward this end, perhaps the main benefit of some kind of commission on accountability is that it would allow the American public to reckon with the abuses and violations committed not just by Trump but also by his many enablers.

This cabal seems to be patterning their efforts after a past leader- Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler also published a list of crimes committed by groups he didn’t like

This strategy — one designed to single out a particular group of people, suggesting that there’s something particularly sinister about how they behave — was employed to great effect by Adolf Hitler and his allies. In the 1930s, the Nazis used a similar tactic to stir up anger and hatred toward Jews. Professor Richard Weikart of California State University explained that Nazi leaders used different kinds of communication tools to sell the message that “Jews are criminal by disposition,” as a 1943 Nazi directive to the German press put it. “The Jews are not a nation like other nations but bearers of hereditary criminality,” the order said. Germany, in other words, was out of control, and only Nazi anti-Semitic policies could “restore order.”

The irony is that the author was forecasting what she thought Trump was going to do. Of course, that never happened but under the likes of Ocasio-Cortez it is really possible.

I just found this from David Plouffe


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As the dem nominee for POTUS talks about “unity”, his minions are running around making out enemies lists in order to target us with even more violence than what they already have. That is where we would stand in a Biden presidency. The enemy who needs to be eradicated. Remember that should they pull this off. Even if it’s not Biden’s position, he is too weak to control the Reds who run his party. That is why they pushed his nomination. Everyone needs to start asking themselves what they’ll do when they are told to it’s time for a train ride- get on or fight.

Anyone who posts on sites like this need to be wary. For even just engaging with us, people like Ronald j. Ward and Greg need to look askance at this. They won’t (“I’m a good leftist! I took the fight to them!!”), never once seeing the Cheka coming for them, too. You will be named, you will be outed, you will be banished.

I’ll bet that under a Harris Administration justice department, we’ll see a vast amount of criminal charges, justified or not, flying immediately.
She won’t allow any Bill Barrs in her department, no way.

tinker with the thought of what Trump can do between now and 1/20?2021?? he can authorize the arrest warrants for hunter and daddy and embarrass the shit of the democraps. WOW a scum sucking fraud laden pres and his crack son arrested for treason and sedition.
sooner or later hunter is gong to have a very bad accident….to much intel has been exposed. Trump can stir the shit up very nicely in the time he has left.


When Biden implores people to end the divisiveness and hostility, he doesn’t seem sincere, since he does not direct his appeal to those that have been committing the divisiveness and hatred over the years. He is not calling out AOC or any other liberal operative nor denouncing the calls for rolling the heads of those who dared support the most honest (based on all the failed investigations), dedicated, hard working and successful President we have seen in decades.

My brother-in-law sent out a blanket email to friends and relatives asking

I know a lot of us have separated and/or distanced ourselves from friends and relatives during the past 4 years due to politics. Our new President has asked that we bury those hatchets and work together, as one, to bring America back together. So I am asking a simple question, are you willing to work together to make America great again. Please answer yes or no.

even though the conservative members of the family have never expressed any animosity towards any liberal members. We have certainly not expressed such emotions as this

If you are STILL undecided after Joe Bidens excellent townhall, just admit you’re a cult member, racist or ignorant, whichever applies


I will not forgive or forget my friends and family that support Trump. Their support reveals what they are and I will not tolerate that in my life. I’ll be civil but I can’t ignore what you did and what you are.

. So, he, like most liberals, have the mending to do, not me or us. If Biden can’t see that, he, as we all already know, is not qualified to be President.

Again, I am willing to give Biden all the consideration and respect that the left afforded Trump. Not one particle more. Not until they can admit they are the source of the divisiveness and hate.

@mos#8541: Trump could have numerous “Special Councils” implemented to investigate a myriad or corruption. But, it wouldn’t matter. Biden/Harris wouldn’t have to worry about the media onslaught when they just shut down any investigation or fired any Director or prosecutor.

But, but, but……
Russia, Russia, Russia!

I’m reminded of the funny looking guy with the magnifying glass examining whether or not there was a hanging chad on the ballot in FLA……where Al Gore , over a stretch of 27 days, never won even ONE recount!