The Texan Trump Caravan Lie


Let’s start with a trip in The Wayback Machine to the spring of 1996. I was in the process of relocating from Delaware to Tampa for work, and happened to be up North for Memorial Day weekend. Bob Dole was campaigning against President Clinton and his campaign had him in New Jersey over Memorial Day weekend. He wanted to swing by a Memorial Day BBQ being hosted by a fellow veteran, and he found one in my parents’ next door neighbors. The folks were away on a planned vacation, but at the request of The Secret Service (TSS) they agreed to let the press use their yard for photo ops. My parents also told me they had given my info to TSS to do a background check in case I’d be around and wanted to come up for the event. Even though I was relatively apolitical in my 20s, how ofter do you get to hang out up close with a presidential candidate? So I made my way back up to NJ for the event.

The folks had given me the contact info for TSS Agent who was in charge of coordinating security for this visit. When I arrived the main street that led to our house was slowed down, and I had to park about a block away & had to hoof it in. As I reached the perimiter I was greeted by a TSS agent, professional and respectful. I gave my name, showed him ID, and gave him my contact name. A minute on his walkie talkie conformed that I was legit, and I got in. And that is how I now have a picture of me standing next to Bob Dole, rocking my Starter jacket & George Clooney style Roman haircut – hey, it was the 90s. And from the other side, my neighbors shared with my dad some cool “Where’s Waldo?”-esque pics of me surrounded by reporters. Ah, how times have changed. Nowadays if we were going to be out of town and were asked if our yard could be used by the lying parasites in the profession formerly known as Journalism I’d respond with a good hearted LOLGF. I’d probably also ask our dog sitter to to strategically ensure that Doggie Bob would be outside to greet any members of the press if they were to try using our yard (Doggie Bob is a psycho toward strangers) to give them the greeting that they deserve.

“Deserve? Come on Bob,” you may be asking, “do members of the press really deserve this?” To which I respond… Yes. You may have heard about the latest lie about President Trump and his supporters, the latest whopper being that one of the Trump Caravans down in Texas tried to run Biden’s campaign tour bus off the road. We can get the truthful part out of the way, in that two cars collided. But as you watch the video you can see it was nothing more than a common fender bender. As for them trying to run the bus off the road? The fact that the FBI is now “investigating” should tell you all you need to know. Just so I’m getting The Radical Left’s narrative straight:

The Biden bus was driving down a highway.

A swarm of Trump supporters surrounded the bus and tried to run the bus carrying a presidential candidate (and former Vice President) off the road.

The Secret Service, the group whose #1 responsibility is Biden’s safety, did nothing to counter this threat and protect the candidate.

For that matter, TSS did not make a single arrest nor question any of the “suspects”.

And now The FBI, and organization that clowned itself with years of the Russia Hoax, currently doing its best to ignore the hard, verified foreign corruption that ties directly to a presidential candidate, is now “investigating” a mobile Trump rally?

Yeah, that adds up. It always amazes me how we’ve reached the point where The Radical Left doesn’t even put any effort into their lies and hoaxes anymore.

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In the great words of Chris Cuomo:

“Who said protests have to be peaceful?”

The left is losing their collective minds. Nothing happened here. But, why is the an organization called disrupt DC? DC is completely boarded up because when President Trump is re-elected they are going to engage is a scorched earth strategy. At that point President Trump should enact the insurrection act of 1807. Unfortunately, when the military is activated there will be real bullets.
Alas, getting rid of some of this scum will not be pretty but the country will be much the better if these people are no longer a threat to civil society.
History is replete with examples of miscreants of this type being removed violently so that the peaceful can continue to live without their threat.

Ok, this is epic.
The ugly lying dog faced Chump did not even have to raise his voice much to who they are planning to bump out for Kamala.
In hours we will know if we can overcome all the Democrat Hanky Panky.
Then begins the lawsuits.

The Biden side wants to “defund the police,” so they can make up any story they want when something like this happens.
But, OOPS!, there were videos.
And it was the Biden car’s fault.
One level of police already said so.
A different level of police said it was not their jurisdiction.
The insurer of the rental car is holding the Biden team driver responsible.
Now the FBI will weigh in, three levels removed.
Who cares what they say?

Biden just keeps repeating totally refuted lies like he just did about “all military being losers,” and Putin paying a bounty to kill American soldiers.
How misinformed are those who would vote for him?

Watching Hiden’ Biden speech in Cleveland. What bothers me is his anger. The same kind of anger I have seen in dementia patients. There is nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, positive in his speech unless you want taxes raised.

It makes me sad to see a man who was revered by his party come to this tragic end of his life. His wife should be charged with elder abuse.

Meanwhile, Camel-La is out promoting “equality of outcome” a pure Marxist theory. The mask slips.

Lying about Trump caravans is going on all over.
Early this morning I read that a Trump caravan blocked a New Jersey turnpike.
Not true.
The caravan planners had designated a specific exit for the length of the parade.
But, when the lead cars got to that exit, New Jersey PD (or Highway Patrol) had blocked the exit.
Even after parade leaders got out of their cars and tried to reason with the officers about how people had made plans to get off there, the police refused to allow it.
So, there was a road blockage caused 100% by police until they relented and allowed the caravan to proceed according to their plan.

No new outlets are reporting the truth.
They make it sound like Trump supporters are acting all “blm.”

@Brother Bob:

I fear that the re-election of President Trump will result in significant violence. We have seen over the past 6 months, a momentum building that will have a crescendo. The point where local law enforcement is over powered will have to be dealt with in a manner that is more significant than simply arresting the bad actors. Ergo. the enactment of the Insurrection Act of 1807.

It is the only way to quell this anarchist activity in a quick and responsive way. The enablers, local mayors and state governors who stand by and fail to act to suppress the anarchist activity will have no say in the actions to stop the violence. This is where we are 11/03/2020.

The local police where the Biden-Trump escort happened must be pro-Trump. They reviewed the videos and said the Biden staffer in the white SUV was at fault.