Ratcliffe smacks Schiff down about Hunter’s laptop


Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, spent the last four years crying “Russia, Russia, Russia.” Schiff claimed there was evidence of Russian collusion “in plain sight” but was the only one who could ever see it. Schiff sees Russians everywhere and they’re all imaginary.

When the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop broke, Schiff once again fingered the Russians

“We know that this whole smear on Joe Biden comes from the Kremlin. That’s been clear for well over a year now that they’ve been pushing this false narrative about this vice president and his son.”

We all knew that Trump was a Russian agent too. John Ratcliffe is having none of it. Ratcliffe took the unusual step of publicly slamming Schiff’s disinformation campaign.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Monday said that Hunter Biden’s laptop “is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign,” amid claims from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff suggesting otherwise.

Ratcliffe, during an exclusive interview on FOX Business’ “Mornings with Maria,” was asked about the allegations from Schiff, D-Calif., who over the weekend said that the Hunter Biden emails suggesting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had knowledge of, and was allegedly involved in, his son’s foreign business dealings.

“It’s funny that some of the people who complain the most about intelligence being politicized are the ones politicizing the intelligence,” Ratcliffe said. “Unfortunately, it is Adam Schiff who said the intelligence community believes the Hunter Biden laptop and emails on it are part of a Russian disinformation campaign.”

He added: “Let me be clear: the intelligence community doesn’t believe that because there is no intelligence that supports that. And we have shared no intelligence with Adam Schiff, or any member of Congress.”

Ratcliffe went on to say that it is “simply not true.”

Meanwhile, more details about the Biden computer are emerging.

Hunter Biden also had business dealings in Kazakhstan: report

Joe Biden-Linked Firm Made Major Investments in Chinese Corporations

Source on alleged Hunter Biden email chain verifies messages about Chinese investment firm

This one is rather significant

Emails: Burisma Adviser Told Hunter Biden His ‘Ultimate Purpose’ Was to ‘Close Down’ Investigations

The walls are starting to come down on the Biden’s

Exclusive — Peter Schweizer: Hunter Biden’s Flipped Business Partner Provided 26,000 Emails

“What you’re really seeing in these emails is the underbelly of how these relationships and corrupt deals happen,” Schweizer said. “There’s no question about that, and that’s one of the things I think people are going to get. They’re going to get an inside look because as we are doing—we did on the first story and we’ll do it on all of them, we’re not just going to be reporting on the emails. We’re actually going to place the emails up so people can read them themselves. To your point, to underline your point, yes these are totally separate from the New York Post emails. I don’t have access and have not had access to those emails and what we are dealing with in our case is—you’re exactly 100 percent right. These are not printouts, these are not PDFs—we actually go into the Gmail account and pull the emails out and download them. They are timestamped. These are real. These are genuine. That’s one of the reasons we felt it was so important to pursue this. Cooney is taking a risk because he’s trusting us with this trove of emails which includes personal information. So he’s taking quite a risk in sharing this information but he feels like it needs to get out because people need to understand how these deals were done.”


  • Hunter Biden dropped computers off at a repair shop and never returned for them
  • The shop owner tried to reach Hunter Biden
  • When the shop owner discovered what was on them, he contacted the FBI.
  • The FBI had no interest
  • Through a friend the shop owner contacted Rudi Giuliani
  • The FBI learned about the computer in September 2019
  • After meeting with the shop owner the FBI obtained a subpoena and took the computer in December of 2019
  • The FBI did nothing with it for nearly a year

Now that the story is exploding, democrats and their deep state media are doing the best to smother it. Ironically, the same people who tried their best to prove the totally fallacious Steele dossier are simply dismissing the computer story. There is no similar interest.

What I find most interesting is who is denying anything and who isn’t.

The media is denying it.

Biden is not.

democrats are denying it

The Biden campaign is not. In fact the campaign doesn’t really dispute it at all.

Moreover, Biden won’t even address the question.

Meanwhile, Twitter continues to act as Biden’s personal state media


It’s true. It’s all true. I look forward to Ratcliffe shoving a lot more down Schiff’s throat. There really are Russian assets in the US government. They hide in plain sight and call themselves democrats.

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Next step CNN will tell you its illegal for you to read the emails but not for them to as they tried with Wikileaks.
Schiff is a dirty no good bastid his bastardly behavior during the impeachment so called hearings leaking lies like a sieve out of the basement super secret depositions breaking every rule and making up some as he went along.


What ever will greg do with this Information? This could lead greg to slip into a warm water bath tub and open a vein in the manner of Frankie five angels in Godfather Part Two.

joe biden should forfeit the race and end this disgraceful example of a human being staining the office of President.

What ever will greg do with this Information?

Disregard it, as it should be disregarded.

Ratcliffe is nothing but a Trump tool. His pronouncements are every bit as reliable as those of William Barr. Ratcliffe just says things, imagining that holding a position he is totally unqualified for confers a degree of credibility, while his name actually diminishes the credibility of the title that follows it. He doesn’t know that the laptop isn’t part of a Russian disinformation scheme. He’s simply saying what his master would have him say.

Trump must go, and his departure must be followed by a purge of every political tool and special interest flunky he’s put in the place of an honest and dedicated servant of the American people.


Radcliffe is a Trump tool. Your ass is chapped because he totally shot down the Russian did information narrative.
The evidence is overwhelming. joe biden needs to drop out of the race today. Even the leftist liberal welker can not save him Thursday night.

hunter was involved with underaged children in sexual deviancy.


It is now speculated that joe had him some little girls for some fun.


The walls are closing in on joe biden and the biden crime family.


Ratcliffe is nothing but a Trump tool.

Actually, he’s not. But honest he is.

Ratcliffe just says things, imagining that holding a position he is totally unqualified for confers a degree of credibility,

Well, it’s pretty hard to follow the act called James Clapper. Remember Clapper, Comrade Greggie? Clapper who testified there was no NSA spying on American citizens yet Edward Snowden proved there was?

As is per your M.O., you disparage anyone who is not a crooked Democrat liar.

The curtain is being pulled back, email by email, on the scourge that is Joseph Biden, Jr. Like Capone, Bargain Basement Joe is no rocket scientist, just a power leveraging crook. But then, we know you like crooks. That’s why you voted for brain damaged Bargain Basement Joe.


comrade greggy -poo: recall that in the ’60’s-70’s it was fashionable to fill a bag with dog shit, place it on the porch of someone you did not like and light the bag on fire? OH! you recall, than watch the owner come out and stamp on the lighted bag only to get dog shit on his shoes. Well, this is what pencil dick schiff, paedophile joey and the dnc are now doing to themselves. this time they are using two feet.
comrade, better watch out for that burning bag on you porch………………..


Today is a tough day for greg. Hopes have been shattered. President Trump has bested them once again. They have given it their all but at the end of the day, good will always triumph evil.

@July 4th American:

I don’t believe that good always triumphs. Evil is just too appealing to those like Bargain Basement Joe and Comrade Greggie. Faithless slugs, both of them.

@retire05, #7:

Yes. Ratcliffe is a Trump tool. He was a useful and reliable tool in discrediting the Russia investigation, which is all that “qualified” him for his appointment as Director of National Intelligence.

Ratcliffe has had no prior experience whatsoever in intelligence operations. Furthermore, he’s another damnable liar. His campaign website asserted that he had “personally managed dozens of international and domestic terrorism investigations involving some of the nation’s most sensitive security matters” and “put terrorists in prison”, when in fact there is no record that he ever prosecuted a single terrorism case anywhere, at any time. He claimed as the Eastern District Prosecutor to have arrested 300 illegal aliens in a single day. In fact, he was involved in the arrest of 45—two of which turned out to be American citizens.

There’s a very real danger to our national security when our Director of National Intelligence is political tool with phony credentials. Ask Trump if he gives a damn. Trump didn’t appoint Ratcliffe because he would be an asset to national security. He appointed Ratcliffe because he’s an asset to Donald Trump. That’s the main “qualification” for every post Trump fills.


comrade greggy-poo : the slut hillary would qualify for the sec of defense under child molsetor joey?? YES, Benghazi was the result of a musical video according to the slut and the gay terrorist obama-shit.
look out for that firy bag on your porch…

@Greg: Obama installed corrupt Democrat flunkies, and Trump has been purging them.

@Greg: Schiff chirps that this is all “Russian disinformation” but he doesn’t have anything to back that up… just like collusion. The Democrats are in the service of the Russians. This much is clear.

He was a useful and reliable tool in discrediting the Russia investigation

WHAT? You actually brought THAT up? How can anyone “discredit” something totally made up? We ALL now know that the premise for the “investigation” was all lies, and we know all those pushing it knew it was lies as well. Massive corruption. A coup. Sedition. These are the people who, once again and without any evidence or proof, simply claim the facts are not true and reality is what they claim it to be.

We’ve KNOWN Biden was corrupt from the time the video of him bragging about protecting Burisma. Now we know he was getting half of Hunter’s $80,000 a month. You voted for a corrupt criminal that sells out his own nation. Either you regret it or you HATE THIS COUNTRY.

Poor Schiff!
He’s a screen writer at heart, not a Congressman.
He has scenarios in his head where all he has to do is fill in the blanks when news breaks some facts.
Unfortunately for him this :Source on alleged Hunter Biden email chain verifies messages about Chinese investment firm confirmed by publishing something like 25,000 of his own emails.
Many of them were from Hunter and match word-for-word.
Others were to Hunter.
Still others that showed his work trying to coordinate Hunter’s needs with Chinese firms’ money.
It might have been a dirty trick IF there were no coordinating emails from parties like this man.
But it can’t be since his emails match in dates and times with things like White House photographers’ pics of his clients getting their audiences with the VP AS PROMISED, paid for and arranged.

@Nan G: I guess colluding with China is OK. Only colluding with Russia (as long as no collusion happens) is bad.


He doesn’t know that the laptop isn’t part of a Russian disinformation scheme. He’s simply saying what his master would have him say.

Schiff lied no intelligence dept has briefed congress about the lap top having anything to do with Russian disinformation.
Schiff just makes it up .
I know all you have left is to attack the messengers the 5th rule
“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage.”
you forgot the 7th rule
“A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.”
Ratcliffe would know what congress was briefed on.
Schiff lied, Biden lied, your media is lying
reminds me of a Simon and Garfunkel tune

@kitt: Schiff has NEVER told the truth about anything. That’s not hyperbole, that is accuracy. Schiff has lied about every aspect of Russia and Ukraine. Yet, Greg wants to believe him implicitly. Just proves liberals LOVE lies and liars. Apparently, they love corruption, too.


Hillary isn’t running this time. Neither is Barack Obama. But they’ll both be attending Joe Biden’s inauguration in January.

Don’t feel too bad, though. You can celebrate the GOP having installed a new Supreme Court justice who wouldn’t say at her confirmation hearing whether or not she believes Medicare is constitutional. That, 6 Trillion more in debt over only 4 years, and a formerly recovered economy once again teetering on the brink of disaster will all be lasting parts of the Trump legacy.


Hillary isn’t running this time. Neither is Barack Obama. But they’ll both be attending Joe Biden’s inauguration in January.

Corrupt criminals flock together.

You can celebrate the GOP having installed a new Supreme Court justice who wouldn’t say at her confirmation hearing whether or not she believes Medicare is constitutional.

And Biden won’t say if he would pack the Supreme Court with activist liberals or answer any questions about his proven corruption. What’s your point?


comrade greggy poo: a one way ticket to Moskva is waiting for you in nyc. enjoy the rest of our life in Russia. to bad you will not be able to access this blog.

@Greg: ooOhOh have they ordered the fireworks for election night yet lolololololol

@Greg: Funny, but a real crap photoshop

@kitt: Liberals will believe anything as long as it is a lie. Hunter WISHES he could score something as gorgeous as that. He prefers the kiddies, just like Pop.