New Blog, New Features…Any Idea’s? …Updated


Bumped to add:

I’ve fixed the active discussion page above.


Art is almost done now on to the blog itself. Please list any things you would like fixed on the blog as well as any new ideas for features in the comments below.


Originally posted Jul 30th, 2020:

On Nov 13th, 2004 I started this blog on a whim. It’s grown over the years with over 15,000+ posts and 377,000 comments. Every so often I update the page with the latest technology, which has definitely changed in 15+ years. When I wrote my first post celebrating the death of the terrorist Arafat (and the election of George Bush) the page looks like this:

In 2005 I had a new site made which looked like this:

And by 2008 we had transitioned to this:

January of 2011 It looked like this:

And in 2015 it became what we have now.

The 16th anniversary of the blog is coming up in a few months and I want to update the site as well as the graphics. Obviously you can tell that I always go with the old west theme so if any of the readers have any suggestions for the blog header art throw them in the comment section.

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WW2 Airplane nose art

@kitt: Great idea.

Before the last redo we could click on the comments number and it would take us to the comments.
I still miss that.

Updating the graphics would be fine, I liked the old Wild, Wild West theme, but a new one would be welcome.

If other stuff gets updated, walk us slowpokes thru the new changes.
Think of me as particularly stone age.

Bring back Skook.

Being a Texan I would suggest a sheriff in a Stetson with a bright shiny badge and next to it:


I Agree lets go for it

@retire05: But not a Texas Ranger. They’re racist, you know.

Is it possible to add a like feature to comments? As for the art, I’m a fan of the current look, but you can’t go wrong with WWII plane nose art…

I would like to see names highlighted when the commentor has a website.
Leave the “Notify me” unchecked by default. Sometimes I forget to uncheck it, and I get too many emails as it is.

Congratulations, boss! So many poliblogs have disappeared into the ether; but yours has remained since those early frontier days when poliblogs and milblogs became a thing around 2004 and in the aftermath of Rathergate.

The 2005 cover art is what I remember. I think someone I was following had linked to one of your posts and I left a comment; next thing I know you followed me home and reached out and invited me to contribute to your blog. It’s been quite an honor to still be here (even if I’ve considerably slowed down on political opining).

I’d like to see the western theme continue on for consistency’s sake. “Flopping Aces” always seemed to be grounded in the American western tradition. Although I’m not opposed to bringing in other images outside of the wild west. Perhaps a blend? Something to represent 9/11? American flag? American soldiers from the Revolution to present times? Cowboy/sheriff/ranger leading the charge? America’s enemies: Jihadis, antifa, Limousine liberals, leftists…

If you have a cowboy image, how about something echoing Clint Eastwood’s man-with-no-name? We’ve done the “Wild Wild West” likeness, previously.

Will you use the same artist? Or someone different?

@kitt: I second the “Saigon cowboy hat” look! That’s badass.

How about an American flag?

@Curt: That’s something that never broke.
The top line on the main thread where the author’s name is followed by the words, “no comments,” or “5 comments,” etc., used to take you past the main post (that you’d already read) to the first comment.
That seemed to die as a link with this latest redo.
That’s what I’d love to have back.

Not a deal breaker, tho.

Bring back Skook.
Is he not done with his book yet?

Four Aces in a Row

@Spurwing Plover: If this were a liberal blog, there’d be six aces.

The ability to embed a stolen meme in our comment rather than just a link.

Cool – I’m glad I popped back in to look for an old post of mine!

Great suggestions in here, and Curt, while the artwork you’ve had for the last nine years is cool I always liked it better when it included some kind of playing card theme. What’s Flopping Aces without cards?

And this may already be in the works, but the Authors link could use a refresh