Totalitarian nations typically have a state-run media. The US has a deep-state run media.


As you probably know, emails have been released showing the corruption between Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden and the Ukraine.  The bottom line was that Hunter Biden sold access to his willing father for a lot of money.

Hunter Biden pursued lucrative deals involving China’s largest private energy company — including one that he said would be “interesting for me and my family,” emails obtained by The Post show.

One email sent to Biden on May 13, 2017, with the subject line “Expectations,” included details of “remuneration packages” for six people involved in an unspecified business venture.

Biden was identified as “Chair / Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC,” an apparent reference to the former Shanghai-based conglomerate CEFC China Energy Co.

His pay was pegged at “850” and the email also noted that “Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate.”

In addition, the email outlined a “provisional agreement” under which 80 percent of the “equity,” or shares in the new company, would be split equally among four people whose initials correspond to the sender and three recipients, with “H” apparently referring to Biden.

The emails are there.


The crack addict Hunter Biden wanted $10 million just to make introductions.

Giuliani has verified them

This sure looks like Hunter Biden with a meth pipe



This is explosive. Joe Biden and Hunter Biden are criminals. The irony is that they, not Trump, used the office of the Vice President to leverage cash for the Biden family.

But that’s not the terrifying part. The scary part is the suppression of this story. Big Tech has mobilized all of its resources to squash the story.

Twitter suspended the Trump campaign account when it posted this story.

Same for the GOP Senatorial account.

Same for Ted Cruz.

same for Kayleigh McEnany 

Same for Anna Paulina Luna

Facebook suspended a lot of people, me included, for posting these stories.

Google took down many pro-Trump accounts.

The cover-up is all across the board

but it’s big tech who represent the greatest threat- not just to conservatives, but to democracy.

This country is continuously bombarded with BS about Trump being an authoritarian but here are the facts:

  • Donald Trump has never shut down your free speech
  • He has never shut down your Youtube channel.
  • He has never suspended you from Twitter or Facebook.

The left wing oligarchs have done all of this. They’re all democrats and if you give them power this country becomes a totalitarian state.  It’s not arguable any more because it has happened. The proof is here.

This is perhaps the biggest lie of all- Mark Zuckerberg

 “I just believe strongly that Facebook shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online. I think in general, private companies probably shouldn’t be — especially these platform companies — shouldn’t be in the position of doing that.”

Trump is not a threat to this country. democrats are.

Section 230 protects big tech from lawsuits. That protection must be eliminated. These multi-billionaires have had free reign to stomp on Americans. They must not be free from accountability to their actions.

If Biden wins the election, it’s over for this country. The oligarchs will rule.

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1984,George Orwell, Big Brother its the United Nations the Globalists and the Democrats and Biden /Harris

This country is continuously bombarded with BS about Trump being an authoritarian

Trump also did not create DACA by executive order, weaponize and politicize federal agencies, or spy on reporters and rival campaigns.

But he’s the next Hitler. Just because, you know

If Biden wins, nothing can or will be done about this. Evil wins, freedom loses. Also, if Biden wins, Congress will be deadlocked over trying to get this exposed, prosecuted and punished because the very existence of the Republican party depends upon it. I have my doubts, though, that they would be in any way successful as it is a fact that Democrats cannot be shamed by the exposure of their scumbaggery, nor does it affect their followers. Apparently, many of them are just as scummy as the leadership.

You don’t understand.
You just don’t understand.
It is because of the Deep State that we are a great nation. Without the Deep State there would be no radio, no television, no electricity, no powered flight, no modern medicine. The Deep State, which originated in 1517, has brought us all these blessings.
We dare not interfere with the Deep State. It is who we are, faceless bureaucrats in little offices making rules. And the Deep State is without error and morally pure, as can be seen in the famous denizen Peter Strozk. Or the denizen Hunter Biden.
Keep your hands off the Deep State. It will fight back!