Sunday Funnies


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Bonus Photoshop:
Reimagining the Police

I saw TV ad for Biden put out by NBC the Lying Peacock Network and it used Biden’s fake slogan Build back Better and mentioned Global Warming/Climate Change Yes false ad about Climate Change and as for Build Back Better i have better little tounge twister a say The Bitter Biter Bittern just like Betty’s Bitter Batter

I haven’t been able to see the stuff load in some time. Not sure when that started.

Have tried disabling ad blockers, using different browsers, disabling vpn, etc.

Nothing seems to make a difference.

@Zendo Deb: First complaint I’ve seen about it not loading. Anyone else having that problem?



What does it do when you click on the post?

@Curt: OK someone did something…

Because now everything loads fine. And I certainly didn’t change anything on my end… At least I don’t think I did… most of my “experiments” are done on other browsers, because I’ve got Firefox so severely locked down…



Ok. The problem is back.

See the image at this link for what I am talking about.

Doesn’t matter what browser I use, what extensions I have active. I tested with MS Edge, Chromium-version, no extensions, no ad-blocker, same result. Neither the “funnies” or the ad loads.

Turned off VPN, etc….