Hysterical compilation of an Antifa screw up


You may have seen the video of an Antifa dipstick tossing a Molotov cocktail at the police but set fire to a colleague instead.

Twitter went to work and came up with some fabulous takes on it. Enjoy!

And my personal favorite

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I guess it was too bad all their water bottles were full of cement, huh?

Wow set it to this music

I guess they forgot what Smokie Bear said Don’t Play with Matches I just hope those were Nike Shoes

I wonder if Antifa is externally aware enough to realize that people are laughing at them?
You know that you’re beginning to lose when the people that you’re trying to frighten are laughing at you.

You guys should be more merciful. That might have been Greg.

@Meremortal: We shall have all the mercy that they have burning down minority owned businesses. The way Greg posts its not shoes on fire its his skinny jeans.