Trump’s secret weapon



From a left wing media so deep in the tank for democrats that they appear to be an arm of the DNC we hear reports of polls showing Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by 5-10 points.

Don’t believe it.

Firstly, people are afraid to to admit they support Trump. This is a pattern which was seen in 2016 at almost exactly the same time in the election cycle.

But there’s more.

People have had it. They’re tired. They’re weary of the violence in cities. Who’s being hurt the worst?


democrats have thrown them to the curb. They don’t give a damn about these people. democrats assume that inner city minorities will heel to and vote for them no matter what they do.

Not so.

In the Englewood section of Chicago Black Lives Matter thugs began inciting a riot over what appeared to be a justified shooting. The mob got violent but residents weren’t having it

But just because the shooting that sparked the latest riot happened in Englewood, the neighbors aren’t having the mayhem on their own streets, WFLD reported.

“If you ain’t from Englewood, get the f–k out of here,” lifelong Englewood resident Darryl Smith told protesters on Wednesday.

Smith said he has lived in that area of Chicago for 51 years and he was furious that false claims on social media led to violent riots, WFLD reported.

“First time they heard something, he was 15. He got shot and a lady got shot. It goes to social media and you have to learn the facts, you have to have facts in this matter,” he said, sounding frustrated.

The Englewood native said he and other residents want Black Lives Matter and Good Kids Mad City protesters to stay out of their neighborhood, WFLD reported.

“A lot of people saying the looting downtown sparked from Englewood,” Smith said. “We’re not having that. It didn’t spark from Englewood. Those were opportunists.”


“We are tired of Englewood getting a black eye for any and everything that happens, those people were opportunists,” he added.

Black and Latino businesses in Minneapolis have suffered mightily at the hands of BLM and Antifa:

Some tried to protect their businesses against looting by taping messages of solidarity in their windows, including “African owned business” and “We support our small diverse and minority businesses.” But those windows were broken overnight, too, leaving security guards sweeping up the shattered glass Friday.

“We never expected this,” said Elmi, who like other merchants has also been buffeted by the lost business and travails the coronavirus has brought.

He noticed that even East Lake Street’s mainstays were looted, including Ingebretsen’s, a Nordic bakery and meat market where residents line up at Christmas to buy lutefisk, pinnekjott, and yulecake.Elmi and his restaurant supplier, Mohammoud Abdi, said the damage reminded them of their youth in Somalia, where they watched militants roam and the government lose control of the country.

“We don’t have law and order,” said Abdi, 47. “This is not helpful to George’s family.”

As many as 360 local businesses have been destroyed. Laura Ingraham visited some of them

In Oregon it is much the same

People who live and work in areas where protests have taken place are not happy.

After a protest was declared a riot Saturday when a small group of demonstrators lit a fire inside the Portland police union building on Lombard Street in North Portland, police pushed protesters into the Kenton neighborhood.

In downtown Kenton, protesters used wooden items, including picnic tables and road barrier signs, to build a barricade across Denver near Schofield Street. The standoff between police and demonstrators continued past midnight.

On Reddit and Facebook, people who live in the area expressed anger about property destruction.

“Lots of people worked hard to make our little neighborhood pleasant and to help the local businesses stay open,” wrote Redditor WheeblesWobble in a post called “Leave Kenton Alone!”

“Now it’s trashed,” the user wrote. “This was not a BLM protest, this was a tantrum by a bunch of entitled kids.”

The writer of the post and many commenters noted that some of the damaged property was at Po’Shine’s, a Black-owned business. The damage was to a dumpster, Po’Shine’s head chef James Bradley, said Tuesday.

“What a dumpster has to do with Black Lives Matter, I don’t know,” Bradley said.

Baltimore? Kim Klacik, a long time favorite person of mine, will tell you all about it in an awesome campaign ad:

In Seattle businesses are closing down because the police are being defunded. This is the Seattle City Council who voted to do just that. You will note that the Council not terribly diverse

Seattle City Council Members - CityArchives |


It’s called being woke. It comes at a cost. Minorities are being sacrificed on the altar of wokeness. In all of these cities, it is the minority communities which are hardest hit. And they’ve had enough, which explains Trump’s secret weapon.

Minority communities do not want the police defunded

Defunding the police is an unpopular idea in just about every corner of America outside of leftist activist circles. But the movement is particularly disliked among the one group of people it depends on: African Americans.

When asked about the police presence in their communities, 61% of black Americans said they want policing to remain the same, according to a new Gallup poll, even though they tend to have more frequent interactions with the police than do white Americans. Indeed, 79% of those who have had an interaction with the police in the past year said they want the police to spend more or the same amount of time in their neighborhood, the poll found.

And that helps explain this poll:

 A CNN poll released Sunday shows President Trump has narrowed Democratic rival Joe Biden’s lead by 10 points since June, in part by what appears to be growing support for Trump among “people of color” in swing states.

The new poll shows the Biden-Harris ticket leading the Trump-Pence ticket 50% to 46%, compared to early June when the numbers were 55% to 41%.

Over the same period, the CNN poll found that 26% of “people of color” in battleground states approved of Trump in June, compared to 37% in August.

“Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump among registered voters has significantly narrowed since June, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, even as the former vice president maintains an advantage over the president on several top issues and his choice of California Sen. Kamala Harris as a running mate earns largely positive reviews,” Jennifer Agiesta, CNN Polling Director, wrote on Monday.

In the August poll, the 37% told CNN they approve of Trump’s job performance, with 33% of them saying that if the election were held today, they would vote for Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, the Republicans.

Trump has been very good for minority communities and these communities are tired of being abused by the woke. Voting for Biden will only guarantee more of it. Little of the violence and looting is covered by the left wing media, but these people don’t need the media to inform them of the lawlessness. They live it.

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The Democrats are using political terror to try and intimidate voters. Their claim is that Trump is “divisive”. Apparently, the fact that Trump exists drives them to riot, loot and destroy and blame TRUMP, not themselves for the divisiveness. If THEY weren’t divisive, there would BE no divisiveness.

Their solution? Give them total political power. THEN they will stop being divisive and try (nothing says they could be successful) to stop the terrorist monster they created and unleashed. There’s a reason this only happens in Democrat-controlled areas; the leadership there forces law enforcement to stand down and the justice system won’t prosecute the terrorists. It would take time and a lot of painful lessons administered before it would be clear that such violence in the name of politics would not be tolerated.

Compare even the 26% support by blacks figure with what Trump began with; something in the neighborhood of 10%. Yes, most blacks are good people who just want an unimpeded opportunity to better their lives and the political terrorists the Democrats have unleashed upon them to steer them back in line is not sitting well.

There is still great hope.

The black race and Biden was supposed to be a lock.
Instead, even tho Biden took a lead in the primaries when he swept the South, mostly because of the black vote, Biden felt the need to shore up his black vote by also adding a “black” woman to his ticket.
Altho Harris is no african-american she comes from a family that owned over 200 african slaves. They were known for their violence toward their slaves, too.
Biden’s family also owned african slaves; 42 of them.
No proof they were violent to them, however.

So, what does Harris bring to Biden’s ticket?
He already had as much of the black vote as he was going to get.
She certainly doesn’t attract workers in the energy sector, since she’s for the “green new deal,” that kills their jobs.
She’s not attractive to business owners since she is part of the dem party that is trying to do away with capitalism.
Last election dems threatened women that they’d “go to hell” if they didn’t vote with their “lady parts.”
Nobody buys that crap.
Not even men who identify as women.

Biden will lose by a lot, electoral college wise.
Who knows how he’ll do in CA and NY that might skew the popular vote (as well as skewing all the national polls.)

Never underestimate those that are Democrat leaning to be stupid it is how Wisconsin ended up with Tony Evers.
VOTE VOTE, if you have to crawl across broken glass.
Tony who makes government employees wear masks on Zoom. He is nutzo does he think the Kung Flu is a computer virus FFS!
Then why we pay for fishing licenses restocking spreads covid.
Any wonder we took the fool to court?

An enthusiasm gap doesn’t show up in polls where the pollster CALLS to ask who one prefers.
All the one had to do was pick up the phone ad answer a few questions.
BUT, there’s a huge enthusiasm gap between Biden and Trump supporters.
While Trump supporters are trying (and succeeding) to break a Guinness World Record for a flotilla (a Trumptilla) Biden supporters are tuning out.

The ratings for the first two nights of the DNC are in and they aren’t very good. Compared to four years ago, total viewership among the broadcast networks is down 42%. Even among the hardcore audience of the cable news networks, the Democrats are running at a 16% deficit compared to 2016.


All the broadcast networks combined were only 6.7M viewers, only marginally above a regular broadcast of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show.

Odd because a daily Trump speech/press conference can still pull in millions of viewers.


In 2018 when the economy was good media underreported the huge election win of the Dems
The good doctor was telling us that the GOP would hold the house

This coming from you is rich. Look what you wrote on Oct 3, 2016…You’re last comment here for 3 years:

well don’t worry too much about whom to vote for, the elections is looking once again like an easy win for Clinton
I actually like predictwise more than 538 they also add in the betting odds before coming up with the result.


In 2018 when the economy was good media underreported the huge election win of the Dems

What planet where liberal media bias is not dominant do you live on?

@Curt: D’oh!

@Curt: wow
I AM flattered that you would go to all that bother to see when I lasted posted
Our last election when the economy was doing well and was seen as a referendum on Trump the negus under estimated the number of House seats that the Dems would pick up
And many hardened Trump supporters predicted that they would hold the Hiuse even though the media was reporting that they would win the House
I certainly am not ashamed to admit that I was mistaken that Trump would win the POTUS by winning the most electoral votes while losing the popular vote by millions
Hope you find this comment “rich” also

@Deplorable Me: dominant because we live in a capitalist society where media chooses the positions most profitable
Why do you think that there are more liberal slanted media than right slant ? Another right wing news like Fox would cut their viewership

@John: Are you not familiar with the record of the party in power losing seats in Congress? You might acknowledge that the Republicans picked up a couple of seats in the Senate.

That was also the election where the Democrats introduced vote harvesting to California, fraudulently wiping many House Republicans out.

But, those are just facts and stuff… nothing of interest to you.

Why do you think that there are more liberal slanted media than right slant ? 

Because wealthy socialists like Soros and Bezos create and support them to spread leftist propaganda. Good of you to admit the fact, though.

Yes I acknowledge the extra seats the Republicans got in the senate
Do YIU. Acknowledge that in the House “The People’s House” where seats are apportioned directly by the population of the USA the Dems picked up more sects than anyone (either right wing or left wing) thought they could ever win
Without making me look back in the archives did YOU think the GOP would hold the House ?
Why would any left wing national media Need support from either Soros or Bezos when they are already profitable?
Are you suggesting that there are no right wing billionaires that financially support right wing media like Washington Times Washington Examiner it Breitbart none of which turn a profit? Which left wing national media did either Bezos or Siri’s create ?
The Dems flipped 41 seats in 2018 it was seen as a referendum on Trump. The economy has gone down the toilet since then
On the gambling site predict I am all in for a Dem trifecta winning Congress and the WhiteHouse
Do you wager ? Or just opine?
This “ballot harvesting in CA” is it iillegal? If it is of course they should be punished
But after checking I see that it used to be supported by the GOP in CA
I support fully the right for all legally eligible voters to be able to vote
This would include disabled, people in nursing homes and military whose only option is to vote by mail
The GOP has never been able to prove widespread voter fraud, although they are quick to weaken our country by slurping that that the elections are fraudulent

@John:I don’t think I ever made a prediction. The liberal media pulls the strings so predicting an outcome based on how people should react to the reality around them is not possible. So, I don’t usually predict.

The left relied heavily on fraud and vote harvesting. I don’t know if Republicans can hold the Senate and retake the House; again, it depends upon how legitimate the election can be maintained and, as we all know, Democrats are clamoring to delegitimize the election.

Left wing propaganda is NOT profitable. They lose money hand over fist.