DeBlasio’s New York: No lives matter



NYC Communist Mayor Warren Wilhelm DeBlasio, to great fanfare and publicity, had a street mural painted outside Trump Tower on 5th Avenue.

Bill de Blasio plaints Black Lives Matter street mural ...


In typical fashion, DeBlasio was both self righteous and self aggrandizing:

“This is such an important moment for our city,” de Blasio told volunteers, who chanted, “Black lives matter!” while holding paint rollers. “We are making a statement today of what we value in New York City.”

Not everyone was pleased:

When he arrived around 11:30 a.m., two or three men shouted “douchebag de Blasio” at Hizzoner as he crossed the street.


As they worked, some passersby shouted at them, “Shame on you!,” with one woman yelling, “Hitler told us all lives didn’t matter, too!”

This is meant as a distraction from DeBlasio’s complete failure as a mayor:

Sources previously blasted de Blasio for taunting Trump as the city grapples with a troubling spate of gun violence.

“Obviously he is doing it to antagonize the president,” the source told The Post when the plan was first announced.

“This is what he is concerned about while the city burns. What an amateur politician.”

Sticking it to the man. That mural  was going to solve everything- the riots, the racism, the violence.

Except it didn’t.

New York City Police Department sources revealed there were 15 shootings in a 15-hour span in New York City over the weekend.

The New York Post spoke to several NYPD sources on Sunday who reported the spate of shootings, which includes a 21-year-old currently in the hospital after he was shot in the head in Brooklyn that morning while sitting in a car.

The number of shootings that took place in the city over the last week is more than triple the number of shootings that happened there this time last year. There have been 43 shootings in the last week, compared to 13 during the same time period in 2019.

This weekend’s shootings come as the city reports an overall spike in violent crimes. Over Independence Day weekend, there were 10 shootings and one person killed in a nine-hour span.

Another black baby died in the carnage:

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A 1-year-old boy was shot to death overnight near a playground in Brooklyn.

Police said the child was sitting in a stroller with a group of people having a barbecue when gunfire erupted.

Overall this weekend in NYC there were 22 shootings and 28 victims, including a 12 year old boy.

DeBlasio offered more pablum in response to the violence

Mayor Bill de Blasio held a moment of silence during Monday’s press briefing and said he was “heartbroken” over the violence.

“We’ve got to take resolve out of every situation like this. We can never give up,” he said. “We can never give up on our children, we can never give up on our families, we can never give up on our neighborhoods – no matter how tough it seems.”

“It means the whole community has to be involved,” he added. “It’s never just about police, it has to be community and police together.”

“Community and police.” The same police whose budget he plans to pare by $1 billion. The same police who ran into the Towers as they fell.

“We are making a statement today of what we value in New York City.”

Indeed. They value murals. They value symbolism. They value meaningless distractions.

What they don’t value is law enforcement. What they don’t value is human life. New York City is a sh*thole right now.

No lives matter.

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An unknown vandal snuck out to the street in the middle of the night and scrubbed the word “BLACK” off the mural, painting over it with the word “ORANGE.”

“Our suspect looks to be about 6’3″, 243 pounds, with orange hair….”

Chris Roch noted in American Greatness: Modern progressivism is barely distinct from the Soviet Union in its goals and tactics, complete with the hostility to traditional religion and symbols of the past. It is an aggressive and intrusive belief system that demands not mere conformity to the rules, but transformation of the spirit. It is also fragile and demanding, so backsliding and heresies are recurring obstacles. Everyone’s private behavior must be monitored and policed lest social contagion emerge. The Soviets used to make heroes of the children who ratted out their parents. A similar phenomenon has emerged in recent times.
-so what is the average American family going to do when junior is told to wear a dress, makeup and act like a woman?? when the parents decline-social police come to visit the home, child gone placed in a child commune and now raised a communist-Simplicity. oh yes, children in communes breed children to communes.
-dumblasio is a shinnning example of democrap mayoral asskissing, bootlicking, sycophant, and crawling. all nyc inhabitants are soo proud of their pusillanimous mayor.

The Big Apple with its rotten core the worms stay away We see the results of how Liberals ruin everything they touch

@Spurwing Plover:

nyc is a dead city. in 5 years it will be one big ghetto

This is so strange.


the a**wipe dumblasio will call for a federal investigation for a hate crime. nyc is now a dead city. commercial real estate is plummeting.

In about 2 weeks (the time it takes the typical liberal to be susceptible to a rewrite of history) the mounting numbers of blacks killed by gun violence in the absence of police will be used to support greater gun control restrictions. There will be no remembrance of the fact that the increase in deaths is due solely to the left denouncing police, calling them racist and accusing them of being murderous thugs.

To Democrats, a life is just a prop.