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Mostly I feel sorry for Bubba because he wants so badly to denigrate his own peers and fans.
But the media’s blowing this up without the least little investigation is the real story.
The media is destroying its reputation in behalf of a false narrative.

Real journalism is being done….
*There’s Shawn Gui who was in the CHAZ zone during the third shooting and had two perpetrators take away his still streaming live video phone.
They took perfect pictures of themselves before realizing the phone was still sending out the video.
*There’s Andy Ngo who also fearlessly got video in CHAZ of rapper and warlord Raz Simone giving away automatic weapons out of the back of his $80,000 Tesla.
*There’s “Sundance” at Conservative Treehouse who broke this phony noose story.

Seems it’s only our protected media class that prefers propaganda to news reporting.

“Wallace claimed to have found a “noose” in his garage stall.“

Not true. NASCAR officials reported a noose to the FBI. Not Bubba.

Wallace claimed to have found a “noose” in his garage stall.

No, he didn’t. A member of his team saw it and went to NASCAR. NASCAR called for an investigation.

Why is it that the unhinged rabid right use any and every opportunity to not only downplay our cultural breakdown but always, without exception, defend the white race while blaming the black race?

Of course, we know the answer.

It has been investigated and found to be a non-issue, like the makeshift swings in a California park were a non-issue. The hand loop was there and had no other purpose but to shut the garage door. Bubba didnt tie the loop his team didnt tie the loop. The other teams were supportive of the driver in question.
The Media jumped on it like a junebug making accusations, they need to be first in reporting stuff even if it is a lie. The loop in question was not a noose, a noose is a loop in a rope designed to tighten under pressure.
If anything the story should caution the accusers against crying wolf, but they dont seem to ever learn.

when you feel as though the press and your fans are not enough to keep your ego up-invent an a situation to garner attention. barfly pelosi, pencil dick schiff, misogynist schummer, neanderthal brain nadler all do it every day. whore dog billy was a pro at this. banging the VP’s daughter in the oral office while monica is waiting her tern.

Whoopie once said there was rape, then there was rape, rape.
Bubba is saying this was declared not a noose, noose, but HE still believes it is a noose.
He’s not very careful with his words.
The FBI and NASCAR both said it is NOT a noose for hanging.
But he doesn’t care.
To him (snowflakes come in all colors) it is enough of a noose to tell him someone hates him.
Since it was there before he got assigned that garage, he is full of crap believing this.
You still in his corner?
His problem is all in his head.
And he doubled down anyway.

Just call it NOOSECAR.
They won’t need the pull downs any more.
There won’t be any cars or any drivers.
There won’t be any fans.
There won’t be any TV.
It is over.
Bubba done killed it.

Lies about Blacks matter.

Wallace came out in support of BLM, a violent Marxist and racist organization hellbent on turning this country into some sort of a neo-Marxist “utopia” along with their Communist, white, sheltered Antifa counterparts. Prior to this hype, he stood for the Anthem with his hand over his heart so this seems kind of out of character for him (what happened? an overreaction?). Enough said. NASCAR apparently wants to be “woke” too so instead of investigating and squashing this nonsense, they too overreact and get the FBI involved who overreacts by sending 15 agents to investigate a loop knot in a garage door rope. Let that sink in. All of this on the same day that white snowflakes are running around painting whip marks on their backs. A growing portion of this country has lost its mind.

@Ronald J. Ward: the cultural breakdown is clearly due to some whites using blacks to blame other whites of things they didn’t do.

No systemic racism. No systematic racism.

Just induced hoaxes with a purpose of political power.

BLM is a hate group.

@another vet:

blm receive funding from the plo and hamas. so if slavery is sooo bad and the arab countries continue to engage in a multi billion dollar a years business, WHY HAS not blm BEEN PROTESTING ON TERAN?

@MOS #8541:

if slavery is sooo bad

This seems to suggest that you don’t think slavery is bad. Surely that isn’t the case…?

@Michael: this only suggests that you hopelessly take things out of context to confirm your own biases.

Hamas and the PLO don’t care about ending slavery, but they do care about the destruction of the United States of America… And they are giving money to BLM.

What that “suggests” is pretty clear. But somehow you read that MOS is not against slavery?

You continually prove why the backwards white privilege and systemic racism argument is thinly-veiled revolt.

There is nothing to revolt against, so racial tension must be manufactured as a foil.

@MOS #8541: They toppled a statue of an immigrant abolitionist who was killed in the CW in Madison today. This has NOTHING to do with race, Floyd, or slavery. It is 100% ideological with that ideology being Marxism/Communism. Total control of everyone. They have injected their ideology into every facet of our lives- the media, entertainment, the internet, sports, education, politics. Given the most costly war in US history was the CW as well as the number of people in history who have suffered and perished at the hands of like minded ideologues, these left wingers are the country’s biggest threat.

@Nathan Blue:
I hear you. I asked because I can’t make out the meaning of the drawn-out “sooo.” If you were having a conversation with someone and he said, “If slavery is sooo bad…” that would absolutely indicate that he didn’t think it was bad at all.

Since this isn’t a verbal conversation, I was curious about the reason MOS #8541 put it that way. It was obviously done on purpose; I just wanted to know what the purpose was.


If you were having a conversation with someone and he said, “If slavery is sooo bad…” that would absolutely indicate that he didn’t think it was bad at all.

No it would not. It’s a pathetically pedestrian to say so.

@Nathan Blue:

It’s a pathetically pedestrian to say so

Somebody looked at his Word-a-Day calendar today! Well done you, sir!

@Michael: No the word for the day describes you
pedagogue. Or in slang a tard farmer.


No the word for the day describes you
pedagogue. Or in slang a tard farmer.

Ooh! A good, old-fashioned “Nuh uh! You are!”


@Michael: You are welcome, Tard Farmer, quite welcome.

@Michael: sooo represents exaggeration of facts by bLm to propagate and re-enforce the false narrative, You, and all of your next generation relatives are or ever have been victims of slavery. Right now you are victimizing yourself as a sacrifice for this election year PR cause.

@Stan Burje:

sooo represents exaggeration of facts by bLm to propagate and re-enforce the false narrative,

Okay. Thanks.

You must feel powerless and frustrated in your life to be reduced to attacking little kids the way you do. Does it gave you the sense of agency that you’ve been missing this whole time?

@Michael: Are you a little kid? I think little kids should be protected from educators like you that may try to justify burning classic books destroying historical statues. Comments like he is 14 years old. You were part and parcel of the decline of American education from first in the world to out of the top 10.
These 20 somethings toppling statues of Ghandi and Grant idolizing socialism, thats your product how proud you must be of your crops.

Powerless and frustrated.

@Michael: So true, but there is a little fire starting school choice. Why even reopen the dangerous health hazards that are public schools, and the non essential instructors that cant teach children to be proficient in the basics.

Systemic racism in The United States of America is in and of itself a hoax. If so much racism exists where are the actual accounts? Instead we a served countless examples of orchestrated fake instances.

democrats are diabolical. They hate America and normal Americans. democrats who are politicians are the real threat to America…

@Michael: You are a real dick.

@Michael: Let’s be completely accurate. A team member (who was that, and what agenda did he/she have?) brought it to the attention of the #43 Crew Chief, who brought it to NASCAR.

This story sounded sketchy from the beginning; and I thought maybe it’d be another Jussie Smollett case. I don’t think it is.

When the FBI concluded their investigation and stated it’s not a hate crime, comments over at The Root were largely conspiratorial and skeptical of “Barr’s FBI”. Over at DailyWire, right-wingers were high-fiving each other and saying Wallace did this as a publicity stunt.

I watched Wallace’s interview with Don Lemon and something still didn’t feel right since the news was that it was a garage pull rope in a loop that had been there since last year, around October 2019 (Halloween prank?). Well, Wallace’s crew would surely know the difference between a noose and a regular pull rope had it been on every garage. And Wallace still insisted that what he was shown was a “noose”. So the photo that had initially been circulating, to me, didn’t sit right and I wondered if it was some generic photo; and was waiting for a photo of the actual “noose” to be published. It finally was. In all essence, it’s tied unmistakably as a noose.

I think in today’s heightened climate, and coming off the cusps of Wallace’s earlier statements before this, everyone just needs to calm the eff down. Quit tossing gasoline onto the fires.

Ideologues see what their bias leads them to see.



@Michael: You are a real dick.

Worse, he’s a career middle-school teacher. Posting teenage-level arguments based on word-parsing is the only sense of power he’s ever had.

Poor guy.


You are a real dick.

How do you figure?


Somebody looked at his Word-a-Day calendar today!

What, pedestrian? That’s a “big word” for you?

Your students deserve better.

@Nathan Blue:

Your students deserve better.

Life is full of disappointment.