The Green New Deal Would Have Killed Us All


Remember when the Kung Flu Pnemonia and the Boogie Wuhan Flu was the plague that was going to lead to mass graves? I seem to recall that “social distancing” quarantine, face masks, and above all, blind faith in our elected leaders to guide us was our only hope. How long ago was that, anyway? If you remember a time before the “mostly peaceful” riots, looting, fires, vandalism, beatings, and murder of cops, the Coronavirus was apparently a serious issue.

There was also a time when Climastrologists assured us that Climate Change was the greatest threat to humanity, and that only the Green New Deal would save us. One of the key promises of The Green New Deal is to end the use of fossil fuels. Forget for a moment the many unexpected uses for petroleum that we take for granted, there is one other crucial one that can be easily overlooked.

In Marcus Hook, PA, a factory near Philadelphia has been running at a frantic pace since the start of the pandemic (emphasis mine):

In what they called a “live-in” at the factory, the undertaking was just one example of the endless ways that Americans in every industry have uniquely contributed to fighting coronavirus. The 43 men went home Sunday after each working 12-hour shifts all day and night for a month straight, producing tens of millions of pounds of the raw materials that will end up in face masks and surgical gowns worn on the front lines of the pandemic.

For countless face masks in America, their journey from a blob of chemicals into the hands of first responders and grocery-store clerks likely began at a plant just like Braskem’s. The company, which touts itself as the largest petrochemical producer in the Americas, is one of the earliest links in the supply chain, providing a key ingredient for the personal protective equipment that millions of people worldwide now need each day.

Petrochemicals? Can it really be that the same chemicals needed to protect us from the virus are the same ones that these radicals want to ban? Of course they do. Because science. Keep this in mind when they scream that we’re all doomed unless we trust them.

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Well, can’t you hold a fern up against your face and accomplish the same thing as having a petrochemical-based mask on?

@Brother Bob: Poison oak is an EXCELLENT filter, but it must be rubbed on the face vigorously to activate the purification properties.

@Deplorable Me: Funny I heard to cure the Kung Flu you rub the poison oak on external organs of reproduction, poison Ivy also an effective poultice.
Has no positive effects for those that would vote republican.

so what will happen to bar fly pelosi’s two private jets, misogynist shummer’s jet, neanderthal nadler’s net jet on call, and all the libs netjet’s on call-30-60 min.?

June 9, 2020 – Trump administration ends ban on killing Alaska bear cubs, wolf pups

The ban was a bad Obama thing.