Sunday Funnies


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I see more anti Trump ones every week-you guys going drudge?

@Bookdoc: Yeah, I’ve been kinda curious about that myself.


Check out the comment prior to yours…


drudge has become very liberal. it began in the pre-election of 2016. American Thinker, American Greatness, Powerline are all better reads. reviews are well research and well edited. matt sucks

@MOS #8541: @MOS #8541: Agreed-I deleted drudge from favorites but added Liberty Daily and Whatfinger as well.

@pookie18: Aye Aye Pookie!

Your links are 1/2 the reason I stop by every Sunday. I read some of the essays and articles too, so I’m not too worried about the site as a whole. It just seems that over the past several months Wordsmith has been collating an awful lot of anti Trump panels. Sure, I want to see what the lefties are thinking, but I get plenty of that every day. It just seems a bit much to post 15-20 anti Trump in a row to start his listing. I guess a solid reminder of how insane they are isn’t a bad thing…


When I’m collecting for my daily thread, I see a LOT of anti-Trump images; I just choose not to post them…there’s enough good material…

Bookdoc: I came to the comment section to make the same observation. I can go elsewhere for the anti Trump spew.

Thank-you Pookie!


My pleasure, Abbi!

Thank-you, again, Pookie!!


You’re welcome, Abbi!

Pookie-What would we do without you!


Be infected by the latest Liberal virus? (as opposed to the Wuhan Red Death) 😉

We Conservatives just quit Cold Turkey when it comes to the M.S. Media and its been going on for a few years its just has gone even faster since 2016

Hey, I think it’s funny. So why is nobody laughing?