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Clear choice: Richard Grenell should lead the USUN | Bryan ...


In 2018 Donald Trump nominated Richard Grenell to be Ambassador to Germany and he was confirmed on April 26. Forty two democrat Senators voted against Grenell, who is gay. Grenell is “the first openly gay U.S. ambassador to Germany and the most senior openly gay executive official in American history.”  In 2012 he was driven from Mitt Romney’s campaign, critics would say for being gay.

Grenell wasted no time making waves:

On Tuesday, Grenell openly criticized Germany’s defense spending, arguing that it sent a “worrisome signal” to NATO allies. Those comments led to swift and severe backlash from several members of parliament.


Last summer, Grenell also drew criticism shortly after his appointment over comments he made in an interview with right-wing Breitbart News. “I absolutely want to empower other conservatives throughout Europe, other leaders,” the ambassador said. “I think there is a groundswell of conservative policies that are taking hold because of the failed policies of the left.”

Some German politicians called him a “brat.”

You have to love that.

On February 19, Trump appointed Grenell Acting Director of National Intelligence to the dismay of many liberals.

It has paid off handsomely.

He began cleaning house, something that has disturbed Adam Schiff, also known as “bastard.”

“Congress has neither authorized organizational changes at ODNI, nor appropriated funds for that purpose,” Schiff wrote. “The committee is concerned, moreover, by the removal or departure of every Senate-confirmed official at ODNI, as well as of other senior officials across ODNI’s leadership team, including [National Counterterrorism Center] Acting Director Russell Travers and Acting Deputy Director Peter Hall.”

An explanation can be seen at Lidblog:

This (Travers) is someone who probably knows quite a bit about the things John Brennan had a heavy hand in from 2003 all the way to January 2017.  He was positioned to know essential things about one of the core aspects of Spygate: who had access to the sensitive surveillance data that set the March 2016 blow-up in motion – and very possibly why they had it.  This bears watching: it has the look of a puzzle piece fitting quietly into place.

Read the whole thing. It’s good.

Anything that irritates Adam Schiff has got to be the right thing to do.

The next day Grenell slammed Schiff:

Schiff, D-Calif., on Tuesday, penned a letter to Grenell laying out his concerns with the acting director’s staffing changes in the Office of National Intelligence.

But Grenell slammed Schiff, saying the press received that letter before he did.

“His letter was sent to the press before it was sent to me,” Grenell tweeted late Tuesday. “These press leaks politicizing the intelligence community must stop.”

Hoffman, the retired CIA officer, said the shifting of resources out of ODNI back to spy agencies will pay dividends.

“Sending our officers back to their home agencies where they can accomplish this mission is best for our nation’s security,” he said.

This is great stuff and I fully expect Grenell to find and help to weed out the obama loyalists bent on destroying Trump. And getting under Schiff’s skin?


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Amb Grenell probably wouldn’t even be with us had it not been for his spouse during his bout with cancer starting in 2013.

Matt Lashey came up with ChemoWave when his partner Richard Grenell was diagnosed with cancer in 2013.

Nowadays many cancer patients are encouraged by their doctors to use this free app that allows you to create graphs based on how you’re doing hourly and daily.
It helps doctors streamline their treatments, see what’s working for you and what isn’t.
Grenell survived a cancer that doesn’t have a high survival rate because of ChemoWave.

We’re privileged to have him serving our country so bravely these days.
And its Trump who gets called the “homophobe,” the “sexist,” the “racist.”

Schiff is losing his eyes and ears in the Executive Branch and is panicking. If he tries to cultivate new sources he could step right into a sting, similar to what Trump pulled to give select information to different people to find out who was doing the leaking; Schiff was flushed out as a scumbag leaker.

Maybe Trump should withhold funds from California until they vote this twat out of office. If only…. if only.

If the only reason this guy was confirmed was to irritate the Psycho Bastard hes a damn fine pick.

…something that has disturbed Adam Schiff, also known as “bastard.”

That actually made me laugh out loud. I loved “Bastard” post the other day.

@Deplorable Me:

Jewish U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D), great grandson of Jacob Schiff (who funded Bolshevism, Leon Trotsky, and the October Revolution from Wall Street) is following in his great grandfather’s footsteps by illegally trafficking weapons with Igor Pasternak, funding foreign conflicts abroad… and trying to get Syria for the oil pipelines by blaming the Russians for another false flag… ISIS = Khazar = Kiev junta = Zionist IMF

@Chigna Tu Madre: Schiff being a scumbag has nothing to do with anything Jewish. Perhaps your anti-Semitism would be better appreciated on some left wing site. Get out of here.

@Deplorable Me:


an·​ti-Scu·​mit·​ic | [an-tē-skum-ˈmə-tik], adjective

: generally, a person who does not like chosen parasites, feeling or showing hostility toward international bankers, holy chosen nation robbers, or discrimination against pederasts, pornographers, or other hook-nosed rat like creatures from East of the Sinai Peninsula.