Sorry, NY Times. Had Trump acted any earlier democrats would have ripped him apart


See how overt and extreme the NY Times bias has become ...


Right now the left is wetting itself in joy circulating a New York Times story suggesting Donald Trump knew early on about the Wuhan (COVID 19) virus.

An examination reveals the president was warned about the potential for a pandemic but that internal divisions, lack of planning and his faith in his own instincts led to a halting response.

A week after the first coronavirus case had been identified in the United States, and six long weeks before President Trump finally took aggressive action to confront the danger the nation was facing — a pandemic that is now forecast to take tens of thousands of American lives — Dr. Mecher was urging the upper ranks of the nation’s public health bureaucracy to wake up and prepare for the possibility of far more drastic action.

The president, though, was slow to absorb the scale of the risk and to act accordingly, focusing instead on controlling the message, protecting gains in the economy and batting away warnings from senior officials. It was a problem, he said, that had come out of nowhere and could not have been foreseen.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? This is some pretty amazing hindsight but it leaves out a huge obstacle.


Let’s crank up the Wayback Machine again and go over the timeline

Jan. 14: WHO says Corona is not contagious person to person

The first US case of COVID 19 occured on Jan. 20. The man had returned from a trip to China. There were two more cases diagnosed in January, also returnees from China.

So for the lefties, that’s three cases in January. Three.

Donald Trump formed the Corona Task Force on January 30 and on January 31 enacted the China Travel Ban. (For those claiming he really didn’t ban travel, you’re wrong. Those allowed in were US citizens returning to the US)

Nancy Pelosi’s reaction?

“The Trump Administration’s expansion of its outrageous, un-American travel ban threatens our security, our values and the rule of law. The sweeping rule, barring more than 350 million individuals from predominantly African nations from traveling to the United States, is discrimination disguised as policy,” Pelosi said in a statement.

“With this latest callous decision, the President has doubled down on his cruelty and further undermined our global leadership, our Constitution and our proud heritage as a nation of immigrants,” she added.

Joe Biden immediately called the travel ban “xenophobic.”

“But neither should we panic or fall back on xenophobia. Labeling COVID-19 a foreign virus does not displace accountability for the misjudgments that have been take thus far by the Trump administration,” Biden said.

He said Trump was “fear mongering.”

Feb.1 Trump orders screening and quarantine of those entering form China.

At this time democrats were still basking in the self-congratulatory glow of impeachment proceedings and were focused on nothing else, praying that the Senate trial would result in the removal of Donald Trump. The ink from the impeachment pens wasn’t even dry when…

Feb. 4: Trump addresses the Corona virus in SOTU speech. Pelosi rips it up.

Feb. 12: House committee votes to rescind the Trump travel ban

The House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday voted, 22-10, to terminate President Donald Trump’s expanded travel ban and rein in presidential authority to issue such travel restrictions.

The first COVID 19 death in the US occurred on Feb. 29.

Trump is under unrelenting pressure from democrats for every little thing he does. They are actively trying to remove him from office and yammering about his over-response to the COVID 19 virus.

So now, with that as a backdrop, the bottom line I ask you- what do you imagine would be the democrat response were Trump in January or early February- with all of three cases and no deaths- to have said

“We must close all non-essential American businesses, limit airline flights, enact social tracking and social distancing, and close all schools for the foreseeable future.”

I can imagine.

Still oblivious to the outbreak, democrats would have crucified Trump. democrats, led by Schumer, would have accused him of becoming a dictator. Schiff and Pelosi would have leaped to start impeachment proceedings anew. Schiff would have fabricated another phony Trump connection to the Russians again. Some a**hole liberal judge would have blocked Trump. They would have implored the Supreme Court to stop Trump. They would have claimed he’s making things up to get reelected.

They would have crippled Trump. democrats didn’t even take the virus seriously until late February.

They have dismissed and tried to block everything Trump has done, crisis notwithstanding.

Trump has a Corona Task Force and he has heeded their advice without delay:

President Donald Trump “got it right away” when presented with data about the rise in coronavirus cases that influenced his decision on extending social distancing guidelines, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, said Monday.

“We showed him the data. He looked at the data and he got it right away,” Fauci told CNN’s John Berman on “New Day.” “It was a pretty clear picture. Dr. Debbie Birx and I went in together in the Oval Office and leaned over the desk and said, ‘Here are the data. Take a look.’ He looked at them, he understood them and he just shook his head and said, ‘I guess we got to do it.'”

And despite what the lame left wing media says, a lot has been done since January

December 31: China reports the discovery of the coronavirus to the World Health Organization.

January 3: CDC Director Robert Redfield sent an email to the director of the Chinese CDC, George Gao, formally offering to send U.S. experts to China to investigate the coronavirus.

January 5: CDC Director Redfield sent another email to the Chinese CDC Director, George Gao, formally offering to send U.S. experts to China to investigate the coronavirus outbreak,

January 6: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a travel notice for Wuhan, China due to the spreading coronavirus.

January 7: The CDC established a coronavirus incident management system to better share and respond to information about the virus.

January 11: The CDC issued a Level I travel health notice for Wuhan, China.

January 17: The CDC began implementing public health entry screening at the 3 U.S. airports that received the most travelers from Wuhan – San Francisco, New York JFK, and Los Angeles.

January 20: Dr. Fauci announces the National Institutes of Health is already working on the development of a vaccine for the coronavirus.

January 21: The CDC activated its emergency operations center to provide ongoing support to the coronavirus response.

January 23: The CDC sought a “special emergency authorization” from the FDA to allow states to use its newly developed coronavirus test.

January 27: President Trump tweeted that he made an offer to President Xi Jinping to send experts to China to investigate the coronavirus outbreak.

January 27: The CDC issued a level III travel health notice urging Americans to avoid all nonessential travel to China due to the coronavirus.

January 27: The White House Coronavirus Task Force started meeting to help monitor and contain the spread of the virus and provide updates to the President.

January 29: The White House announced the formation of the Coronavirus Task Force to help monitor and contain the spread of the virus and provide updates to the President.

January 31: The Trump Administration:

  • Declared the coronavirus a public health emergency.
  • Announced Chinese travel restrictions.
  • Suspended entry into the United States for foreign nationals who pose a risk of transmitting the coronavirus.

January 31: The Department of Homeland Security took critical steps to funnel all flights from China into just 7 domestic U.S. airports.

February 3: The CDC had a team ready to travel to China to obtain critical information on the novel coronavirus, but were in the U.S. awaiting permission to enter by the Chinese government.

February 2: The CDC expanded enhanced entry screening to eight major airports across the nation.

February 4: President Trump vowed in his State of the Union Address to “take all necessary steps” to protect Americans from the coronavirus.

February 5: The Trump Administration and health officials briefed lawmakers on the Federal Government’s coronavirus response efforts.

February 6: The CDC began shipping CDC-Developed test kits for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus to U.S. and international labs.

February 7: President Trump told reporters that the CDC is working with China on the coronavirus.

February 9: The White House Coronavirus Task Force briefed governors from across the nation at the National Governors’ Association Meeting in Washington.

February 11: The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) expanded a partnership with Janssen Research & Development to “expedite the development” of a coronavirus vaccine.

February 12: The U.S. shipped test kits for the 2019 novel coronavirus to approximately 30 countries who lacked the necessary reagents and other materials.

February 12: The CDC was prepared to travel to China but had yet to receive permission from the Chinese government.

February 14: The CDC began working with five labs to conduct “community-based influenza surveillance” to study and detect the spread of coronavirus.

February 18: HHS announced it would engage with Sanofi Pasteur in an effort to quickly develop a coronavirus vaccine and to develop treatment for coronavirus infections.

February 22: A WHO team of international experts arrives in Wuhan, China.

February 24: The Trump Administration sent a letter to Congress requesting at least $2.5 billion to help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Febraury 25: HHS Secretary Azar testified before the Senate HELP committee on the Administration’s coronavirus response efforts.

February 26: President Trump discussed coronavirus containment efforts with Indian PM Modi and updated the press on his Administration’s containment efforts in the U.S. during his state visit to India.

February 29: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allowed certified labs to develop and begin testing coronavirus testing kits while reviewing pending applications.

February 29: The Trump Administration:

  • Announced a level 4 travel advisory to areas of Italy and South Korea.
  • Barred all travel to Iran.
  • Barred the entry of foreign citizens who visited Iran in the last 14 days.

March 3: The CDC lifted federal restrictions on coronavirus testing to allow any American to be tested for coronavirus, “subject to doctor’s orders.”

March 3: The White House announced President Trump donated his fourth quarter salary to fight the coronavirus.

This hindsight is a marvelous thing but it completely ignores the political environment. democrats have not contributed a single useful thing to the nation’s response or healing.

Not one.

Rather, they have repeatedly blocked relief efforts. There’s not a chance on Earth they would have supported anything that these liberal idiots wrote about. In fact, democrats have been nothing but derisive of everything Trump has done.

And those “delays” in testing? Not his fault, according to Politifact.

Crenshaw’s statement is accurate. FDA procedures adopted in 2004 meant laboratories had to seek the agency’s approval before developing and using tests in communities, a policy many health care officials have said prevented the country from taking early action in response to the novel coronavirus.

Trump could have seen what was coming? We know what would have happened had he done anything sooner.

So Eric LiptonDavid E. SangerMaggie HabermanMichael D. ShearMark Mazzetti and 


In a very ironic way, Trump saved all of their asses from looking even more stupid than they do now.

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It’s ok. Every Dem hoax breaks down when it really counts: Mueller, Impeachment, Hoax Hoax, and now this.

I don’t want to live in a world where a non-elected 4th Branch of government controls our elections and destiny through disinformation. I voted for Trump because he said he’d fight back against them. He has.

This continued assault on free speech and the basic tenets of our republic isn’t ending well for the media/Dems. These tantrums are their death throes..

But even with the facts and timeline above, the media just keeps saying “Trump did nothing”…

Prove it.

the slime is just a nipple the dnc sucks on to force its propaganda onto America. it will all fall apart in 11/3/20. if you think there are enough body bags for the virus, think of what 11/4/20 will look like. mexico has open borders, canada is closed

I’ll go one further; based on the immature behavior we have seen ample example of throughout Trump’s term, if he had declared closings and social distancing before the virus was even declared tranmissible between humans, they would have done all they can to disregard his recommendations and do everything they could to show how little they regarded his advice, thus spreading the virus more and faster than ever before. There is NO possible doubt.

Major premise: Trump is guilty.
Minor premise: anything
Conclusion: Trump is guilty.
See? It is really easy.
He is a bad man. He attacks the Deep State. The Deep State is our life, our bread and butter (literally; it is from the Deep State that Dems get political contributions).
You just have to start with the proper premise.

All of those things President Trump did before March 4th.
What was Joe Biden, ostensible leader of the Dem Party, doing even AFTER that date?
Having as big of rallies as he possibly could!
Like this one on March 9th.
Yup, March 9th Joe Biden, Gov Whitmer, Sens Kamala Harris and Cory Booker were at a rally inside a high school gym in Detroit.
Two weeks later Michigan’s Coronavirus cases skyrocketed.
Who knows how many Americans Biden got sick.

@Nan G: The Democrat’s arguments are on such shaky ground I’m surprised they don’t throw up.

The New York Pravda(Times)All the Lefist Propeganda that’s Fit to Print this liberal rag has always covered by for the Commie Monsters that took over Russia and Cuba

Emerging medical police state and New World Order global governance agenda, tracing, modeling, faux experts, and fear porn.
Designed to bring our citizens under control.
When scarf lady gathers all her grains in her granular data she may find this pandemic had but a .2% mortality rate (17 Times Lower Than WHO’s Estimate). . The dems governors if we can save but one life, not counting suicide and the deaths from those not getting medical care unless they had the symptoms of one disease.
What will our experts say, oops my bad.
What silver lining? Will we learn to never again be dependent on China, did we learn when they poisoned our dogs, sent radio active drywall, poison toys to our children, stole our technology, hacked our computer systems we seem to have a slow learning curve.
Dr. Fauci Decides He Is Galactic Commander and Warns That Protests Will Delay Reopening the Country.