Trump has done an amazing job given the amount of bad information he’s been given



One thing that Chinacrats (democrats and media who appear to be on the China payroll)  continue to harp on is the alleged “slow response” by the Trump administration. As usual, they are ignorant of the facts and the fact is Trump has been given a lot of really bad information. Despite that, he has done a great job.

There are stooges and incompetents at the heads of many agencies, here and abroad.

The World Health Organization is headed by a Communist who is a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party. Early on he fed the world incredibly false and damaging information.

One wonders how many lives have been lost for that.

Anthony Fauci himself downplayed the threat. January 21:

“This is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States should be worried about right now,” Dr. Fauci told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly on January 21.

Donald Trump instituted a travel ban on January 31. The Chinese puppet Tedros was critical of it:

GENEVA (Reuters) – World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday there was no need for measures that “unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade” in trying to halt the spread of a coronavirus that has killed 361 people in China.

Feb. 27: The Director of the CDC said no worries about COVID :

“The risk to the American public is low. We have an aggressive containment strategy that really has worked up to this time, 15 cases in the United States. Until the last case that we just had in Sacramento we hadn’t had a new case in two weeks,”

I’ve heard endless droning on by mindless left wing media mouths that Trump should have started testing earlier.

Yeah, there’s a problem with that. It’s called red tape.

In a March 13 tweet, President Donald Trump said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studied its testing system for decades but wasn’t prepared for a large scale pandemic, an issue that was complicated by policy changes made by former President Barack Obama.

Schumer called him a liar:

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., retweeted Trump’s remark and added his own comment: “Trump is once again trying to blame the previous administration for the number of tests available. This is his #DailyLie.”

It wasn’t a lie. Schumer was the liar, as is every other damned Chinacrat. Dan Crenshaw responded:

Crenshaw said in a tweet that longstanding FDA regulations “created barriers to the private industry creating a test quickly” for the coronavirus.

Crenshaw’s statement is accurate. FDA procedures adopted in 2004 meant laboratories had to seek the agency’s approval before developing and using tests in communities, a policy many health care officials have said prevented the country from taking early action in response to the novel coronavirus.





Federal health officials say they have resolved a problem that has hindered wide testing for the new coronavirus in the United States, a crucial practice for fighting the spread of the dangerous new infection.

A problem with one ingredient in test kits that the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention distributed to labs around the country had created a frustrating bottleneck in testing, requiring most testing to occur at the CDC in Atlanta.

The Atlantic:

On February 28, Greninger and dozens of other clinical microbiologists wrote a letter to Congress complaining that the EUA process was slowing down the ability of their labs to deploy coronavirus tests. “Many of our clinical laboratories have already validated [tests] that we could begin testing with tomorrow, but cannot due [to] the FDA EUA process,” they wrote. The following day, the FDA changed the EUA process so that labs like Greninger’s could begin testing—they would just have to submit data for the FDA’s authorization two weeks later. But weeks had already passed during which many labs and hospitals were unable to use their tests.

“The EUA pathway … has served for Ebola and Zika, etc.,” says Mark Miller, the chief medical officer at bioMérieux, an infectious-disease diagnostic company based in France. “And then you have a situation like now with coronavirus, which I don’t think any of us have ever lived through.”

The President depends on the advice of experts and if that advice is faulty it’s a problem. Trump acted appropriately based on the information available and he is pressing the FDA to fast track possible COVID drug therapies.

Fauci has defended Trump against the baseless accusations that Trump did not act promptly enough but lately I am beginning to lose faith in him, especially when he defends the scurrilous Tedros.

“Tedros is really an outstanding person,” Fauci said during the March 25 coronavirus task force briefing. “I’ve known him from the time that he was the minister of Health of Ethiopia. “I mean, obviously, over the years, anyone who says that the WHO has not had problems has not been watching the WHO. But I think, under his leadership, they’ve done very well.”

Lately both Fauci and Birx have been way off in their disease projections. They have been dependent on something called the “Imperial Model.” This comes to us from the Imperial College of London.The Imperial College is the UK’s number one university collaborator with China. Why does this matter?

Because such a result gives cover for Chinacrats to demand that the country be locked down until it collapses economically, which is exactly what the Chinacrats seek. And so does China.

Trump has done a marvelous job navigating all of these land mines but it is time to rethink his advisers. And for the love of God, stop funding the WHO.

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so the entire economy of America collapses. to date, no democraps or audacious members of the socialist/ new communist party have offered any solutions to recovery. bar fly polosi and AD joeie are clueless as to a recovery plan. according to 2015 census: 147 people die every day in nyc, chicago, 106 and la 124. thus, on a good week in nyc 1, 029 people die every week. the fake media never does their homework. if the democraps had a recovery plan, they ould have been floating it by now. polosi has strong financial ties to china along with most senators and house reps in oregon and washington. recall that whore dog billy sold military and software intelligence to china.

Total COVD-19 deaths by country, as of the current date

We’re Number One. (Note, however, that we’re a very large nation with a large population. The U.S. is nowhere near the top in the Deaths per 1,000,000 category, which is a better indicator of how well we’re coping with COVID-19. That unfortunate distinction belongs to Spain.)


We’re Number One.

No We’re Not. Total EU deaths is greater than the US, and China is lying…still having a greater outbreak.

The U.S. is nowhere near the top in the Deaths per 1,000,000 category, which is a better indicator of how well we’re coping with COVID-19.

Sooooo…not number one, then.

Stop being a loser like your loser candidate, HRC.

One point that stands alone in my opinion is the lack of news coverage of the good news. (Yes, I know..I am an optimist. ) If you compare previous pandemics that occurred in a time period without the benefit of vaccines , antibiotics, antimalarials or antivirals such as Bacterial Bubonic Plague/ Yersinia Pestis, 1918 flu, Polio, Cholera or Small Pox there were massive death rates much like what the democrats predicted and are still hoping for to occur now with COVID-19. However, we have a small arsenal of medications that have been shown to have positive outcomes when not prohibited by democrats. It is a given that this China virus will be cyclic until a vaccine is found. But as depressing as that sounds , I have faith we will have a vaccine and that under President Trump’s leadership, we will come through this modern day plague and hopefully be smarter as a country as to where we get our medicines and other goods .

@Nathan Blue: Greg is practicing fake news click bait headlines, he admitted per deaths per million we are no where near first place in the world, Why? now it could be we dont have a 100 percent socialist healthcare system who takes the prize on that NY. Yes they own most of the hospitals. Rather than steam clean and sanitize their filthy subway system they become a welfare queen for supplies and beds. Cutting the system and crowding those petri dishes called subway cars, screaming for ventilators and trying to block a possible treatment. The Doctors in NY decided to ignore the Guv’ner and prescribed the drug anyway, what were they going to do start firing doctors and pull licenses during a pandemic? Even the Guv’ner isnt that dumb.
Trump working on the information he is given is accused of lying because information on the new bug changes daily, but his actions and sweeping changes in the old system have proved effective, the models, a chicom creation, bet on the old system in the plan-demic filthy toxic air and gross subway systems yeah if the USA were Wuhan, Italy and NY we were all going to die even if we washed our hands.
I give Greg credit for his note, it was his evidence that proved we were not near #1 nor will we be with Trump managing the response.

Joe may actually BE on China’s payroll. There’s definitely enough suspicion of that to warrant surveillance of him, his associates and his campaign and inserting CHS’s in his campaign. Isn’t that how it works?

Anthony Fauci himself downplayed the threat. January 21:

And who is Trump to be ignoring the advice and opinion of the “experts”? Imagine if Trump had said, “No, I disagree; I have a feeling this is going to get really bad and I am going to shut down everything but the most vital operations in the nation.” Would Democrats (including the media) have simply said, “Well… he probably means well.”? My guess would be… no.

I hope people waiting for the government to lend them a helping hand noticed the Democrats blocking more SBA money. Yeah… always looking out for the little guy.

@Greg: And, of course, if someone with a positive test falls of a building, they a listed as dying of COVID19, so THAT beefs up those numbers a bit.

We’re number one…in mask production, ventilator production, spare hospital beds, and overall response to a Chinese-caused pandemic.

‘Nuff said.