The One Weapon Every Virginian Attending Monday’s 2nd Amendment Rally MUST Carry


If you haven’t heard, The combination of The Democratic Party’s long march to take over Virginia, combined with the state and national Republican Party’s long term plans to surrender the state to the Democrats, have resulted in Democrats seizing (to use a favorite term of The Left) both houses of the state legislator in the 2019 elections while Democratic Governor Coonman weathered his scandal from last year to continue his occupation (another of their favorite terms) of the Governor’s mansion.

Democrats have wasted no time pouncing to punish the citizens of Virginia, but their most ambitious agenda is taking steps to abolish The Second Amendment, which Governor Infanticide is ready to sign into law.

Unsurprisingly, American citizens tend to get a bit uppity when the government decides to shred the Constitution to advance a radical agenda to treat law abiding citizens like criminals. This is why on Monday, January 20th, Pro-American groups will be rallying in the state capitol of Richmond. Governor Byrd is already setting the stage to ensure that there will be a violent confrontation between the pro liberty groups and the counter rioters who will be arriving in black masks, carrying bike locks and pepper spray, assaulting journalists and police officers under the completely ironic name of “Anti-Fascists”.

Virginia Democrats are hoping for a repeat of Charlottesville in 2017, when Democratic Socialists clashed with the spiritual successors of The National Socialist Workers’ Party (I try to make it a point to refer to this group by their official title, as Lefties seem to have trouble with this concept). The most important takeaway from this is that Leftists’ hope for a modern Reichstag Fire could be used to justify a power grab were dashed. Unfortunately law enforcements’ efforts to allow a violent riot resulted in one poor woman getting killed by one of these scumbags. Expect more of the same this time around.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Governor Jimmy Kimmel wants a violent confrontation more than anything. This will help him and The Radicals that run the mainstream press to “prove” that their draconian measures are only the beginning of what is necessary to disarm Virginians. I don’t think that there’s anything we can do to prevent any breakouts of violence – the government is well organized and will do everything in their power to herd the groups together for a clash. Don’t let them get away with this without being challenged. Your most important weapon is your phone, or more importantly, the camera in it.

Record everything. When you see the police standing by while fights break out in front of them, zoom in on the badges of the cops standing by. Identify the supervisor and get in his face to ask why he’s not doing anything. If he won’t answer get the name of who gave his orders. If you see them giving masked thugs a pass while harassing peacefully protesting citizens zoom in on every part of the scene you can. The MSM will be doing everything in their power to push a false narrative – it is critical that we have the ammunition needed to fire back. Governor Trudeau is ready for this fight, and since I’ve been dropping some great Heartbreak Ridge quotes lately, let’s close with another great one that can make a great rallying cry:

“Don’t give that (Northam) the satisfaction.”

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The goal is 50K for a rally
Gov. Ralph Northam on Wednesday declared a state of emergency in Richmond from Friday through Tuesday and temporarily banned all weapons, including firearms, near the state Capitol after he says law enforcement received credible threats of violence made by out-of-state hate groups and militia planned for the rally.
“They’re not coming to peacefully protest. They are coming to intimidate and cause harm,” Northam said at a news conference Wednesday.
This guy sounds like hes off his rocker, being terrified of law abiding citizens that he is trying to portray as deranged murderous mob, that kindly pays for a permit to gather.
I missed the part where they advise anyone to carry a firearm, as reported by USA Today. They all look very dangerous in the photos on this site.

Well, the left loves violence. They love to create it and they love to exploit it for their political purposes.

@Brother Bob: As long as the media provides them cover and helps them blame others, they will continue and it will grow worse. I recently re-read a book of mine, “Gestapo” and it occurred to me that most of these people may have been normal people but were given extraordinary powers and state sanction to do whatever they wanted to their enemies. Nothing restrained their base primal instincts. Thanks to our liberal media, Democrats enjoy the same protection; they simply haven’t exploited it to the fullest yet.

Just please remember to hold your phones sideways for that wide-screen look. Take it all in.

What’s needed for that event is 10 or 20 camera drones to cover the crowd in general, the cops that stand by and let antifa run wild and especially antifa. They (the drones) should follow antifa personnel back to their cars to get license plates and images of their faces once they remove their masks.

The Dictator of Virginia wants to send UN Blue Helmets to Confiscate all guns in the hands of the Public Maybe he should wear a Swatika on his right arms and Hammer and Pscykle on his left arm hey both the Nazis and the Commies favored disarming their people next comes the Concentration Camps/Gulags for all those who resist. Northam should be arrested and charged with Treason and given life without parole and no Plea Bargins

Well after meeting the Proudboys Antifa says if you cant beat them…
I guess now they can be arrested and the charges will stick.

@kitt: That’s not how it works. The police will still arrest and charge the normal citizens while claiming that they couldn’t arrest the Antifa because they couldn’t identify them.
I’m a big supporter of Law Enforcement officers, which is why seeing so many of them choose “Keep my job” over “Do my job” just pisses me off so much.
And no, I don’t have any “Let me go, Officer” stickers on my car or motorcycle.

@kitt: I thought the Babylon Bee was a satire site. Did they fire their editorial staff?

@Petercat: I know! The Dems ran MAD Magazine out of business with their sh!t Preemptive impeachment of poor Alfred E Neuman

@kitt: What’s this racist coward afraid of?

@Deplorable Me: Ol’ Blackie ain’t afraid o’ nuttin. Except an armed citizenry, maybe.

@Deplorable Me:The area is being enclosed with chain link fencing, FAA Declares Airspace Over Richmond, VA “National Defense Airspace” Until After Lobby Day. What are they afraid of, that Virginians will show you can stand up to the tyrants who think rights are granted by the government. Is this a petri dish?

@Brother Bob: Hopefully people can realize that, but California, New York and Illinois wasn’t enough to get the point home.

From the little coverage I watched online it seemed a peaceful rally.
All those armed men and women outside the gated/fenced area probably are why it was so peaceful.
A whole lot of people simply came armed but refused to go inside the gated area.
So, Antifa probably saw all that and chickened out.
Since Antifa dressed like Trump supporters anyway, all they had to do was behave and leave.

Virginia’s Capitol flooded with gun rights activists for Second Amendment rally

RICHMOND, Va. — Thousands of Second Amendment supporters carrying long firearms and wearing stickers reading “Guns Save Lives” descended upon Virginia’s Capitol in Richmond Monday for a widely publicized rally to protest a recent push by state Democrats for comprehensive gun control.

The rally comes as the city has been on high alert for days following threats of violence, leading to road closures as well as a ban on firearms in the Capitol and on its grounds. Yet as of midday Monday, the demonstrations were peaceful.

“If they can come for your guns in Virginia, they can come for them in West Virginia,” demonstrator Annette Parker told Fox News, noting that she drove six hours to get to the event.

The president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League – the nonprofit organizer of the rally – told Fox News that it wasn’t the pro-gun groups who had been stoking fear of potential violence at the event.

“It’s the Democrats,” Philip Van Cleave said. “It’s almost like they want something to happen. It sounds crazy, but they keep doing it and you have to start wondering if that’s intentional.”

Hey, it’s not democrats who are showing up by the thousands packing assault rifles, is it? What sounds crazy is Van Cleave, and what makes people nervous are thousands of goofy Van Cleave’s showing up armed to the teeth. Look at the photos. Armed idiots dressing up in video game costumes should make any reasonable person nervous.

@Greg: Where are all the guns? I have been watching videos this morning I only saw a few, one a musket.

@kitt, #24:

Where are all the guns?

The Governor of Virginia wisely decreed that demonstrators could not bring thier guns to their demonstration today. The militias and their firearms had their photo-op moments as they arrived over the weekend.

@Greg: They couldnt carry in the fences dont work area. Which wasnt a large enough area to hold the peaceful protestors of the tyrant.


Hey, it’s not democrats who are showing up by the thousands packing assault rifles, is it?

Obviously not. Otherwise there would be mass murders to go along with it.

@Greg: They did carry, and those guns were on display at the rally.

What wasn’t on the display were the fascist Antifa. Seems grown adults who have power and know how to use it deters children with bike lockers.

@Brother Bob: Going through the photos trying to find all the armed to the teeth protestors, its like wheres Waldo game
Also the Nazis and White supremacists and the racist signs, damn not one patio accessory filled with vanilla scented citronella.

January 20, 2020 – Marching around with guns on your chest? That’s all about fear.

RICHMOND — Y’all, it smelled like fear out here in Virginia.

Scores of men — plus a handful of women — dressed up in battle rattle and draped themselves with assault weapons, long guns and handguns on Monday. They strapped hunting knives to their thighs and wore body armor and body cameras on their chests, shoulders and helmets.

To a rally. A peaceful rally. On city streets in a quiet state capital on a holiday weekend.

That’s a uniform of fear, right there.

Fear of having to pass a background check if they want to buy a gun from a private individual?

Fear of not being able to buy more than one handgun every month?

Thousands of gun rights supporters traveled to Richmond on Jan. 20 for a rally to oppose gun-control proposals. (Meg Kelly/The Washington Post)
Fear of not being able to carry an AR-15 across your chest to a county fair that doesn’t want your weapon aboard the Tilt-a-Whirl?

Fear of not getting help taking a gun away from your suicidal son?

Because those are all the restrictions on guns that the Virginia House of Delegates passed last week.

The outsized turnout, vigor and rancor in Richmond on Monday — thousands of demonstrators filled the Capitol grounds and surrounding streets — is a reaction based on fear, not fact.

And the fear is all about a loss of power.

“It happened like that,” a man dressed in full camo with a handgun strapped to his hip told his friend, snapping his finger. “We were good for years, then the left took over and they’re going to take our guns away. Virginia is the home of the NRA. They want to run them out, too.”

Be honest, people. Most law-abiding, regular old Virginians could still have a weapon — many weapons, even — under the common-sense legislation that the new Democratic majority in Richmond is passing.

The annual rally supporting unregulated gun ownership in Virginia was huge this year, whipped up by a tweet from President Trump warning: “Your 2nd Amendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia. That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away..”

Besides thousands of people who went through security to adhere to the emergency order banning weapons on Capitol grounds, thousands more who decided they couldn’t be without their weapons encircled the Capitol.

Huge assault weapons strapped across chests and backs knocked against each other in the port-a-potty lines. Some walked in a masked phalanx, bookended by German shepherds.

One group pushed through crowds in a conga line of camo and Carhartt, holding on to each other as they muscled through a crush of people. “Racist, white supremacists coming through,” one line leader bellowed, laughing, like everyone should know he really isn’t racist.

The fears that the demonstration would turn into another Charlottesville were also unfounded. Last week, the FBI arrested three men suspected of being members of a neo-Nazi hate group who stockpiled weapons and allegedly discussed sparking a race war at the Richmond rally.

Counterprotesters were urged by their leaders to avoid the rally. The Moms (who) Demand Action — the group that worked hard to help flip the state’s legislature from red to blue — didn’t show up with their shirts and signs. The families of people killed in massacres avoided the scene. The rowdies who like to clash with everyone Netflixed and chilled.

The moms went to Richmond to talk guns. It didn’t go well.

That helped keep the peace.

But it also meant there were no counterprotesters there to explain that requiring safety checks that still make owning a gun easier than driving a car are not a wholesale assault on the Second Amendment.

Billy Byrd, 55, said he doesn’t really mind the background check. He’s a retired police officer who lives in Williamsburg. But he said he wants to have weapons to protect his family.

“I called the cops the other day and it took them 30 minutes to get there,” Byrd said. “In 30 minutes my whole family could’ve been killed.”

Did he call police because someone was trying to kill his whole family?

“No, someone was there taking pictures of the inside of my son’s car,” he said. “The VIN number.”

Tim (who feared giving me his last name) is a 47-year-old IT guy from North Carolina who owns “more [weapons] than I’m comfortable telling you.” He also didn’t really have a problem with the idea of background checks. But it’s the principle of any kind of legislation or regulation he opposes. And fears.

“Criminals will have guns,” he said.

All of the men I talked to were also solidly opposed to “red-flag laws,” which allow a concerned family member or the police to ask for the temporary removal of weapons from someone who may be dangerous to themselves or others.

“I can just tell the cops that a guy I hate is dangerous, and they’ll go take all his guns. It can happen to me,” one guy told me.

The connection between suicide and mass shooting. And the red flag laws that address both.

Nope. That may be what he fears. But the red-flag law requires a state court to be petitioned and a judge to weigh in on whether taking the gun is appropriate.

Let me spell it out: The people who lobby for red-flag laws are usually those who lost a loved one to suicide.

Thirty percent of gun deaths in Virginia, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are homicides.

A much larger percentage — 67 percent of all gun deaths in the state — are suicides.

The suicide-by-gun rate — about two a day in Virginia — takes primarily rural, white males over the age of 45, according to numbers complied by America’s Health Rankings. And veterans are 1.5 as likely to take their lives in Virginia.

That almost perfectly describes the demographic at the gun rally in Richmond.

Think about it, guys. The biggest thing you have to fear, when it comes to guns, is yourselves, actually.

It would be pretty brave to talk about that.

For all the hype by the left wing media (which Comrade Greggie uses as click bait) their hopes of violence in Virginia was dashed on the rocks of reality.


One group pushed through crowds in a conga line of camo and Carhartt, holding on to each other as they muscled through a crush of people. “Racist, white supremacists coming through,” one line leader bellowed, laughing, like everyone should know he really isn’t racist.

He was a Black man, but WaPoop didnt say that did they?He had other funny chants as well
Yes we should fear tyrants infringing rights.
Waasamatter, WaPo didnt see any shootings with the arms legally carried? No fights, and they cleaned up before they left? No trash and piles of discarded signage. Yes there are petitions for the racist, bigot to be recalled.
Fake News Media Hypes ‘White Nationalist’ Violence Fears At Virginia Pro-Gun Rally
MSM fear-mongering didn’t reflect reality of peaceful protest.

@Greg: Notice what happens (or, DOESN’T) when the left does not show up and start violence. Conservatives, guns, politics… but no ANTIFA… NO violence. Hmmm…. weird, huh?

@Greg: At least Greg isn’t pretending to have an original thought. He’s just here to make sure liberal news propaganda can’t be ignored.

Fortunately, there are much better descriptions of today’s peaceful, “Antifa-waa-too-scared-to-show-up” rally about not compromising the 2nd Amendment.

Seems big-iron keeps the peace, and bike locks take it.

@Nathan Blue: Police estimate 50K people attended the rally. With 90 % of Virginia declaring themselves 2nd amendment sanctuaries, just who is Governor baby killer representing? It is time for a recall.

@kitt: Looks like you broke Greg by pointing that out. Good job, Kitt!

This is the template for how it is done. First, the 2nd Amendment, then the 1st Amendment. Criticizing government will be a crime, just as in N. Korea.